Marjorie Taylor Greene compares mask wearing to Holocaust 1

Marjorie Taylor Greene compares mask wearing to Holocaust


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), during an interview on a conservative podcast, compared House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's decision to continue to require members of the House to wear masks on the chamber floor to steps the Nazis took to control the Jewish population during the Holocaust.

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  1. And just when I thought our politics could not get any weirder , Greene makes me realise the rock bottom I thought we’d hit during Trump was not rock bottom after all…national embarrassment is still with us

    1. @Tacit Tern It is not Joe’s party that is trying to deny the vote to some Americans is it!, Joe didn’t lead an insurrection to topple democracy did he!, The Country should be grateful to ANY person , gay or straight who volunteers to join any wing of the forces, NO BONE SPURS excuse for them. tRump will be in jail this time next year or he may run away to Russia

  2. Stop giving her air time. Stop paying attention to her. She thrives on controversy, it’s all she has. Just ignore her. You validate her by keeping her relevant. She does it deliberately. She has nothing of value in her life except her ‘celebrity’. The sooner she becomes a has-been the better.

    1. It’s good to air her insanity because it exposes the brain rot in the Republican base. Moderate Republicans and independents need to be reminded of what can happen if these lunatics gain control congress in 2022. Don’t let it happen! The sane, rational members of our country are counting on you!

  3. “Dummdreiste A****geige!” And that was just too polite from me. That woman is beyond any humanity.

    1. Seems there is a lot of liberal stone throwing on these liberal outlets. Never any researched journalism. Or interesting stories. Just hate. I wonder if it’s because they can’t report any of Biden’s successes. Since he only has had failures. So they drum up stories that no one cares about except GOP haters for better ratings. They are the greedy ones. Since most of them are getting fired for poor ratings. They become grifters too.

    2. @Peter Pain Wow. Don’t you realize he was swearing at you libtards in German. Yet you are so egotistical you think you are like minded. Lol. Liberal insanity is golden.

  4. I’m a former history teacher. Also attended school at Virginia Military Institute and and quite a few of my instructors where World War veterans. Several of my relatives we’re in World War II number of my wife’s relatives were in World War II and I’ve spoken with almost all of them one time or another I studied the Holocaust. While at College one of my roommates was a member of a family who lost family members during the Holocaust. Marjorie Taylor Greene is insane. Back in Nazi Germany she probably better would have been known as SS Trooper Marjorie Taylor Greene. She probably would have ended up working at one of the euthanasia death camps that’s so many women ended up working at. I can actually see her in that role making excuses while they’re putting down anybody that doesn’t fit her view of the perfect person. Marjorie Taylor Greene is people like you that make this world a darker place by the way I happen to be a white male 62 years of age living in North Carolina I have at least three times your education and as for common sense apparently I have an order of magnitude 20 times yours. I have to wonder what kind of man would have married you and then stayed with you? He’s either a stormtrooper himself or he is the biggest weenie in the world because quite frankly if he’s staying around while you’re throwing this kind of abuse and this kind of BS everywhere and the kind of crap that just blows out of your mouth every time you open it and he’s got to really enjoy it being abused. One of the worst things about you is your initials also happened to be the same initials or a very popular worldwide game and that’s sad because that game incorporates and involves all the colors out there and everybody is treated the same whereas you only see white. I mean I know how you got elected you appealed to the worst of the voters in your area and said things that they just enjoyed know it’s obvious they’re racist in probably not all that intelligent themselves I mean after all you’ve got one degree from the University of Georgia and George has not got that great a reputation these days. After the current governor stole the election that he was in charge of running and then the way y’all try to alter the election recently I don’t even want to think about what Republicans are trying to do to the election in 2022. And the fact that so many of y’all support that aren’t are baboon that tried to turn our country into a new totalitarian state is really disgusting you care more about your personal power than you do about the American people when it’s quite obvious. My one wish for you Marjorie Taylor Greene is that you get all you deserve and nothing you want

    1. @LD okay…which mask are you using ? Bc only n95s work buddy…and most of us are wearing bras on our faces…so..tell me some more about the science?

    2. @Jondoe Harris lol…most of use government sites…maybe you should too…you’d be more intelligent…

  5. I like how she had to keep explaining her point because she knows her turnip brained qultists wouldn’t get her meaning just by the gold star comment.

    1. She cant talk about ANY subject for long because she is brainless and just soundbites, she cant debate anything.

    2. @Its me Quenten lol. I’m sorry that’s absurd. He did have dealings with Russia. Was it as bad as the media says? No I don’t think so.

