March For Our Lives Co-Founders: Universal Background Checks Are Not Enough | Craig Melvin | MSNBC

March For Our Lives co-founders David Hogg and Tyah Roberts join Craig Melvin to discuss their new gun reform plan and what happens next with the groundswell of momentum behind gun reform.
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March For Our Lives Co-Founders: Universal Background Checks Are Not Enough | Craig Melvin | MSNBC


  1. Children have more common sense than the GOP. And this is coming from an independent ex-NRA member that sells firearms for a living.
    Well I’m actually blue by default now.

    1. @Mind Freshener Crisis actor’s? Wow I have some magic beans for sale. Don’t worry they are white beans not black…

    2. @Alex Ocasio-Gomez So freedom of speech is just for the right? They are citizens advocating not to be murdered in school. Who said anything about electing? With your logic Republican youth groups should also not exist. You sound like a fascist.

    3. @Gary Campbell We have a national data base for criminals already sh!t for brains. In my state I can go to a gun show and purchase body armor and you can even buy a noise suppression device after a 9 month waiting period the second amendment says nothing about either.

    4. @Mind Freshener What’s wrong do you need to jump back in your bubble to get more taking points from people who couldn’t pass a basic civics class?

  2. Hate to be defeatist but these kids will be sadly beaten by a party of selfish money hungry men. Everything they say is makes sense.

  3. I am encouraged by the manner in which young people today are engaged in the system. They will fix the crap we leave behind.

    1. Donna Cianciosi —🎯👍🏽me too, engaged and educated children are this nation HOPE and future. They know what’s at stake when it comes to ENVIRONMENT and GUN VIOLENCE. Their very SURVIVAL depends on their involvement in policies and the political systems.

  4. Well… clearly a guy who walks in a Walmart and shoots everyone is mentally ill. It’s not about stigmatizing people. It’s about helping people, improving conditions, and mental health.

    1. Johnny Morris, Fairly easy when the Lame Stream Media’s “reporters” and “journalists” are protecting you.



  5. Machine gun Mitch responsible for all the shootings in America for not taking a vote on gun legislation.

    1. He should go before Congress and abolish the Hughes Amendment and the NFA of 1934. We have the right to all guns including machine guns and submachine guns period!

  6. 2:15 Injustice is the root cause of murder?
    2:25 Mass Shooters have a substantially higher rate of mental health issues than the general population. Particularly is you include having received medication for it.
    5:11 No matter how often you progressive vermin repeat that the United States has the highest prisoner population in the world. The real numbers prove per capita and pure numbers that is not true.
    6:40 District of Columbia v. Heller, (2008) is consistent with U.S. v. Miller (1939) Presser v. Illinois, (1886) United States v. Cruikshank, (1875) and Arguably the first Second Amendment case Nunn v. Georgia, (1846) and the writings on the subject of the people actually involved in writing and ratification of the 2nd Amendment.

  7. I’m happy they are talking about ALL gun violence, not just mass shootings.

    The media and the public drastically inflate the statistical impact mass shootings have on society. Everyday violence (domestic abuse, gang violence, etc…) all have a way bigger impact on society from a purely objective standpoint.

    Like I said I’m glad they are talking about the entire issue, not just cherry-picking.

    That’s the true sign of a well educated, mature, thought out message.


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