Maroons & Cops in Standoff | PAHO to the Rescue | TVJ Midday News - August 12 2021 1

Maroons & Cops in Standoff | PAHO to the Rescue | TVJ Midday News – August 12 2021

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    1. If the ganja is being traded between some maroons and criminals then the police has a right to intervene

    2. @Beauty Business Essentials I hope that’s not the case. Please don’t imply that all JCF members are committing extortion.

    3. This is not about any ganga! …. This is happening because the government want to mine bauxite in Cockpit Country
      Thereby destroying the soil…. Leave the Maroons! leave Cockpit Country which by the way provides 40% of clean water to Jamaica…
      Every Jamaican should be standing with the Chief!

    4. @Rolando Walcott I didn’t say all however last time in Jamaica I was pulled over for speeding I asked for a ticket instead 2 officers begged me lunch money

  1. The Rastas should join with the Maroons to defend the cockpit country….I’m over 65 yrs old and from a boy Police has no right to go on Maroons land if there is a problem they will have to talk with the Chief….Now are they trying to change the law without paperwork….hmmmm..I guess everything goes in Jamaica…Just look at the Rasta younglady that claims the police cut her Locks why such long it’s cut and dry no wonder Crimes cannot be solved I JA,My Opinion.

  2. The JCF have enough unsolved murders in JA plus the trimming of Rasta to sort out instead stir up another maroons war .Why ?? for the Chinese to root up JA.??

    1. Jamaica has a real problem with drugs for guns trade any massive illegal growing operations must be found. Jamaica has a massive trade deal with China similar to many Latin American and African nations.

  3. We all know that Jamaicans still spend their money a obeah man, duppy and Anancy stories is still popular with many Jamaican it’s gonna be an uphill climb to them vaccinated.

  4. China want the land. Somebody wants to take that property. It was never an issue before and now it’s a problem.

    1. I didn’t hear anything about china’s involvement in this. Some of these lands are protected from development from the government, private sector and maroon alike.

  5. All i can say that Jamaica is really a disgrace with murder every minute of the day it’s a ugly look

  6. Wonder what else the police will come in the news for im sure its not fighting crime that much im positive about.

  7. This SSp Lindsay and the Minister of national security needs to go and make themselves acquainted with the Treaty that Cudjoe signed with the British in 1738. These people are say they are educated but how can they when you do something as stupid as this, just what is the objective?

  8. Them don’t need no approval to plant them weed nuh reserve lands. Police Need to go look fi criminal and leave the people alone

  9. Me a tell you this government going to fall bad if dem don’t leave the maroon alone we ancestors a turn

  10. Another thing, yall just a bully in the country and being bullied by the bigger guys. How u have country’s deporting people into your country that has never been on Jamaican soil, them born a foreign and a make them deport them to Jamaica, this is crazy but then again, its all about the money u guys getting…We the people need to stand up for each other and fight for the rights and I mean everyone.

  11. An so happy you guys are doing this everything dem want when rich people a plant it no police go to there place

  12. We have so much things happening in Jamaica right now that needs attention why would the government want to stir up a war with a people that has been dormant for so long. Instead of tying of trying to start a war with these people,why not come together with the chief and help him to get certain modern stuff up there like running water in the community work with chief.

    1. The last time me check my road couldn’t fix until all members in the zone were paying their taxes. Just saying and then asking, who was the treaty with again?

  13. King of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, and of Jamaica Lord, Defender of the Faith, &c. has by his letters patent, dated February the twenty-fourth, one thousand seven hundred and thirty-eight, in the twelfth year of his reign, granted full power and authority to John Guthrie and Francis Sadler, Esquires, to negotiate and finally conclude a treaty of peace and friendship with the aforesaid Captain Cudjoe, and the rest of his captains, adherents, and others his men; they mutually, sincerely, and amicably, have agreed to the following articles:

    First, That all hostilities shall cease on both sides for ever.

  14. We have one of the most corrupt police officers in Jamaica this government is the worst we have seen so far

  15. Babylon leave the Maroons alone and go look your own!

    Mr. Justice Minister please take my shot of the vaccine, mi no want it.

    The e-learning plan has been in the pipe lines many year ago, from 2006.

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