Mary Trump Believes Her Uncle allowed people ‘to be their worst selves’ 1

Mary Trump Believes Her Uncle allowed people ‘to be their worst selves’

Mary Trump, a clinical psychologist and niece of former President Trump, discusses her newest book “The Reckoning” where she writes about America’s collective historic trauma and how it enabled the rise of Trump as well as right wing extremism
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  1. Mary Lea Trump climbed a better mountaintop of an “ American Patriot.” She has shown constant sagacity and she is right. “Former Guy” must be held “ACCOUNTABLE.”

    1. @Ryan Strasser who cares if you went to school with her? How could you possibly know of her real heart decades later?

      Your comments about her being middle – aged (pot, meet kettle) and acting like all she’s doing is venting betray you. Choose your words more wisely if you want to come off “cultured” and “educated.” You only sound like a snob and a fool.

      Look at the wording you decided to use. Then, ask yourself why anyone should respect what you have to say?

    2. @TheCandiceWang Well, I kept clear of her in school, but like I said ‘not the horse’s mouth’… from a friend of hers.

      And the educated/cultured is not a piece of clothing – a facade – it has to do with what you are privy to… for instance, you might not understand it, but Trump grudgingly respects her. Merely because people of wealth, have to deal with sycophants. Yes men. This person resents a man who chose not to pal around with the ivy league set – in hopes of acceptance. Which I assure you, from experience, doesn’t work like that. So, she displaces consequence of her foolish decision – against a different ‘route’ – all the while, still craving that acceptance.

      I was a fool. And I can admit it. But I also learn from mistakes. I went route of humility – back when even disability didn’t prevent being pushed into homelessness. Recovery from the ‘unjust’ time, now makes me feel it was good.

      Hard to be a snob when working minimum wage to make sure to have medication. I assure you. In the same, the experience with culture at all ‘levels’ is a gift. (being cultured)

    1. @CTB 2021 sorry but trump is in the bible. All signs say he is the beast. You didn’t know all the predictions have been developing as proven facts. The conquerer, puppet, loser, lawless one, one man army, no one can stop him. Says all this and more clues that match only trump .

    2. @Scahoni so why can’t the fools find any verifiable concrete evidence? Evidence that stands up in court.

    1. I’m from Germany and my coworker and also good friend now is from Syria. He is a very good database developer and programmer. The management of our company therefore sees it very differently to “Brian Jones”

    2. @Brian Jones Actually, multiculturalism can work. It’s a matter of us choosing to look past our basebrain reptilian impulses of who or what is socially acceptable or unacceptable. No culture’s ways of sizing up another’s worth of personhood is error-free, not even the host culture of the immigrants. Yes, that includes (even well outside racial/ethnic matters) mainstream White American society’s prevailing ways of ajudging people of high worth or low worth.

    3. @J B you still forgot plenty of other stuff: the weird, the weak, the timid/scared, the stupid, the incompetent, the “un-aesthetic” if that’s a word (each one whether real or perceived). In fact, any nitpicky, non-character aspects of another’s personhood he finds irritating, annoying, or otherwise inconvenient to deal with (in two words “uncool traits”).

    4. @Brian Jones trump was a low life opportunistic bottom feeder long before he ran for President. He was a lying con man when he thought of running for POTUS as a Democrat. Only a mark for a scam would fall for his bull.

    1. @Brian Jones And most ignorant people are Republicans just look at pretty much every red state and the COVID numbers.

    1. Mary Trump is a bitter & angry person because she was not included in any of the wealth of the Trump empire … now she uses her hate to bash Trump.
      She was always the outcast of the family & will die a Bitter, lonely & poor woman

    2. @Honest Landru — In my opinion, to be an outcast of “the Trump empire” is not a thing of dishonor.

