Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Acting Like Glenn Close in 'Fatal Attraction’ 1

Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Acting Like Glenn Close in ‘Fatal Attraction’


Marjorie Taylor Greene accosting Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is analyzed by Tiffany Cross. Cross says that in her view, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, ‘really wants to be a star. Like really bad. So bad, she's stalking an actual legislative star, Congresswoman Alexandra Ocasio Cortez, like she's Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction.'
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    1. @DAVID Project much, David? You’re a classic example of the Dunning-Kruger effect.
      Typical drivel from a jumped up, bible-banging, hypocrite.

    2. Whats the point of being a representative if you dont debate what your trying to pass? Dont you want to know? Or you dont care? Indoctrinated by the little square you gaze into? Your political religion Gods and their masters that control you? The party never changed. Only wear they put the chains. Are you not tired of being played? If you could only understand what they have done to your mind.

    3. @Ivan Granger Uh, no. That’s not how you debate. There’s a time and a place for it and being high school mean girl isn’t the way it’s done. You have to come onto the Senate floor with real facts, not catch your opponent in the hallway or women’s bathroom with epithets and buzzwords, like “Socialist” and “support terrorist groups”, “killing babies”, etc. That’s a sign of limited intellect. I’m sure they will debate plenty, and when that time comes on the Senate floor AOC will make a pretzel out of Greene easily.

    1. @DAVID Why can’t margarine use the house floor if she wants to debate? AOC has used the house floor many times to explain her position in the policies she believes in. But your party has nothing of substance to offer. If you think people are afraid of you clowns you are sadly mistaken.

    2. Well, radical anarchist democrats like Squad, Maxine Waters, and pelosi will b sharing a padded room with Babbling Biden.

  1. Re: Greene’s and Gaetz’s speaking tour.

    Twiddledee and Twiddledum went to meet the people.
    They told them this and told them that. Lies made on the cheaple.
    The trusting crowd gazed up like fawns, to suckle at the teat.
    They swallowed all, then shat it back, forever to repeat.

    Now Twiddledee and Twiddledum are happy as can be.
    Celebrities they have become from sea to shining sea.
    They gazed upon the Zombie base, all giddy and adrool.
    They drempt that night, to reach the height: King and Queen of Fools.

  2. Here in Atlanta they’re saying she may be in trouble. Seems she has been claiming multiple home-stead exemptions on a number of their houses. She’s probably facing tax fraud.

    1. @gorey4more I think all the computers at Fox have a designated “allegedly” key, right beside “people are saying” key.

  3. Greene WILL lose it one day on someone, with or without a weapon. She’s on a rabid power high and won’t stop until she IS stopped.

    1. @Cid Sapient We don’t. But her, we do. It’s not like she’s hard to read. Maybe for you,not for the rest of us.

    2. @Ilang Ilang Oh, so ‘effin perfect, that’s the trouble with a lot of people, just cannot read body language or ‘just know’ s^^t is about to hit the fan. She’s already bragged more than once ‘she carries and knows how and is _ready_ to use it’, what sort of “normal” person does that. *NONE*

      She is *_’that tool in the toolbox you don’t want to handle because it’s dangerous to use’_* type of person.

    3. @Ilang Ilang “We don’t”
      lol cool story bro
      it has been proven over and over u ppl dont know ur political opponents
      theres even studies that prove it lol
      im just waiting for ur baseless assumptions of a random stranger lol
      the majority of u ppl are still calling all trump supporters insurrectionists despite reality lol
      thats what they mean by blueanon

    4. @Adrian K “what sort of “normal” person does that. NONE”
      lol what sort of normal person is a self righteous indignant?

  4. If it sounds like a Neanderthal, looks like a Neanderthal. Acts like a Neanderthal. It’s probably a Neanderthal.

    1. @Damon Reynolds “Lucy” MTG and a lot of her supporters would never catch that reference, not in a million years.

    1. That’s so ironic…..That was Glenn Close character’s first name,Alex. Now MTG is stalking Alex. My guess is Marjorie is a lot crazier than than any movie character. lol.

  5. Tiffany Cross you are a brilliant woman and a huge breath of fresh air! I love your show!

  6. Marjorie Taylor green look like she’s getting ready to take a roll of Glenn Close ,that movie fatal attraction, that’s what she reminds me of a woman who is getting ready for a acting role to come out in the movie .

  7. ‘Marj’ really does have a lot more adulting to do. Once more, thank you for speaking out the truth.

  8. “One Flew Over The Coo-Coo Nest” I LOVE IT! LMAO! Describes Greene totally. Greene clearly is unstable. NUTS.

  9. I love watching Tiffany Cross. No BS and she calls out the crazy which brings some much needed sanity.

  10. It always strikes me how proud MTG is of herself. She’s so proud of her ignorance and of her faulty ability to reason.

    1. She was “allowed to believe things that weren’t true” and believes that is a valid excuse to believe others for her own craziness. The woman is incapable of taking responsibility for her own actions. She is just a pathetic troll.

  11. The fact that truly crazy people like Marjorie Taylor Greene can even get elected is mind blowing.

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