      But acting like that’s the same as the stuff the Q people believe is out and out hysterical.
      Q people believed celebrities and politicians have been arrested and cloned. Some think Q communicates from the future.
      They think trump is still president.
      There’s so much more. They think Tom hanks eats babies.
      They think everyone’s a pedo, meanwhile trump was literal friends with Epstein and may Gaetz is about to be arrested for trafficking minors.
      You need help, please get it.

  6. If she means that is possible to loose your soul without actually dying, I agree. The whole republican party is proof of that.

  7. Godwin’s Law in action.
    Mask wearing is like the Holocaust, if right is like wrong, and up is like down, and freedom is like slavery, and peace is like war, and life is like death.

    1. @Huu Nguyen Thanh – that’s a conspiracy theory. I thought you guys did believe in conspiracy theories.

    2. Nathaniel Hallerstein

      What do you call these facts from Forbes and SCC records.

      1. Mask have made over 350 American millionaires. Mask have made 3 new billionaires. Mask have enable 14 companies to list themselves a billion dollar companies. 11 of those were worth under 50 million in early 2020.

      2. The Cotona Virus Vaccine has made 13 Americans billionaires. 3 were not even millionaires in 2019. These people are associated with Pfizer and Moderna.

      3. Corona Virus materials such as safety glass, signs etc has made more profit than any new product since 1977.

      4. Forbes reported that the Corona Virus is a millionaire and billionaire making machine.

    3. @Chandler Nelms We call your ludicrous futile attempt at misdirection irrelevant, little girl, and a childish attempt at a red herring that has nothing to do with the issue at hand. Like your fellow fanny bandit Scott here, all you infantile traitors assume you are smarter than everyone else when it is painfully obvious and darkly hilarious the antithesis is true. Keep up the puppet dance and see how that works out for you, buckaroo.

  8. Of course she says this stuff, and then doubles down on it: it gets her attention which gets her donations. It’s a grift.

    1. @MAGAT slayer Why did you vote for Biden. I am a counselor. He is a known sociopath. By his party and Obama. I am trying to understand. Please explain. I won’t judge you. I am just perplexed by all the hate on the left and judgemental comments . Like I can’t understand hating rape, supporting women’s voices against rape, than you vote in a rapist into the WH. Please explain??

    2. @Tucker Ford Why are you a black and still a Democrat??. The party that exploited your people for 100 years in slavery and afterwards w Jim Crow and KKK? Whose heroe Margaret Sanger a Democratic hero forced black women to be sterilized. Because they would birth weeds. Than KKK Joe runs and racially slurs black when we are trying to follow MLK. Joe clearly is not. Because he is a racist. Than to my horror blacks vote him into the WH. I just don’t get it. Must be people do things all the time against their best interests. That can be easily judged or ridiculed by others not knowing their experiences. We are so easy to judge. But in context make sense. Otherwise you would be a Democrat wouldn’t you. So I suggest you stop throwing stones and correct you own lapses of judgement or bad decisions. Like voting KKK Joe into office.

    3. @reveivl They are entitled to their beliefs. So are you. Do you want us to become so narrow minded we burn books like Hitler did. Your intolerance will get us there. Let them be, let them be who they want to be. So you can be who you want to be too. Free. In a free thinking world. Tyranny of thinking a death to freedom. Please read 1984.

    1. She is smirking inside and sometimes it escapes, that is because this is working for her!, she cant believe her luck that she only has to say something outrageous to get her horrible face back in the news

  9. My public reaction would be “Is she high?” You really shouldn’t use historical comparisons unless you’re an expert in the field whilte understanding the concepts of context and nuance.

  10. She’s obviously never picked up a history book. What an embarrassment to the country. I would be more than happy to help her up the steps into the train car for her final journey.

    1. *Criticizes her for a holocaust comparison
      *Literally proves the hate that is the Democratic party by saying “I’ll help her up those steps into the train car for her final journey”
      The lack of self awareness is astonishing, you could have said a multitude of other things to criticize her and her position, and yet you speak like a true SS member.

    2. @therev2100 Democrats never said they couldn’t be as critical and foul mouthed as Republicans. Absolutely can and will. Get used to it.

    3. @DaisyL yeah but the thing is, the democrats excuse their followers hate and vitriolic speech/actions, and the media does the same. Big Tech won’t censor hate speech against right wing groups, but they’ll try and censor said right wing groups for the smallest things. 2020 was the best example of the hypocrisy that is the left, their voters caused damage and increased violence throughout the country, and no condemnation from politicians or the MSM, but the second the right riots, they all lose their fucking minds. And no, I won’t get used to it, I will fight back against these bullshit double standards the left lives by.