  2. Trump didn’t “allow” them to be their worst selves, he actively encouraged and applauded them.

    1. Lol. No people did that on their own. But I guess you will blame all of your shortcomings on others as well. Typical

    2. @sweldon *BLM* within itself did nothing wrong. People within the *BLM* did some crazy crap. Just as Trump supporters are not all stupid or bad for trusting Trump but tgere were some of his supporters who were *Boys* and *Proud* of it. It is not wrong for a group of people who have been treated horribly over the last 300 or so years to finally say *”WE’RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT, NO WE’RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT, WE’RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE”* if whites were treated badly in America I am sure they would say the same thing. I know my people were not to thrilled when the Pilgrims came here and stole the land out from under our feet after we welcomed them from their *JOURNEY* with *OPEN ARMS.*

  3. They display their “worst self” daily because of the lingering soreness of losing a national election.

    1. They display their worst selves daily bcuz
      1) they are receiving large amts of money
      2) they can , they have not been checked – let alone punished

    2. By insisting on being immature bad losers, TFG and his inner circle have put their selfishness and greed above the security and stability of the other 330 million.

    1. @Don Hardcastle That’s nice. In the meantime, the Republican party has withered down to being only 24% of the total electorate. That’s not a winning number.

  4. It is difficult to heal a country when 30% of them are focused on maximizing the horrifying death count from a pandemic they continue to fuel even into our schools trying to educate our children safely.

    1. We once incarcerated thousands of Japanese Americans after Pearl Harbor in the OFF chance they were “confused.” MAGAts are not “confused.”

    2. And that’s exactly a part of why I’m leaving this country and never coming back. This isn’t America anymore. It’s a third world shithole where the people come LAST. All the hate, indifference, division, violence, racism, stupidity, ignorance, cheating, lieing, backstabbing, breaking laws, committing crimes, collution, corruption, and more. I’ve had it.

    3. @Christopher Watson I agree, it does feel hopeless at times . . . . many many times. I certainly wouldn’t judge you if you left, but keep in mind, your country does need you. Sometimes it’s the darkest just before the light. And there really are more good, empathic, intelligent, kind, generous people than there are haters, deniers, and tRumpians. We need to keep fighting for democracy AND a better political system, where there is so much corruption on both sides of the aisle. BUT, if you do go . . . . where would you go?

    4. @Christopher Watson well by all means! Go! You’d like Russia! They have a last bastion of white Supremacist autocracy going on.

    1. @BCK the stupid award goes to people like you who believe her she’s a list and a known liar ,she’s just trying to earn money of her uncle’s name and dumb people believe her,fact is ,trump didn’t collude with big tech to silence people,trump’s not the one trying to break the 2 nd amendment and take your guns away ,trump’s not the one that left the southern border open endangering american lives,who knows how many terrorist have entered the country and are plotting attacks against us Right now,trump’s not the one that just pulled troops out of afghanistan and left thousands of americans stranded maybe to die ,you better take another look at the big potato you put in the white house that has no clue what’s going on in the world or how to handle it!

    2. @Shawn Silliman She’s coming from the position of her profession, not criticizing as a family member. Anyone who’s gone through therapy for family dysfunction knows that ultimately, the truth is born out, difficult and painful but it holds sway.

    3. @Aliza Kessler If she’s miserable, it’s because through her uncle’s perversions, the family has been brought to disgrace. His marriages, his sons, his father. his mistress – all being put under the spotlight to find causes for his errant behaviors, not blame.

    1. @Warren Parker what does Hunter Biden have to do with anything happening right now; Biden has been in office for over 200 days now and you’re still bringing up his son; who, as far as I know, hasn’t even been on TV or doing interviews?

    2. @Warren Parker we called your orange man orange because he is still orange to this day.

      We called him dumb because he went on live tv and hinted that injecting yourself with Clorox will cure the disease he said didn’t exist.

      We called him a threat because he held MASKLESS rallies during a pandemic with no foreseeable end.

      We call him a mob boss because he gives instructions without giving direct instructions; the few times he has given direct instructions there’s a paper trail and it’s all being traced back to him.

      You mention Hunter Biden as a way to make our PRESIDENT look bad.


    3. @Warren Parker we called your orange man orange because he is still orange to this day.

