Marjorie Taylor Greene: Bigger Problem For Democrats Or GOP? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Marjorie Taylor Greene: Bigger Problem For Democrats Or GOP? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


Free of the responsibility of committee assignments, what kind of impact will Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene have on the two parties on Capitol Hill? We discussed that with Caroline Randall Williams and Bill Kristol. Aired on 2/6/2021.
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Marjorie Taylor Greene: Bigger Problem For Democrats Or GOP? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. @T B it’s called buyer’s remorse. You’re gonna meet that soon. I’ll be laughing all the way saying I Told You So lol

    2. @EMF F st fu ya cult45 TRAITOROUS pile of ! No one gives a F about you wanna be confederates go waive your hick flag elsewhere ya toothless yokel

    1. @Erroneous Monk what a bunch of garbage. You can try to create false equivalence but there is no equivalence. So much of the supporting context surrounding MTG has to do with violence. Is that a coincidence? I think not. You can make excuses for one incident but there have been several, including harassment of a child. Promoting fear, confrontation and intimidation are her primary means of governance. You’re segregating yourself, she does not exhibit acceptable behavior or beliefs in virtually any normalized context. That’s why she had to disavow so much of what she’s said. She knows it’s crazy, dangerous and unacceptable. She doesn’t belong in Congress, she belongs in therapy. You can’t get mad that she’s shown us who she is and we believed her. If she was truly sorry, her actions would support her words but she seems to be dedicated to doubling down and proving her critics right. Lives are being threatened and that can no longer be ignored and masked under the guise of “free speech.”

    2. @Mathu Rex politics wasn’t like this since the 60s. It is like people today just want to play follow the leader. Mk ultra is real is all I can say.

    3. @Gee Mcgraff Its roughly the same as it was. We’re more populist now, as we have been in the past. Only now it seems much worse due to how quickly information transfers.

    4. @Erroneous Monk please bud y’all f n traitors tall all this bs then backtrack just like the f n COWARDS you are! You know what you say and do is wrong but most of you are white supremacists so already heaps of that don’t give a F about a lot of decent human beings cause your yt bigots! Just constantly playing the blame game and point the finger this way and that way but who’s the f n TRAITORS that tried to overthrow our government while pretending to be patriots and waiving confederate flags smh f n TRAITORS

    5. No one is worshiping him. It’s the beliefs he came with. But dems take every word serious until they do the same with their words lmao.


    1. @Tuna Tosser there was no nazi shirts, the people silencing everyone act like Nazis, historically, for a fact.

    2. @oakpkdude no your “sentence” makes absolutely no sense at all, it’s very literally meaningless.

    1. The only thought police in America is causality. You break an egg, now your egg is broken. Consequences. Freedom of speech is alive and well, we just hold people accountable.

  2. Real Time 10:04 a.m. Est. : Angela see i keep my promises ,don’t ever let evil men break your peace again ,but i’m bout to line up some track and take a spin #Smile

  3. I think she just should have rephrased it differently. “ we don’t know all the truth behind school shootings and 911.”

    1. @Michael Flinn Let’s help them out. We should all just admit that Biden is secretly a Trump puppet.

      Trump is doing all of this behind the scenes to better drain the swamp. And the GOP as we all know, is infested with RINOs, and must be purged by Democrats also secrectlt controlled by Trump

      Now isn’t that a nice story for everyone?

    2. @Leigh Foulkes I know families who lost their children at Sandy Hook. You don’t ever speak disrespectfully about the mass murder of children.

    3. @Sunglao About 1945 when FDR started Social Security and started TVA to get people working again. About 1965 when LBJ signed the civil rights acts and the voting rights (although not sure about the last one) and I think it was Nixon who gave us Medicare. Also statistically there are more jobs when Democrats are in control based on BLS reporting.

  4. “Who suffered more with MTG ? Fellow politicians or the American people?

    There,fixed your title.

    And by the way it’s the latter.

  5. When a political party “belongs” to just one person, that person is a Hitler, a Stalin, or a Trump. And it never turns out good for the party in question.

    1. @Erroneous Monk I wonder what Obama has done that makes you put him in the same esteem as Hitler. I know what Trump has done. There’s literally people who wave 3 flags; nazi, confederate, and trump flags.

  6. Republicans will be sorry they didn’t get rid when they could.
    The anger is oozing out of her, she will want payback.

  7. Not dealing head on with the extremists, especially the inciters like Greene guarantees it will get worse.

  8. “The party is his. It doesn’t belong to anybody else”. God help us. We need a strong and coherent opposition party in our country. Or at least one that is not totally demented…

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