    4. @therev2100 : Right wing America is a living breathing contradiction full of gaping holes and pervasive hypocrisy even more so than the left is.

    1. @Joe where in New York have you been? How do you say nothing is clear about that state and Why In the WORLD would you wear the same surgical.mask for two fulll weeks??!! Thats absolutely gross!
      You do know there were tractors holding thousands of bodies because the morgues were iverwhelmed, right? You do know there were mass grave sites? Quarantine orders, which helped quell the spread of the virus, mask mandates…. meaning wearing CLEAN masks so as to keep yourself from spreading germs to others?
      Did you vote for trump? Do you live Upstate or Long Island? Staten Island? Then its understandable why you’re asking me to clarify.

    2. Especially as it’s not. The rights and freedoms that come with being an American citizen also come with duties and responsibilities as such. For one, looking out for the safety and wellbeing of your fellow citizens.

    3. @Go Home Ah so many questions… i am in Pennsylvania first off. Why not wear the mask for multiple days?? The body needs to be exposed to bacteria for the immune system to function and be tested, ya know- science! I did vote Trump yes… you’re gonna scold me on wearing the same mask for 2 weeks at a clip (the correct positioning on my face) when half the world has been wearing the mask INCORRECTLY the past 12+ months . What’s worse: me wearing a mask the correct way for 2 weeks at a clip, OR going to walmart with 500 people indoors for 30 minutes, 200 people of which are not wearing the mask correctly? Magically the flu has vanished also…

    4. @S You are correct. she is allowed to say it, and everyone who has had an education is perfectly entitled to say and think she is a moron, which is what is happening here. The First does not say anything a person says is a valid opinion. So, she is an uneducated moron at best, or a person that is so desperate for publicity and to push her wacky ideas does not care about the consequences of her actions. I am entitled to say that.

  11. i presume that if she went in to hospital for surgery, she’d be comfortable with the surgeon saying “it’s a free country – i don’t have to wear a mask, or even scrub up”

    1. She will then play victim and make a big deal about it. Double standards. Anybody that voted for this person clearly has no morals or even critical thinking skills since it’s not hard to see how evil she is.

    2. “I’m a tax paying citizen of these United States which has absolutely nothing to do with anything”

    1. @Tommy WordSmith – Tommy, this is a good thing and should be celebrated – not demeaned. She turned her life around, but now has turned to the dark side. This is what we (as a country) should condemn.

  12. Every time an American born person makes some remarks like this makes me wish we could drop them off somewhere in the world where something similar to their remarks is happening and see how they deal with it first person. Example let’s drop her off in the bad side of Korea and let them learn first hand how it is to be oppress for real.

    1. @Derrick Teska There is not and never will be any equivalent from the honest and brave soul that is AOC and that little jumped up white supremacist and conspiracy believer MTG, she is a complete nut case

    2. @Derrick Teska Please give me an example of AOC making as anti-Semitic a comment as Greene. I’ll wait.

    3. @Adam Taylor was not talking about antiemetic comments. Ince again you dont read the comment. Was not talking that specific. I was just saying we give you our nut case we will take yours fair enough trade.

  13. If you ask someone if they understand something and their answer begins with “Well, do *you* understand…” That means no, they don’t understand.

    1. Talking to a MAGA cultist is like taking a long walk down a windy beach to a café that’s closed.

    2. @Blue Patriot I’ve come to the conclusion that the cafe has been closed for a few years now.

    3. @Blue Patriot Talking to a leftist cultist is like taking a long journey to another planet where logic and common sense don’t exist.

  14. I always thought being made to wash my hands by my Mom was like the killing Fields of Cambodia myself.

  15. Any Holocaust survivors out there who are hearing this woman’s words you NEED to speak out. She just cheapened and diminished the horrors you and your loved ones went thru by comparing it to “wearing a mask” for a pandemic that will soon be over.

    1. Actually she is trying to honor them by trying to stop it from happening again. If only there would have been people who stood up to Hitler in the early 30’s. But just like they didn’t recognize the danger Hitler posed then, we fail to recognize how dangerously close we are to repeating history now.

    2. @Jess man I’d say it’s funny because she endorsed Racial Eugenics (That whole “We must fight for and preserve the purity of the genetic purity of the glorious white master race” thing the Nazis went big on) on her Facebook, but projection has become so commonplace to the right, I treat any accusation they make against people as a possible confession on their part.

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