      We called him dumb because he went on live tv and hinted that injecting yourself with Clorox will cure the disease he said didn’t exist.

      We called him a threat because he held MASKLESS rallies during a pandemic with no foreseeable end.

      We call him a mob boss because he gives instructions without giving direct instructions; the few times he has given direct instructions there’s a paper trail and it’s all being traced back to him.

      You mention Hunter Biden as a way to make our PRESIDENT look bad.


    4. @Warren Parker explain to me; how trump golfed twice as much as Obama; when Obama was in office twice as long.

      Your pick was as useless as they come, big talker, and all your republican minds were so easily manipulated. You all should be ashamed.

    5. @Cratreaux I hope you are proud of your brain dead and useless vice president. Inflation is up murders are up gas prices are up dependent on foreign oil again and thanks to his stupidity on Afghanistan the United states has no credibility in the world .

    1. “Everything Trump touches dies.” (Rick Wilson) That will be the preeminent quotation from this period of American history.

    1. He would allow it to burn even if only to create enough chaos to shift focus from his issues under investigation, as well as to facilitate the handing of a few wasp nests to the new administration.

  5. The “stand back and stand by” debate comment was a premeditated and rehearsed line. We need to understand how that came to be.

    1. We have approximately 170,000 words in the English language…..Trump had to pick those four ?? What a coincidence !!

    2. It seemed like the moderator set him up for it. She asked him if he would take this opportunity to tell the proud boys, to “stand down”.
      If that wasn’t a pre-scripted set up line for his “stand back & stand by” response, then it was an astonishing coincidence.
      A little TOO astonishing, if you ask me.

    3. @Carl Deithorn I don’t think it was set up. He just is that deranged, off his rocker, and unhinged. If you watch a lot of his old shows on “The Apprentice” he was like this all the time, got worse over the years. Each year toward the end he made less sense, sounded more like a dementia patient (I say that with love for those suffering. They can’t be potus, though). Most who knew him before never thought he was more than just a boob, but he came from the most perfect set of storms to build into the most terrifying danger when given access.

      Monstrous level of Insecurity like his, never truly being loved by his father, develops the most stunted and deranged brain that defies even other poster children for this effect.

    1. Yes. It takes great courage knowing what sort of “creatures” Mary is standing up to. Bless and protect her.

    2. Agreed but she’s preaching to the choir. America must deal with our racism and hatred and the blaming immigrants when we are all immigrants! We must demand that our needs are met, problems solved, and justice is applied even to rich white men.

    3. Mary validates and help make clear as to what we are dealing with. Mary Trump and Alexander Vindman should be recognized as bright spots within a long dark hopeless storm.

  6. I wish that some good politician would have the intelligence, courage and intellectual strength of Mary! She is making America stronger!

    1. Everyone that has stood and tried are no longer with the living for a reason. There are ppl that really just want to keep the world cold.

    1. Democrats y’all are sleeping behind the wheel while one man is destroying the country.WAKE UP because this man will not stop untill he completely destroy the country .y’all are the government do something now DONALD TRUMP is hungry for power and will do whatever it takes to get it.this man is a criminal with one agenda that is by any means possible.while y’all are talking about dormoracy this clown is taking over the country with lies and will continue to do so because y’all allowing him to.get this criminal behind bars.The only way to defeat his lies and his evil is to become like him.fight fire with fire

    2. @baby jay. The Republicans are Neo-Fascist Corporatists and have been since Reagan. The Democrats are Straussian Corporatists. Their ” Bipartisanship ” is just a Corporate pseudo-Democracy in disguise. Both are de facto dictatorships.

  7. It’s hard to believe that a woman as hugely intelligent and insightful as this comes from the same gene pool that created Trump or any of his embarassing offspring.

    1. @Judy Corso and trying so hard to heal from family trauma and insisting on breaking the cycle of abuse, neglect that her family fosters. Good for her. It is only this kind of character that will win out one day, and I have seen time and time again why these with such character end up so much better adjusted.

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