1. @Glenn v I’m an Apache attack helicopter. It’s who I am, and if you don’t like it, you are a bigot!

    2. @Sarah F. 4.1 you should really be quiet, it’s fairly obvious you have no life experience and live at home with your parents. Why should anyone listen to a word you say? Seriously?

    3. @Tattooed White Trash I live in Washington D.C. and get paid to advise. Muting you now. You don’t need to make rubles off of me, volodia.

    4. @Sarah F. 4.1 sure you do, and I’m not Russian sweetheart, I’m about as American as it gets, well I’m a Texan first and then an American second. Nice deflection though

    1. Sad part is Maricopa county Bo’s are mainly republican
      Wellccain republican I should say they probably cheated for themselves you know the never trumpers

  1. What ever happened to the “Sunshine laws”?? Why are the board trying to hide anything??

    1. The board of supervision are made of of never trumpets Cindy McCain republican it appears to me they had down ballot wins but trump lost
      Maybe republican had more to with this than you think
      Js.I want truth that’s all truth

    2. @Christopher Coates It’s idiocy to inspect ballots for alleged fraud in the federal races only.
      A ballot is a ballot is a ballot. If any part of it is suspicious to the point of warranting an investigation, and found to be illegitimate as a consequence, all of it is illegitimate! The federal races are not severable from the down ballot state and local contests.
      A ballot is all good or all bad. It’s not one item from Column A on the Chinese menu passes muster but the item from Column B doesn’t.
      These are not difficult concepts!

    3. @C Grey relax dude it jus one county in one state it ain’t like it means anything right
      I saw a report not sure it true but Katie Hobbs wrote a letter to senate I believe that said domi ion machines are tainted
      Maybe it get reported on by tomorrow if its true

    4. @C Grey hey I bet you didn’t know Nancy daddy was the mayor of Baltimore in late 60$ early 70$ in my memory is right I’ve had a long day

  2. Putting a bandaid on a gaping wound You started this now look we’ve been paying for this from the get

    1. @JJ Strumr explain election audits in AZ, NH, WI and MI. And talks of as forensic audit in GA.

    2. @JJ Strumr oh jj another biden Alzheimer groupie slathering in the thickness of hot gummy swamp criminals.

    3. There could be a 1000 audits that all come up with the same results stating the election was fair and Biden won but all you MAGA turds would still want to keep doing them until someone tells you what you want to hear. So what is the best way to get the results you want? Have Republicans find and pay an unqualified Trump supporting company to do your “audit” to tell you the results you want.

    1. @shane mccrorey I agree. But it’s difficult to do that when the Dems fight and obstruct the process at every turn and refuse to cooperate or participate.

    2. @Dale Cash I know, it SEEMS that way.
      Quite few Democrats left that clown party. MSM doesn’t tell us that. New registration of republican voters was UP the last two elections.

    3. BOS = NEVER trumpets
      You them McCain republicans could be the culprits here lol
      Nothing surprises me
      Same thing in Georgia Michigan
      They all have republican controlled legislatures if I remember correctly

      Nothing surprises me McCain republicans hate trump

  3. it’s getting to the point with MSNBC where the outro is longer than the part of the interview they’re airing

  4. My favorite Cyber Ninja theory in the audit is that ballots were fed to chickens, then the chickens were incinerated to destroy the evidence. I think Trump originally came up with the idea. Awesome.

  5. They also don’t mention that during the hearing it came out that election officials mishandled duplicate ballots by failing to keep originals with their duplicate and failed to put serial numbers on the ballots so they could be traced as required by law. A mistake that can easily lead to 100k ballots being thrown out as they are no longer legitimate.

  6. It’s always difficult to justify not doing your job properly. Regardless if there was fraud or if an audit was called for, there needs to be a clear way to track ballots. If they had done their job, it would be a simple task to turn over the records.

    1. Purposeful obfuscation…..but it ALL leads to fraud…..
      A Con game of computer assisted “3 Ballot Monte” was played– everyone knows it….

    2. Yes if you think the election was fine what is the issue to having an audit? The more they fight it the more people think their trying to hide something!

  7. The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit. STEPHEN 😶

  8. The letter when they doubled down at the interview and then tripled down today… They have stated three times and are staying on it that the files were deleted…. They are not accusing these people of deleting them they got quite upset once the question was asked… Makes you wonder….

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