1. For a text she doesn’t remember..she knows an awful lot about it and can say she knows what was intended by it

    1. @mitch103178 She completely proved him wrong and then told him to leave. That’s not having a meltdown.

  2. Does she remember harassing a young man who survived a high school mass shooting? While carrying a gun in her purse. She shouldn’t be looking for fairness. Elect her because she “does not know things”. The new face of the GOPq. “Supposedly her text” while calling him a liar. Perjury in a courtroom isn’t smart. It just pisses off the judge and jury.

    1. Wrong everyone should expect to be treated fairly. Two wrongs do not make a right. If you do not also respect the truth, and fairness you must always be fair and truthful. Even to those that are not.

  3. She tells him to read the whole text but then stops him before he can! She’s the master of blah blah blah, she out-talks everyone with absolutely nothing.

  4. This is almost the equivalent of the Depp vs. Heard trial. She’s like a bad girlfriend who’s trying to humiliate her ex publicly, but loses. Lol

  5. “I don’t even remember that text, I don’t remember sending it, but I know exactly what I did and did not say in it.”


  6. By saying “I don’t know about these things…”, is she admitting, as a prominent Republican politician, that she doesn’t know what Martial Law is, let alone how to spell it? But then again, she doesn’t seem to know very much does she?

    1. I wish people would stop harping on the spelling. It was a text message and not a college paper.
      All the I do not recall smacks of lies but she is also right in that “she” didn’t ask for martial law. She did pass on the message suggesting it.

  7. She asked for something that she says she doesn’t know, which is different, but she asked for it, no question about it! She wants to twist everything! She thinks she’s very smart

  8. “Would you not report to the FBI if someone called for Martial Law?”… if she can’t answer that, it’s the answer we need

  9. That’s odd because she’s usually such a fan of street interviews, like the time she filmed herself harassing a Parkland survivor.

  10. I started laughing when she said, “stop harassing me” … the #1 heckler and harasser is saying somebody is harassing her.

    1. @Patrick C nobody said she was it’s just hilarious how she has made her brand off harassing people and she is screaming harassment I guess you don’t see the irony

    2. Yeah it’s ironic that she find a reporter following and questioning her as “harassment,” but she did the very same thing to David Hogg, a Parkland survivor. Karma is real!

  11. How does she claim she doesn’t remember but then defends the message she doesn’t remember?

  12. She sure doesn’t mind harassing other people without their permission. But when it comes to here she really gets angry. She is a wacko.

  13. For most states she’d be a complete embarrassment as a representative to Congress, but it seems not to Georgia.

  14. As a resident of Georgia I’m sincerely apologize for this bonehead in office. Such an emabarrassment to our state and our society

    1. Please do what you can to get her defeated. Georgia deserves way better representation. MTG is responsible for her own actions. You have nothing to apologize for!

  15. She is very quick to demand he stop talking, talking over him and wont give him the time of day to get a full sentence out, clearly very agitated woman trying to run from her vile behavior

  16. She doesn’t seem to be so thrilled when someone is doing to her what she does to kids who survived school shootings…

  17. Anyone who “doesn’t remember” what she said conveniently enough to get her off the hook for any trouble for BREAKING THE LAW is just plain UNACCEPTABLE.

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