Marjorie Taylor Greene confronts Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 1

Marjorie Taylor Greene confronts Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez


Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene confronted Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez outside the House chamber on Wednesday afternoon, the latest of several confrontations Greene has had with her Democratic colleagues.

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  1. What the …? This is the highest legislative body in our country and Greene thinks she’s back in a preschool playground without the teacher around?!

    1. Wow preschool where you’re from must be very rough. She tried to bring a hand gun into the capital

    2. Umm… she thinks she’s back in the preschool play ground!! Girl, she KNOWS she can get away with it because she has been getting away with it.

    Mark Twain — ‘Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.’

    1. @TheDiamond2009 funny this got under your skin, pronouns really ruffle your feathers or what

    2. Bryan Davis your first sentence made sense. The next two sentences you wrote is the most ridiculous sounding jiberish I have ever heard.

  3. She’s trying to hold congress people accountable while touring the country with Matt Gaetz. Got it.

    1. OATMEAL IS GOOD FOR YOU & SO IS THE BEAUTIFUL AOC….Texas has gotta love the AOC. she is there for you in a natural disaster FLOOD…
      While cancun ted fleeing to cancun….TEXAS who really has your back????? AOC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. @Don I don’t thinking he has much of a chance of leaving the country much longer. Banishment might be an easier sentence, the US prisons are not kind to child molesters.

    3. @S Lin Hi S Lin, There was no Russian conspiracy in the 2016 election. That was used by the side you support to provoke civil unrest and violence in the streets. The side you support has no intentions of helping minorities but instead uses them as tools. You are disgusting and lack ethics.

  4. AOC’s response was epic: “I used to be a bartender. These are the kind of drunks I threw out all the time.”

    1. @Jim Beam The FBI says there is no evidence the election was “rigged”; Trump’s own Attorney General, William Barr, says there is no evidence the election was “rigged”; Mitch McConnell agrees, and maintains that Trump is responsible for inciting the deadly Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol — based on lies that the election was stolen from him.

      Colin Powell, another Republican, calls Trump “a national disgrace,” “an international pariah”; John Boehner, the former Republican Speaker of the House, calls Trump’s claim that the election was stolen from him “bullshit.”

    2. Ignore Arthur Kay…his account was made only 5 days ago. When you see such jibber from people, check if their account is new or not, then you can tell it’s a troll.

    1. And now this first report of election fraud in Arizona’s forensic audit. “Baseless”? HA! The evidence is piling up large in the battleground states. Finally the blind may see.

  5. Taylor seems to have loose screw. She doesn’t belong in that chamber. Please help her before she hurts herself or her colleagues.

    1. @Devon the gut Cadorette AOC graded top of her class with a master’s degree in economics, yet uneducated Greene dares to accuse her of not knowing anything about economics

  6. Calling someone a chicken, stupid, a scared little girl, and that they better show to debate (fight) you is the behavior of a mean-spirited elementary school bully.

    1. @Hoss Eehoss Is it wise to debate someone that you know is verbally combative and will never accept you or agree with anything you say?

    2. At least she loves her country, and not like he others who wants to destroy Israel our comrades, and for that matter our country allowing Antifa to burn down Portland and Seattle..

  7. This is what happens when u put crazy people into congress, instead of locking them up in the nuthouse where they belong

    1. Well I certainly knew she had never read the Constitution nor had it explained to her but wow a ged! You go girl

  8. The fact that Marjorie Taylor-Greene is still in politics and on Capitol respectively is VERY telling…..

    1. Hopefully some will in the future, this won’t be the last time she acts like a psycho in public.

    2. Maybe AOC should get a body cam to catch the lunatic harassing her. If she acts this way and carries a gun, I would call the cops and file a protective order so she has to keep away. She is nuts.

    1. dude for real… if that sort of conflict happened between coworkers at a typical company, you’d better believe HR would step in ASAP. i expect our elected officials to AT LEAST meet the bare minimum expectations that i have to in my own job, ya know?

    2. Nor me, Greene is a gobby little bullying psycho, how this behaviour is being accepted is unbelievable.

    3. Just can’t believe our government acts like this and we wonder why we have problems in the world. It’s like they have no rules for anything!

    4. @Kathleen hammett What about maxine inciting to riot and eric swallwell who slept with a spy and obumer trying to take out Trump Flynn, colusion polution.

    1. They called the insurrection a tourist visit. She says there’s a Jewish space laser in outer space.

  9. Marjorie is just pissed because she thought they said “The Greene Big Deal” only to find out it’s really “The Green New Deal” and written, in part, by her nemesis.

  10. It should be more widely known that Greene ran unopposed because her opponent dropped out of the race after receiving death threats. Also, her highest level of education is a GED. That doesn’t make her stupid. She just is.

    1. @Deb Shaw ‘But at least she has a degree’


      Yeah, that’s gonna do it.

      Ever think to yourself that people just avoid college because you exit with blistering debt in a job that you could easily outearn by simply picking up a trade or starting your own business? Hint hint, MGT is a small business owner. You don’t have to go to university. Lmao. ‘At least she has a degree’

      This is that real libtard sh*t.

      Who is the real moron here?

    2. @Scott Emmons I stopped doing any work in school in grade 6. Quit after failing grade 9. Got GED without studying 1 minute at 20 yrs old. The GED is a peice of cake.

  11. Marjorie Taylor Green is crazy, I mean she berated a guy who was in a school shooting. She has no respect or decorum.

    1. @Bill T Marchi usually I don’t respond to trailer park educated troglodytes, however, my ma has more self respect.

    2. She’s crazy because she wants transparency, accountability & an open debate in front of the entire world of pros & cons on this new green deal that will cost anywhere from $10 trillion to $93 trillion dollars over the next decade. Costing each household 600,000 or more.. Experts state the the benefits outweigh the costs, yet the AOC tucks her tail between her legs & scurries off & you not only cosign the response, you go on with some so called verbal berated comment you claim Marjorie made towards a guy in a school shooting. Which holds no water, proof nor does it even pertain to this specific topic. You’re seriously weighing out respect & decorum to trillions of dollars that we as Americans have every single right to hear every debate about because it affects us all. See there is no such thing as trust or transparency when you all want it on your own terms & we are forced into just taking the AOC’s word which means absolutely squat. You want to rant on respect & decorum when your girl the AOC has avoided the crisis Biden & the other demoncrats created when they opened the border & allowed children to be dumped in the desert like disposable trash She was too busy playing with minor children online with video games & live streaming fruitless & senseless content as she spews her verbal vomit of disrespect towards countless others. …

  12. If this kind of aggression and harrassment occured in a business environment, people would be fired. Are there no workplace harrassment laws there?

  13. I’m leaning towards Greene’s daughter’s
    assessment of her own mother : “she’s batshit crazy!”.

  14. WOW! What’s really going on with these people in these high places? SMH There’s no place in our Congress for this kind of behavior…PERIOD

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