Maricopa County Recorder Speaks Out Against Trump | MSNBC 1

Maricopa County Recorder Speaks Out Against Trump | MSNBC


Stephen Richer, Recorder for Maricopa County in Arizona, discusses the misinformation surrounding the county's election audit.

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Maricopa County Recorder Speaks Out Against Trump | MSNBC


  1. Hahaha really? That was the last straw? Them talking bad about you and your office was the last straw?

    1. @Cid Sapient crying? Seriously? Funny cause all I see are republicans going on TV, Twitter or whatever to complain and cry about EVERYTHING… I mean, literally EVERYTHING…. As far as the FRAUDIT goes, who’s crying? I mean other than the wedding crashing Florida blogger whining EVERY DAY about losing the election, cyber ninjas supposedly searching for bamboo and a bunch of trump supporting conspiracy theorists counting the ballots… what Democrat have you heard crying? oh cupcake you really are delusional

    2. Officials finally found a case of a dead person voting, accusing a Republican of pretending to be his dead mom to vote for Trump by Jacob Shamsian Dec 21, 2020 Business Insider

      Pennsylvania man admits he voted for Trump with his dead mom’s name: ‘I listened to too much propaganda’ by
      Jaclyn Peiser May 4, 2021 WP

  2. Here’s a thought: give the other 50% of the voting population a reason to trust the 2020 election. If you can’t do that, flat out just stop asking for unity, because you’re not gonna get it without compromise.

    1. From 2016-2020 was nonstop “Russia interfered! Resist Trump!” to “Most secure election in history! Let’s unify, heal!”

    1. notice they won’t answer any questions to senate but have ZERO issues blabbing all over biased media….he asked for people to contact him yesterday, his voicemail is STILL full

    2. Everyone and their grandmother know what happened in the election. These people are pooping themselves and freaking out because they know what they did last election.

    3. @Guided Meditation Right, everyone knows it was the most secure election in American History, even the Trump Administration admitted this.

    4. Jeremy Backup Alex Robles either who cares who wins. The court showed that the dominion machine can change and back date votes. Then dominion will not give the county access to the passwords. Dominion has complete control. We just have to trust them in good faith

  3. They only fixed 6 cities- PHENOIX -DETROIT – MILWAUKEE- PHILIDELPHIA – LAS VEGAS- ATLANTA. All stopped counting( because they couldn’t get caught up in real time) for the first time in history and all the cities had Trump ahead ( in double digits) and then votes where” found”( all were for Biden and none of the down ballot were voted for or counts changed) and whalla- Biden wins. See also the Time Magazine article by the former Clinton operative who was ok with the DNC-Corporate Oligachs-Tech Media Oligarchs and the Unions ( as she put it) “fortifying the election”

    1. They stopped counting because Donald Trump was way too ahead and he got so many votes that the machines broke and needed to be recalibrated. Trump was literally up 600,000 votes in Pennsylvania on that night, it was a massacre.

    1. bottom up election fraud is not productive. That’s why gerrymandering to dilute competition happens, changing voter laws to dump ballots in bulk and make Americans be the ones having to prove their ballots are valid via court (like in GA SB 202), political blackmail and entrapment schemes like black cube and psy-group do- contracted out by companies like cambridge analytica and more, are used. In addition to foreign agents, lobbyists, dark money, shell companies in cyprus and cayman islands and 501c3’s funding campaigns, which mnuchin made harder to track in Trump’s term.

      But that’s too complicated to understand for most so the clowns in the GOP act like we’re not smart and pretend that bottom up voter fraud is a thing that is widespread… When in all reality it would be difficult to do without substantial sample population of ballots like cyber ninjas has access to right now, all the way down to the impression in the paper…. So right now they use that momentum in their advantage and get the left to say “elections are secure” while they harvest a bunch of info required to dump imitation ballots (think north Korea super dollar) in ’24, and continue to harvest Americans data through partisan sites on both sides.

    2. @andrew zgoda BobbyPiton
      In order to truly understand the magnitude of voting irregularities across this Nation, a very thorough post mortem analysis will need to be performed going back at least 20 years, ideally 33 years (back to Bush 1988).

      Cheating creep took a new turn with GHW Bush and it wouldn’t surprise me if his 1992 loss to Clinton was planned. Then the chad incidents in FL with George W Bush and brother Jeb who was Governor of FL provided cover for McCain to steal AZ in 2000.

      This chad incident set in motion voting systems that took away superior air gapped physical ballots.

      The devastating subsequent decades that followed pillaged the middle class and the poor of America.

      I am committed to working on exposing this InCONvenient Truth.

      I have had a number of well known and respected Patriots agree to join forces on some of this work while they continue to work with others and do their part to expose all of these crimes against We the People of the United States.

      I will keep everyone posted as things unfold.

  4. if you are a bus driver in maricopa county please make sure your dash cam is working…i want footage when these creeps start throwing each other under your wheels…

  5. First it’s not a sham. Second there is overwhelming evidence of election fraud. If there is nothing to fear get behind the audit and let’s see who’s right. After all if you have nothing to fear. Your rhetoric reveals your insecurities. And your sin will find you out.

    1. Just remember, an election is only legit if a person and their friends candidate wins and all their enemies candidate loses!

    2. @CShield They literally discovered fraud in Antrim County MI where they found thousands of votes flipped from Trump to Biden.

  6. Can’t wait for the highlight reels. Will play back to back with the “Hillary will win” reel.

  7. They cheated if they don’t have anything to hide let them audit all the states that are in question be audited and if they find any fraud send everyone involved to the gallows and stream it.

    1. Mika is NOT an airhead…but Joe is rude! He ‘s always cutting Mika off, mid-sentence as well as other guests. It’s cringe worthy.

    2. I glad someone else has said something about that, he has been doing it more often and it really upsets me (and possibly Mika) Mika has been in mid question before and he has jumped in and asked what he thinks is a good question, but I liked the one Mika was half way through asking. I even stopped watching them for a week as I was so mad. Mika has asked some real good question before so she is far from an airhead (other than getting hitched to joe) she has shown how smart she is.

    3. @SOMETHING BIG IS COMING! So your perception that someone is “an airhead” justifies rudeness against them? Okay–just so you are not ever involved in any of the following professions: Health care; Teaching; LAW ENFORCEMENT; Politics; Retail sales, Dog-catching…. I could go on.

  8. It was rude of Joe just to jump in and take over from Mika in her conversation with the guest.

    1. I can barely watch this program for that reason — he treats her like mere arm candy, and while she may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, he always runs over her. HIghly irritating.

    2. She has the patience of a Saint! But, she loves him for who he is and knows that he is impatient.

  9. 2nd video in a row that joe has completely jumped in and started talking over Mika, while she has been starting to talk to a guest, she seemed to be a bit upset this time as she only turned to the others to ask questions rather than finishing her own. I hope he stops doing it as it really gets on my nerves when he does it, it is so disrespectful towards Mika.

  10. We never know what to expect from our friends… A bit like we don’t know what to expect for sure from ourselves… “For sure” may be the biggest of all “lies” we enjoy & adopt like time didn’t pass… or we’ve been existing since ever exactly the way we are right now

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