Marjorie Taylor Greene Shouts At AOC Outside House Chamber 1

Marjorie Taylor Greene Shouts At AOC Outside House Chamber


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene confronted and shouted at Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez outside of the House chamber. Greene falsely accused AOC of supporting "terrorists."

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    1. @Bill Rodriguez Republicans are the racist Fascist Clowns, we democrats save the country, the people and Democracy

    1. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. @Tammy Brothers yea it is. And that it just like denying the death of loved ones. Like do they have to prove their dead love ones by pulling them out of the grave and opening the coffin to show them, but going as far as requesting an autopsy to find matching of that person?
      She seriously disgust me and she could be doing so much good using her position to help people out like AOC with the Texas crisis for example when it should have been Cruz’s job to be doing that.

    3. @Keith Ahn Well stated people likes Greene and Cruz are Selfies downright awful people they don’t care for all of America only for their one side of the aisle and what these supporters don’t get is Greene and Cruz and a whole bunch of Republicans in the Senate don’t even care about them they prove it many times over it makes me sick to my stomach why anyone would vote for them

    4. @warpedjaffas1 But Palin was never mean, was she? This one is hateful and petty and I bet the last thing MTG wants is a debate with AOC!!

    5. @Eric Van James Of course!! Do you think that bullies would actually pick on someone they think could fight back? The times that bullies are unpleasantly surprised by the ferocity of their chosen victim is always so refreshing to watch.

    1. @Matthew Meno, please, indulge me with your right-wing propaganda nonsense. I enjoy reading all the non-credible sewage provided by the slavishly submissive Trump cult followers!

    2. No Dianna! Green is Green, and orange is orange! Every color is mixed with another! What you said is a lie!

    3. Why would anyone debate a nobody like Marjorie Taylor Greene? It’s like me challenging Biden to a debate. We all know it ain’t happening.

  1. far right wing politicians have learned whenever they need money just start attacking AOC or Pelosi and their ignorant supporters will send them money. It’s pathetic, but that’s where we are.

    1. @What Ever were u alive when TRUMP announced the CHINA virus ???
      were u alive when TRUMP called mexicans RAPISTS ??? were u alive when TRUMP called middle eastern , TERRORISTS ??? or did u just ignored all of that and played made believe with your kids ???

    2. @What Ever Not even 2 months old, huh? We’re so surprised…said no one here. Welp time to thing up ANOTHER new name, this accounts going byebye too.

    3. @Brand Account Ha ha ha ha ha !
      The democrats are nothing more than a racist hate group !
      But hay look at it this way there’s still a wighte man as president and he’s a racist ha ha ha, YOU FOOL….USA

  2. Green is trying hard to make a name for herself do she hangs out with the worse of the worse.
    What a sick woman.

    1. Yep, it’s the ‘slow kid that acts out in class’ thing playing out. Pay attention who thinks this is “cool”, they’re the first ones to get knocked up.

    2. Aoc has run into some one just as nuts as her. At least MTG was an actual victim of Jan 6 unlike aic who was never in danger

  3. AOC needs to file a restraining order directed at Marjorie Taylor Greene. Greene violates the restraining order, she goes to jail.

    1. @Matt le perdu seems to me, a restraining order would mean Greene is expelled from Congress. AOC should look into it.

    2. @Yashi Stampedes true. Greene should be gone already. That’s just how depraved these House Republicans are. I mean Matt Gaetz is still there after what he’s been accused of. Think about it.

    3. @Tammy Brothers Oh I agree completely (especially if you use the literal use of “literally” haha). I was just wanting to see congress have to deal with a situation like that purely for the entertainment.

  4. Naive you are, if you think Marjorie will just live through normally in a very happy healthy life and Karma will avoid her due her fantastic exclusivity.

  5. The GOP has sunk to Greene’s level and never deserve to hold any office ever again!

  6. When Gaetz, Greene, De santos (?) and the rest talk, act. For some reason, I hear the song “dueling banjos” from the movie “Deliverence” in my head. I’m sure that her favorite song is that joke song “I’m my own Grandpa”, but to her and her ilk, it’s an actual family history.

    1. Yes, as an armchair guitarist I love “Dueling Banjos.” But how, in 2021, after all the pain we’ve been through, could the rural, mentally disabled, hateful, uneducated, and corrupt still have so much influence in a great country?

    2. @JG2733 Just remember to ALWAYS count the fingers on these Republicans. Some may have six.

  7. When the headline reads “lawmaker reduced to shouting threats and childish insults” it’s instantly obvious which party is the offending group. M.T.G. , doing all she’s qualified to do.

    1. @coled your describing democrats with your comment. I dont support socialism and gov giving me my daily rations. Is to be a democrat is to be everything you hate and not know it?

    2. @clarice525 its not just the election. Its about the last 5 years of conspiracy and deception from our media. If you still believe them at this point, your indoctrinated. Meanwhile, go check out the white house channel. There is a reason the comments have been turned off and there is a 20x dislike ratio on every video

    3. @Helen Hunter “my goodness” is panic. You know it. The world knows it. Why is it so hard to accept? Ego? Self rightiousness? Oldest trick in the book.

    4. @Gabe Dudley Gabe, you may not support it when others get it but you have benefitted from the government dole and you know it!

    5. @coled i have the benifit of being an american. To be free. Not run by a dictator and communist socialist nazi government. Or maybe it is. Who else would order 20k troops and build a wall to protect themselves from the people?

  8. It’s going to be extremely difficult to feel sympathy for Greene when tragedy befalls her. Rather, it will be impossible not to feel glee.

  9. Those who make the most noise have the least to say. The GQP lives in a world of fantasy.

  10. Mz. Greene is like that single short skirt cousin with claps at the wedding party. A week from the reception her reputation will spoil the celebration.

  11. Marjorie, Neanderthal, Fish Wife, Taylor Greene is never more in her element then when she is yelling nasty 5th grade school yard epithets at people that are above her in education, civility, character, and integrity.

  12. Just as predicted…Marjorie Laser Beam needed a way to get the spotlight back on her after Stefanik stole it from her.

  13. MTG only does these hallway bullying moments as an act for her constituents who think the childish, performative behavior is the job they voted her in to do (as opposed to actual governing). I wish the media would stop covering these incidents. Doing so just plays to MTG’s hand.

  14. Every time this lady is in the headlines I weep for her children. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have her as a mother. I don’t want to.

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