1. I will never understand the person who wants to give away their rights. And I will never support them.

  2. “Kids aren’t mature enough to own guns… but they are mature enough to tell the government how to use their guns”…..

  3. This happens every single weekend in Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, NY, Los Angeles, and Philly and the media doesn’t bat an eye ……
    ~Jim Eagle

  4. when the cops in texas didn’t help the kids for like an hour and stood around..yeah..there’s your govt at work..your safe…suuurreeee

    1. @Shawn Hartmann The National Guard are Federal Troops not Militia. If you can not even get such a minor legal issue right how generally wrong are you?

      And the wording is “of a free State” but that has no influence upon that it is _“the right of the _*_people_*_ to keep and bear Arms”_ that _“shall not be infringed”_ not a right of the state, county, town, or militia.

    2. @Happy Dee The radical right always picks the part of the Amendment that suits them, and ignores the rest. The entirety of the one single sentence is important.

      “A well regulated militia” if you are neither well regulated, nor part of a militia (and yes the National Guard does qualify as such) the Second Amendment does not apply to you.

      “Being necessary for the security of a free *state* ” in other words the preservation of a governmental body by, of, and for the people, but a governmental body nonetheless.

      “The right of the people to keep and bear Arms” since that follows rather than precedes the initial statement, it is subservient to it according to the rules of English. The only people concerned are those who are part of a well regulated militia.

      “Shall not be infringed” Meaning that no law shall be passed which curtails the possession of a weapon by the aforementioned members of a well regulated militia. However, service people, those in the military, must keep their personal firearms/weapons under lock and key subject to the control of the provost martial and out of their immediate use. Meaning that their issued weapon(s) are the only ones they have immediate access to in order to fulfill their sworn commitment to preserve the security of a free state.

      You, as a civilian, have made no such formally recognized commitment. You have *no* “right” to posses a firearm, only a privilege.

  5. We have gun laws but that doesn’t stop the unlawful and mentally I’ll people. Guns do not kill…people kill! I’ve never seen a gun jump up and fire itself! Get your priorities straight people!

    1. Those people you mentioned got their firearms from people who did not take firearm responsibility seriously. They left their firearms where thieves and mentally ill relatives had easy access to them. Licenses and training should be required just like with driving. Red flag laws need to be in place as well, so that mentally ill people can be kept away from weapons of any kind not just firearms.

    2. @M F I leave my firearms where I can reach them so when someone like you comes telling me how to live my life I can relieve you of your head.

      Be thankful they only know how to use a firearm and not chemistry.

    3. @21 accounts Removed The fact you’re so quick to threaten someone online just cuz you have a gun just shows the problem with our gun culture. You feeling tough buddy?

  6. I think the media makes the anti-gun movement seem larger than it actually is. As a citizen, I want to make it clear that I support the right to own a gun, and I will vote out any politician who does not support that right.

    1. @Ben Thomson most gun related crime is done with a handgun but Mm is just going to focus your brain on ARs so don’t think for one instant that gun crime will be reduced.

    2. @Ben Thomson

      How is not allowing felons to protest or protests over felons taking away your right to Free Speech?

      Same same

    3. @ThisisKyle ‘that just means that you’re fine with 10 kids getting shot before the guy has to reload’…guess it’s better 20-25 kids getting shot before the shooter has to reload huh…rolls eyes

  7. “With the Heller case, the [Supreme] court went on to characterize this pre-political right [the right to own guns] as an individual and personal one. It also recognized that the people who wrote the Second Amendment had just fought a war against a king and his army — a war that they surely would have lost had they not kept and carried arms that were equal to or better than what the British army had. They didn’t write the Second Amendment to protect the right to shoot deer; they wrote it to protect the right to self-defense — whether against bad guys, crazy people or a tyrannical government bent on destroying personal liberty. In Heller, the court also articulated that the right to use guns means the right to use guns that are at the same level of sophistication as the guns your potential adversary might have, whether that adversary be a bad guy, a crazy person or a soldier of a tyrannical government.

    1. @Robert Blakemore you don’t get plutonium you make it. It makes millions of gallons of waste. Just use uranium

    2. The Brown Bess was equal fire power that the Red Coats were using. The Kentucky Rifle was NOT a musket, it was superior tech, advanced technology. The first rifle was a military grade weapon, that citizens had access to, could own and possess.

    1. @Hingle McCringleberry You know that time from your conception to your death when you gain your natural rights just for existing? That’s your “rights period.”

    2. @Gang Land 😂 Room Temperature IQ! That’s great. Yeah… they’ll learn eventually when nobody wants them in their neighborhoods anymore. It has to be a social isolation for them to learn anything. Hey if they change the gun laws… then they should change voting laws for 21 plus.

    3. @Dylan Duncan yeah i agree raise the voting age along with it. also why aren’t they pushing to raise the age to serve in the military as well? where they hand the soldiers free “military style weapons” which they hate so much along with body armor

  8. Thanks to folks like this, I have changed my mind about guns over the past few weeks.
    I used to think that maybe I had too many guns, but now I realize that is not possible.

  9. Thing is these people have no idea what actual gun fire sounds like. They’d run at the sound of some one stepping on bubble wrap

    1. This reminds me why I had to delete the Neighbors Ring app. You wouldn’t believe how often the “did anyone hear what sounded like multiple gunshots just now?” & all its variations were posted. It was pathetic.

    2. Veteran’s been under fire runs and hides at the sound of bubble wrap popping. Hates the 4th of July explosions and glory of war crapola bs. But you laugh at that.

    3. @Retired Arthropod If you are veteran that runs from the sound of bubble wrap then you should’ve never joined. Military is not the place for “oh that hurts my feelings” type of people.

  10. That’s what happens when you live a life of fear. Legally carry and you stand a better chance.

    1. @21 accounts Removed im sure he means holding a ccw but i might as well not even waste my time applying living in la lol

    2. @Gang Land oh yeah. The term is just confusing because it’s legal to carry any firearm unless your 2nd amendment was revoked. Or the places I like to call targets (gun free zones)

    1. shall not comply someone bust down my door there breaking and entering police or not

  11. Any elected official, especially a President, who goes on record saying nothing in the constitution is absolute needs to be run out of D.C. on a rail!

  12. The only time that I ever in my life had a loaded gun pointed at me, was by an officer of the law.

  13. Reminds me of my senior drill instructor saying how everything REAL has to be done behind closed doors now because of “mothers of america/mothers for change” and stupid groups like that who want to change stuff for ANYBODY BUT THEMSELVES about stuff that really only effects ANYBODY BUT THEIRSELVES.

    1. Wow. My DI didn’t sound anything like that.
      He said “guns are for shooting. Weapons are for defense.”

  14. First, all the elected officials give up the armed security they enjoy using the weapons they want to ban us from having. Second, they must abide by the gun control laws of their home jurisdiction wherever they go. Once they do that, then I’ll be happy to discuss restrictions on my Constitutional rights.

  15. These people are essentially marching to have their rights taken away from them. Some people just love to be governed.

  16. Protect our Schools, Do it now‼️ Require armed guards, fences, etc. That’s the answer. Gun laws are important but they WILL NOT stop a crazy person from entering our schools and hurting our children ‼️Criminals never say, I can’t do this today because they passed a law against it..

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