1. @AnotherLover aka AnotherLoser, probably the best way there is, to establish yourself as a loon, is to tell people how George Soros is behind it all.

      If there’s a better way, I’m sure you’re about to show us.

    2. @Belly Dancer Em Except the database was not deleted and when the moron made the claim the election officials were looking right at it.

    3. Mess? The AZ people called for it, dummy. Go cheerlead for corporate media elsewhere, numbnuts.

    1. @Rebecca Presti B.S. she bought an old Chinees Voting machine with its patent as a gift for her Fathers birthday. It was a gag gift! AUGH MSM puppet.

    2. If your house has old pipes that are about to burst and a plumber points them out, should the plumber have to pay to replace them? CN are showing us how compromised our machines are. Would we as a state ever use machines that we cannot access and cannot audit to verify the totals are accurate? The truth is the county is desperate to get rid of the machines before our AG steps in and secures them as evidence.

    3. @Ryan Ellsworth Wrong conclusion, as there is the risk that Cyber Ninjas (stupid name) has potentially manipulated the machines. So, to ensure unbiased & fair elections new machines that have not been in the hands of unauthorized personnel are needed. And either the RNC or Cyber Ninjas should pay for them, not the tax payers.

    4. @Marty H Actually, wrong question. The question isn’t whether we can trust the machines after the audit. The question is, why we ever agreed to use machines that cannot be audited without admin passwords from the manufacturer, that allow remote access to inject phantom votes, that allow all the data to be deleted and that allow 100 times the allowable legal adjudication to be done? AZ should sue Dominion for damages when this is over for at least a billion $. And again, you cannot use the machines once they are seized as evidence by the AZ AG’s office. Your whole discussion is a mute point. If the audits show massive fraud and if the Dems cannot prove the audits are inaccurate in court, the AZ AGs office will be very busy and the BOS will have some splainin to do from death row. Even if the audits show no significant fraud AZ will never again trust Dominion machines so they would have to be removed anyway. This is a throw away distraction by the left to follow the bouncing ball.

  1. “Come on New York City”! “Remove the head of the snake, and the body will curl and dry up”

    1. I am afraid it isn’t a snake, it is a rat infestation, and we will spend precious time and resources keeping them at bay, to save our democracy.
      They keep proving they cannot win without cheating, so we will always need to watch them

    2. @Inigo Montoya The audits will hopefully put an end to the cheating once and for all. We also need good solid voter ID laws in every state.

    1. @Smokey Mafia I’m ashamed that the rest of the world is watching Republicans deliberately sabotage American democracy because they’d rather give it up than validate the votes of Democrats.

      Imagine calling yourselves “patriots” while trying to bring about the failure of the Grand Experiment, and for what? To exact revenge for 8 years under a black president.

      “Basket of Deplorables” was far too kind–the Republican Party has given up any pretense of the values they claim to represent. They are the party of fascist white supremacy. If anything, Donald Trump is living proof that white genes cannot _possibly_ be inherently superior to other races, but unfortunately the irony is lost on his equally ignorant supporters.

    2. @Carolyn Talbot We aren’t a democracy and if you think fraud can’t happen in America whats makes you certain that it does in other countries such as China and Russia?

    3. Patience!…No need to hasten your own Demon.c.rat.ic demise with the Showdown to come. Only Foolish D.evils walk where Angels fear to tread!

    1. She clearly said officials who were against the audit admitted the machines had problems and then she distracted you by saying how much it would cost tax payers.

    2. @Person Noname the officials were against a sham fraudit and they said that according to federal law and state procedural guidelines, these machines cannot be used again even if they wanted to because the chain of custody guidelines were grievously violated or ignored. Now az taxpayers have to pay millions for new ones.

    3. @леший The officials were against all sorts of legal paths to check their work, brainwashed. Fight harder for your big corporate MSM.

  2. Replacing those machines will cost more than the $150,000 contract the republicans signed with Cyber Ninjas. Republicans are too stupid to even run a lemonade stand.

  3. Fun fact: Trump’s Director of Elections in Arizona Gina Swoboda claimed in a sworn affidavit to see ballot machines taking “two to three chances” to read ballots and that this was evidence of fraud. Upon cross-examination however she (like all of Trump’s witnesses) folded and recanted her story, admitting she hadn’t seen fraud on a scale large enough to change the outcome, or that the ballots cast were not representative of the voters’ will.

    1. @Carolyn Talbot would hundreds incriminating themself either on camera or through testimony not be credible evidence? Whether enough to change the outcome would be the question I guess. I also found it curious that were there no foul play, why were the BOS bending over backwards and risking prison to hide evidence. They’re all heavily corrupt, Clinton, Trump, Biden. I wouldn’t trust any of them, nor the election that as an outside viewer not from the US, had more bizarre happenings than any I’ve seen in my life. I hope for your country this audit answers questions and puts the thing to rest.

    2. @beemers417 Where did you get the idea that tolerance and inclusion should be extended to fascists and bigots? Your ignorance is not my problem.

    3. @Carolyn Talbot Been here for years. Youtube the new purveyors of truth, ban you if you go against their narrative. Looking at the age of my account to complain about only means you cant argue my points.

    4. @Carolyn Talbot The problem is this SCUM News source its trying to lay a ground based assault on the audit to create a narrative to discredit any factual results before they are released to the public for people who cant think for themselves and SHEEP around MSM… Basically you lol!

  4. “Why I thought the machines weren’t corruptible in the hands of potentially bad human actors w political motivations? Don’t be so paranoid dude. Voting machines are great.”
    -Amanda Mullins

    Gonna report about how the BOS is still refusing to hand over 40% of the voting machines and the routers?

    1. @Carl Saltzberg well do you know who exactly controlled the election computers data, passwords and admin? It wasn’t the election officials as mandatory under election rules. The routers would show of course the IP address where the data was being sent but they’re refusing to release them.

    2. @Alex Bowman If you think a secret group was controlling the machines remotely then why do you think it would be as easy as an IP log to figure out who it was. For example consider a VPN or a data scrubber could easily erase that.

    3. @Carl Saltzberg it would show where the data was sent and if the machines were illegally connected to the Internet.

    4. @Carl Saltzberg wouldn’t matter. It would still show connectivity which is illegal and voids the results.

  5. good, the same company that brought the Venezuelan people the machine for their votes and look how it turned out

  6. Running 100 ballots through the machines like the previous audit should provide proof enough they weren’t tampered with right?

  7. Commandment 19: Thou shalt not count thy chickens before they hatch, nor thinkest thou that hatchlings will grow into republifucks for free.

    1. audits already took place by bipartisan professionals in november and all election guidelines and procedures were followed. this fraudit is a sham where all guidelines and procedures were violated or ignored. That’s why they were against it. The fraudit is run by unqualified hyperpartisan political operatives.

      This wasn’t even voted on. Two partisan AZ state senators; Karen Fann and Eddie Farnsworth, subpoenad the ballots and then just handed them over to Doug Logan (cyber ninjas boss) and Ben Cotton (CyFIR cabin guy) who have no experience in election auditing whatsoever. That’s it. That’s how it happened. If two dem senators did this in a state trump lost, you’d go nuts.

      Equipment and data possibly containing sensitive voter information is now in Ben’s cabin, where there is no live feed. The only other stream was run by OAN, which makes it completely unreliable.

  8. “So called audits” They will never stop trying to discredit an ACTUAL forensic audit. What are they so afraid of?

  9. Wait..
    The most distrusted entity in the world is telling you something is fishy. Omg, the irony!

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