Markets React To Trump’s Coronavirus Diagnosis, Jobs Report Shows Slowing Momentum | MSNBC 1

Markets React To Trump’s Coronavirus Diagnosis, Jobs Report Shows Slowing Momentum | MSNBC


MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle reports on how President Trump’s positive coronavirus test is affecting the stock market on Friday morning. The final jobs report before the presidential election was also released, showing a gain of 661K jobs and an unemployment rate of 7.9 percent. Aired on 10/02/2020.
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Markets React To Trump’s Coronavirus Diagnosis, Jobs Report Shows Slowing Momentum | MSNBC


  1. What would trump say: “I like presidents who don’t catch coronavirus”
    He was dumb enough to make fun of Biden wearing a mask. Trump repeatedly flaunted safety rules.
    Vote BLUE. Trump lied and Americans died. Hope tump has a speedy recovery so he can serve his prison terms.

    1. @Christine King well, he’s going to scare a lot of people going to the polling booths him supposedly getting covid so it’s early enough to register and vote by mail.

    2. @Wayne Norris Here is what is so pathetic, Trump and his administration lie so much we don’t know whether to believe this diagnosis or not. It does knock him out of the next debate, likely a relief for his posse after the first disaster. You’re correct, this is going to scare people from voting in person, even in red states, and it’s going to keep people from volunteering to work the polls. But, we know Republicans are doing their darndest to suppress vote-by-mail because blue states tend to favor it, evidenced by Texas’ Gov. Abbott closing down drop-off boxes. Yes, a red state but trending against Trump. I live in Montana, a red state but one with a tight Senate race, confusing letters concerning vote-by-mail have been sent to registered Democrats. A low voter turnout, in person or by mail, helps the Republicans. People have got to know the rules, yes vote early, by mail.

    3. @Christine King we’ve seen a lot of crazy stuff this year. Don’t get hung up on what we have no control over. Vote as soon as you can before other crazy stuff happens to subvert voting.

    4. @Gods Vibes also a good way to have the time to make contact in suppressing votes. Texas has only 1 voter drop box per county. Lines of cars will be 10 miles long. Wouldn’t be surprised if we see more of this. Vote early before it becomes to difficult.

  2. Now we know why Trump was screaming and shouting during the ‘’debate’’!

    He was trying to get Biden infected.

    1. Now we know why Trump was screaming and shouting during the ‘’debate’’!

      He was trying to get Biden infected.

    2. Go ahead. Bet your chips on that.
      The man caught covid and he will be symptomatic because he’s old and according to doctors obese plus he eats unbalanced according to USDA food chart!
      Whether he weathers the storm or not that’s up to God.

    1. @David Hale Trump is SO grateful for you guys. You’ve changed SO many minds. Thanks to you, his poll numbers and chances of re-election are getting lower, and lower, and lower. Keep up your exercise in futility, we find it MOST amusing.

  3. I calL BS
    He claim to have covid19, but it’s just another plot to get out of the hole he was in
    No debates, more sympathy.
    I’m sure the “vaccine” will work like a miracle!
    An agenda for sure, he will has a speedy recovery and nothing but the “sniffles” to prove all of the “dems” he was right from the get go.

    1. He may have it…what’s surprising is how long it took. I hope this at least give pause to people who still thinks it’s a hoax.

    2. @Helene Flamand The sad fact is that we now must wait to discover if this is just another lie or a REAL hoax. Can’t bla.e the Dems now. Itz all Hope Hick’s fault…

  4. They really need to qualify the jobs report. Some of the jobs added are just people going back to their same jobs before covid

    Its not newly *created* jobs.

    True jobs are actually down since 45 took office

    1. @Hank Felder
      I didn’t say it was “doing well” I said it had recovered. You know, from the crash? Remember that part? Holy crap, can no one read anymore?

    2. @Hank Felder
      OK, sorry, but it seemed like a rebuttal. It gets harder and harder to tell friend from foe. Be Well.

  5. Just give him bleach, Lysol, betadine, 99% alcohol, a tanning bed… whatever…
    Just feel sorry for those people(except for those stupid Trump supporters) who might get it from him.
    But he might be working(for once) on his fighting Covid Plan, starting the Grand “herd immunity” Project.

    1. But those getting it from him are trump supporters…who hangs around trump supporters? Other supporters.

  6. “I have the corona. No one has ever had the corona better than I have. Big beautiful corona. Many people are saying that no one could have gotten such an amazing corona like this before. If this corona weren’t my daughter, I’d want to date it.”

    1. @Flavien if he dies, it won’t be from covid. it will be he’s really old, he’s obese, he’s out of shape, he’s probably got heart problems and diabetes. nobody dies from covid, right? it’s always some other factor. like nobody ever dies from a gunshot wound, it’s always from the massive blood loss.

    1. @Robert Clarke nope because the Senate was to partisan to even hear witnesses. Imagine if he would have been convicted we probably could have saved 100000+ lives by taking this pandemic/ now endemic seriously.

  7. We wouldn’t have had Job Losses
    in the First Place, if Trump Actually
    Worked to Contain Corona Virus,
    instead of Golfing in February……

    1. Trump catching covid19 is a lie to cover up The encouragement of white supremacists to “stand by” and Trump refused to step down when he loses the election which puts our democracy in peril , don’t forget the facts for the lies

    1. @Bill , Huh? Trump mocks Joe Biden for wearing a mask while refusing to do so himself 99% of the time.

    2. For Trump and many in the White House that said the virus was a Hoax, and “down played” the virus and Trump said “It is what it is” when told how many Americans had died from the virus, to now have the virus … I will be attended Church services on Sunday, because this is some biblical pay back “Irony is wasted on the stupid” Oscar Wilde; “In politics, stupidity is not a handicap.”
      Napoleon Bonaparte; “Stupidity is the same as evil if you judge by the results.” Margaret Atwood

    3. He has been very sympathetic…at the same time, he understands that a broken economy hurts and even kills more people. Stop being such a child.

  8. Trumps Tomb Stone. ” We Only Have One Case Of Covid In The US And It’s Being Taken Care Of”.
    Melania’s Tomb Stone ” I Don’t Care”.

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