Marjorie Taylor Greene’s intolerant attack on Pete Buttigieg sparks outrage

Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene called out Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg on oil drilling… and somehow ended up warning him to "stay out of our girls' bathrooms." In today's episode of The Point, CNN's Chris Cillizza breaks down her comment. #CNN #Cillizza #MTG


  1. Marjorie Taylor Greene having a seat in Congress, is like a Flat Earther having a job at NASA. 🙄

    1. Being in American Congress is the only job that doesn’t require real world qualifications, so no surprise.

  2. MTG is mad because every time she walks into a girl’s bathroom someone screams out, “hey, this is a ladies room dude!”.

    1. @NPC 8647 Don’t worry. Mark Meadows and Ginni Tonic and Clarence and Mitch are doing a bang-up job! Not to mention DeSanta and Trailer-Green! Better than Disney and HBO and Netflix rolled into one! Real jewels!
      Stay tuned for new Trump Reality Show .

  3. Similar to Trump, every week MTG says something dumber than the week prior. I used to think that she reached the ceiling of idiocy but continues to outdo herself almost daily

  4. Margie taylor Greene is F—–ing nuts. They should ban her from any government offices. I think alot of people agree.

    1. @Michael Kurchak that’s only because they’re afraid that they’re going to have to answer to the problems that their ancestors caused towards people like me, though that’s not the complete story about what black history is about. It’s not just about the atrocities afflicted upon us but about how we attributed to American society as well. Which people like her fail and also don’t want to acknowledge when it comes to how our great country came to be what it is today, minus the insurrection on January 6th.

    2. @T H we can’t vote her out. She ran out her opponent. I was told by someone in her district she had him so harassed until he dropped out. So ppl are scared of her too. Plus, thats a huge trump area. 😳

  5. Deconstruct what she is trying to say? Are you sure she was trying to actually say anything coherent, 🤔 or was she simply spewing nonsense (as usual) to enrage the crowd? Idk that I would assign her any intent… that’s inherently assigning her some intelligence, and I’ve seen very little evidence of that.

  6. So if I understand this correctly, MTG has no committee assignments, writes no legislation, and spends all her aid budget on messaging. So her constituents in GA, get nothing in return for her time in office except MTG building her “brand”. Nice work if you can get it. I would wish better for the good people of Georgia.

  7. The people who cheer for her believed the kid in high school running for class Pres who campaigned on “getting rid of homework” -I watched a bunch of mouth breathers really get fired up about that. 😂

  8. Maybe she literally thinks they have been riding electric vehicles and bicycles in girls bathrooms…
    I’m against that too.

  9. What infuriates me the most (well not the most, blatant discrimination is what annoys me the most) is how the same people who vote for that….nice old lady…are always complaining that government is a waste of time and money…..and yet they send her to specifically waste time and money.

  10. It’s quite incredible that a congress person doesn’t know the difference between trans gender and homosexuality. And people trust her words!!

  11. It annoys me Chris when you try to interpret the nonsense some of these folks say as something that makes any sense towards serious debate’s issues.Some of these statements should be called for what they are and going out of your way to try to pinpoint anything sensible from what was said makes u part of the problem .You give legitimacy to the gibberish they say

    1. Correct. I can’t believe how insane she talked! Unbelievable! People voted & this woman became politican!!!

  12. This woman in outrageous. My god the midterms are starting to keep me up at night. She’s popular. I’m so triggered by her that I fall for it every time. I know it’s a ploy to upset us. That’s all it amounts to. She’s a throwaway congressman with no assignments no fear of reelection who just runs her ignorant mouth. When I hear ‘Late Capitalism’ I start thinking the unthinkable – it’s not so unthinkable after all.

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