Maricopa County Recorder Speaks Out Against GOP Audit 1

Maricopa County Recorder Speaks Out Against GOP Audit


Stephen Richer, the Maricopa County Recorder, opposes the Republican-backed 2020 vote recount that continues in Arizona despite the presidential election's certification months ago. He joined Stephanie Ruhle to break down what's happening in his state and says the count sets a "disturbing" precedent.
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  1. I wish things could get back to normal…then be unhelpful good luck in your election results

    1. More votes then Obama and most votes in history but can’t get more likes than dislikes on YouTube and can’t get 50 people to show up to a speech

    2. @shane kennedy The Keystone Pipeline wasn’t shut down. It’s still operation. Biden just stopped construction on a small portion of the pipeline that would reroute it from the current path.

    3. @Marci LK you idiots are going to make excuses for him until the entire country is gone. He shut it down costing thousands of jobs. And is currently relaxing sanctions on Russia building their pipeline.

  2. These people really don’t think that we the people don’t see what they’re doing. They really think we’re dumb while they smile and hide the truth. Dame shame!

    1. @T Jacobs
      nice try Sherlock. there was no social distancing. there was however massive fraud. she was barred, i watched it with my own 2 eyes as it happened!

      Maricopa County Audit.
      May 19.2021
      so far:
      Duplicate ballots do not have matching original ballots.

      (off to a good start, to be continued)

    2. @ForumLight You’re trolling right? Maricopa county is Republican territory.. these are REPUBLICANS saying the audit is a sham. If that doesn’t convince you Trump cultists, what will? A confession straight from the horse’s mouth that he lost the election fair and square? Don’t hold your breathe, and neither will I.

    3. @Camstar
      Maricopa County Audit.
      May 19
      so far:
      Duplicate ballots do not have matching original ballots.

      (off to a good start, to be continued)

    4. @g h She wasn’t barred, she claimed that she was, because she was told she had to keep a certain distance from the tallying stations. A complaint was filed, and it was ruled that she had to comply because she’s an observer, not an auditor.

    5. @g h Trump: suggests we all consume bleach to combat a virus.

      I think that beats any fake news you could come up with, and that’s just a drop in the bucket.

      Stole an election * still no proof

      no border enforcement * fake news

      Excelsior pass * tin foil hat conspiracy theory

      Rising gas prices * true, but those prices were rising even when Trump was still in office, but this is a moot point because more than half of the retail cost of gasoline is determined by the price of crude oil which is driven by supply and demand. When Trump was still in office and we were all in quarantine, it’s really no surprise why the gas prices were so low, no one was going anywhere! Now, we’re not in quarantine. You do the math.

      Inflation is skyrocketing * partially true, wouldn’t say it’s skyrocketing. At the end of 2020 the inflation rate was 2.5% and it’s expected to rise to 3.3% and it was that high only 6 years ago. Ultimately this won’t be an issue for the majority of Americans.

      Stock market tanked * Debatable

      spent trillions traveling * utterly absurd claim, fake news

      Only President not to mention God on National Prayer Day * …Honestly who even cares about something like this? I’ve literally never even heard of National Prayer day and I was raised baptist..

      Told a reporter “if you step in front of my vehicle while i hit the gas” * Misconstrued, it was very clearly a joke. I don’t even understand why a Trump cultist would complain about this. Firstly because most of Trump cultists approval of him began because he ”spoke his mind”. Double standard, no? Secondly and more importantly, it was a joke. I remember when Trump cultists would call liberals snowflakes when Trump would be openly xenophobic. Again, double standard, but that’s nothing new in politics, especially with the Republicans.

      You should really try watching other news outlets other than FOX and Newsmax.

  3. No way the Maricopa County recorder doesn’t like a Election Audit NO WAY! What’s next Water is Wet?

  4. It’s not bizarre y’all getting caught constantly in your lies and getting caught when everything you guys have been doing and it’s all coming out and now you scared

    1. @Adam Martineau Yeah, all lives matter, but not all lives are in constant threat of harassment, violence, and murder by those appointed to keep the peace. I’m no BLM supporter, but they at least have legit cause for action.

    1. @Cameron Creel I know right? My god imagine if Biden lost and democrats had to spend all of those tax paying dollars for numerous and lengthy recounts, they are sore losers.

  5. “Don’t do the crime, if you can’t do the time… noooo-ahhh-nooooo!!” Chorus: “Don’t do it!”

    1. @UltraKryptonian bruh, the United States MADE about 45million on the Russia Obstruction case. WTF are you talking about?

    2. @Joe Fearnow not well said, lmao!!!! Just sad to defend a fake bad faith audit in Arizona that won’t even find the bamboo

    3. @UltraKryptonian keep drinking the Fox News OAN newsmax kool aid. Only low IQ Trump voters watch it

    4. @UltraKryptonian not sure if your too dumb to comprehend this concept but that whole “russian collusion” that youre referring to actually resulted in more charges and convictions(proof) in court than any of your fraud accusations. I know it’ll be hard to escape the fiction youve crafted for yourself but I believe you too can rejoin reality

  6. I was waiting for the guy on the right to start singing “I’M A FIRE STARTER! TWISTED FIRE STARTA!”

  7. I love how you guys look when you’re stressing out and panicking over the truth being found out.

    1. @lorean jenkins That conspiracy theories are nothing but a pack of moving goalpoasts held up by con artists and the conned

  8. Look at the dudes eyes. Central casting sent up the perfect lefty loon. This is getting good. This will be years unraveling. I need more popcorn! : )

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