Marianne Williamson Apologizes For Calling Depression 'A Scam' | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC 1

Marianne Williamson Apologizes For Calling Depression ‘A Scam’ | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


After a breakout performance in Detroit, 2020 candidate Marianne Williamson joined The Beat and was pressed on policy positions. Williamson apologized for her past comments calling clinical depression 'a scam' and responded to calling vaccine mandates 'Draconian' and 'Orwellian.' Williamson also talked about her debate strategy of hitting a 'larger theme' and going 'deeper than just talking about external fixes' touting her comments on race, Flint, health, the environment, 'and about politics in general
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Marianne Williamson Apologizes For Calling Depression 'A Scam' | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


    1. texas thunder
      Obama didn’t have a crisis with children locked in cages.

      If you support trump, you deserve to spend the rest of your life in one of his concentration camps.

    2. @markj6700 i hate Obama and yes he did. Just no one cared. Like everything else until it suits you.

    3. Aneshia Dixon
      That’s factually incorrect. Obama didn’t create a crisis, like trump did.
      But facts never suit trump supporters.

      Are you still in denial about trump university being closed for being a criminal organization?
      Are you still in denial about trump foundation charity being closed for being a criminal organization?
      Are you unaware of the trump family pyramid scheme ACN?
      Are you denying trump being a felon do-conspirator to campaign finance fraud?

      No sir. The facts in this case is that trump created a crisis, and is treating people inhumanly.
      And YOU support him. YOU support a felon. YOU deserve to be in a concentration camp because of it.

  1. I understood her answer on vaccinations the 1st time you asked Ari….. She was very clear that she is pro-vaccination and anti- big pharmaceutical overstepping their bounds which they have been allowed to do. Ari, you almost treated her like they did on The View (well not that bad), but it’s like you tried to trip her up when she was very very clear…..

    1. I don’t think she was clear at all. He asked if she was suggesting that vaccines are the cause of the increase in chronic illness in children and she said no. Then she went on a 5 minute tear which includes saying exactly that. I agree big pharma is evil. Trying to tie that in with a direct question about vaccines is wrong. She also said vaccines should be ok to debate.

      She is doing some serious backpedalling from her previous positions. It is not like they are old clips being dragged up, the one about depression was within the last year. Her excuse was she was trying to impress Russela Brand? What is she going to feel compelled to blurt out when meeting world leaders?

    2. Ari knows who pays the bills at msnbc and he knows better toe the line if wants to keep his position, so he has to make Marianne out to be a crazy lady. Big Pharma Shill boy

  2. Shes absolutely right though. I take very strong antidepressants, anti anxiety drugs too. In my case it was because of suicidal behaviour- so many people say they’re depressed or anxious… in fact everyone. Life itself, with its misfortunes is being medicated. Your husband left? Here, this’ll cheer you up. Your dad died, heres an NSRI. as a consequence, you dont get to process these things properly. And, of course, big money for some creeps who definitely dont feel depressed

  3. At least she can apologise and clarify what she does and doesn’t endorse now.. shes more engaged and better read and articulate than trump

    1. Right? The transparency is refreshing. People use hyperbole in casual settings when they’re worked up. But yeah it’s awesome she didn’t just deflect or deny saying it at all like some one in a “very beautiful oval shaped office” currently might do… after seeing the clip…

    2. @Dear Leader is your dog a billionaire. No. Do shut up and stop under estimating Trump..thats how he won the dems thought he was dumb, same with Bush Jr..

    1. So how we going to make sure she does? Campaign for her, donate! We need her voice! She could clean this whitehouse up!


  5. So many hit pieces out on Marianne. She is pro-vaccine and pro-medicine. Go get ’em, Marianne!!

    1. upshurfineart She did say the complete opposite of that previously though. I’m not sure we need another president who’s values change on a whim.

  6. Okay she is a little weird sometimes but she is very intelligent and has a very logical brain and wouldn’t be terrible… she seems like someone who would defer to an expert when she doesn’t know better and that is something we need to have in government someone who can admit when they’re wrong

  7. I think she is just extremely skeptical of big Pharma and their practices and it’s being blown out of proportion. Frankly I think more people need to be skeptical of an industry that gets profits from our sicknesses and can lobby lawmakers to get out of regulation and oversight.

    1. She’s underrated by the networks, but I think a lot of people who go to her town halls rate her pretty highly.

  8. She is eloquent. I agree normal situations of sad days ate NORMAL to get through and not to be labelled and drugged

    1. Sadness and depression are incredibly different things. I dislike the way ignorant people conflate the two to force their erroneous points.

    2. @Beaye Malphas

      I am interested to know what your view is? Did you agree with Maryanne?
      Do you agree with big pharma labelling pretty much everything in the troubled mind world as varying degrees of depression or mental instability that in turn must have a varying level of drug?

    3. @ruth depew

      Trump with 2 syllable lying points or bragging points?
      Have you bothered to listen to Marianne in deoth, she is intelligent and articulate .
      Of course she is eloquent..while still being understood.

  9. Come on Oprah Winfrey! Get out there and show your support for Marianne Williamson, and howza bout throwing some $ to her campaign… we know your a big fan!? We need her now!
    We love you Marianne and we believe in you 🙂

  10. This is why I like this woman. I believe her when she apologized and she’s right. She’s absolutely right about big Pharma drugs and vaccinations. She was not a candidate when she said that comment but she owned it. I’m voting for Bernie but I really love Marriane Williamson.

  11. She’s absolutely correct.
    We tell people all the time:
    -Sadness and clinical depression are NOT the same.
    -Pills can have serious side effects, are not magic, and are not appropriate for everyone.

    But our voices are drowned out by pharmaceutical companies that sponsor bogus studies to justify pushing the agenda that Sadness=depression=pill,
    Inadequate parenting=ADHD=pill.
    Read studies from other countries (Canada, Sweden, UK…).
    Poor diet, vitamin deficiencies, imbalanced gut bacteria, heavy use of social media, environmental pollutants, and lack of sleep/physical activity/purpose/connection are the biggest contributors to the rise in mental health issues (which is not the same as Mental Illness).
    -A Mental Health Nurse

  12. Marianne Williamson – an American who is, on every level, fit to be our President. I’m going to give her some of my paycheck tomorrow & put my money where my mouth is. And my heart.

    1. C A Or you could throw your money in a wishing well. It would have a similar effect. She’ll probably be able to sell more books full of dodgy facts after this promotional tour.

      She’s polling at 0% so even with the help of the “spirits” she’s not got a chance of being president or even a politician.

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