Mary Trump: Congress Must Bar Donald Trump From Holding Office Again | The Last Word | MSNBC 1

Mary Trump: Congress Must Bar Donald Trump From Holding Office Again | The Last Word | MSNBC


Ahead of Donald Trump’s second Senate impeachment trial, Mary Trump says, “Congress needs to make it clear Donald is never eligible to run for office ever again.” She tells Lawrence O’Donnell prohibiting her uncle from running for president in 2024 will eliminate a major platform “and that will do all of us a lot of good.” Aired on 01/19/2021.
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Mary Trump: Congress Must Bar Donald Trump From Holding Office Again | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. Love Mary Trump She needs to be a regular commentator! She’s always spot on! Trump wanted to go to war with Iran before he left office !! She said it would get worse and don’t be shocked

  2. When “Congress” is being run by the GOP they simply do not care who is in office, so long as they can push through their agenda

    1. @Tim Smith i’m not, nor have, nor will ever be in Congress. But if you are referring to the dems, nope, they don’t have the same size cahoonas to run roughshod when in power

    2. Democrats had the guts to impeach trump the first time, but our republican led Senate acted like a bunch of scared hens and voted not to. Now they’ve lost the presidency and their majority in the Senate. Viva Mas.

  3. I seriously doubt if he even knows or respects what under oath means since he is delirious about the some 30,000+ lies he has told, oath and lie means he swears to tell the farthest thing from the truth.

  4. So far she has been proven right on all she predicted about her Uncle; originally I did not take her seriously and now I listen carefully to all she states.

    1. the entire family under Fred Trump has felt the repercussions of his cruel and sadistic personality in addition to his narcissism

  5. He’s in perpetual denial. Can’t wait until he realizes he can’t even get qualified lawyers!
    Now we can watch him NOT be the puppet master!

    1. Aurum Xau
      Did you know about Earth when you were in your mum’s womb?
      There’s a cup because someone made it
      In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth
      For God so loved the world that he gave his only son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life
      Jesus is King
      You are a person born to be loved
      God bless you

    2. @Gags Double J i agree. God answered the prayers of the nation’s patriots.

      The prince of lies is finally off his throne. The idolaters have lost a pedestal for their fat gold cow.

    3. I love how she isn’t making this up. You can tell by the tone of her voice and her body language she has nothing to hide.

  6. One can hope that he is shunned by his so called friends in Florida it will be interesting to see who wants to play golf with him.

  7. There really should just be a rule that if you’re impeached you can’t run again. Maybe a sub clause that says especially if you’re impeached twice.

    1. Makes no sense. Anybody can be’ impeached. It would be the end of democracy. Is it so hard to convict him?????

    2. But it is the same as an indictment. There is enough evidence to be brought to a trial. Then, If you are found not guilty then your’e not guilty. period. That said, I think they have enough for a conviction. Let’s see if they have the courage to do the right thing.

  8. It’s especially galling, after snubbing his nose and flipping us “the finger,” to think of him just walking away

  9. “I cheat at golf, I cheat at business & I cheat on my wife. You got a problem with that?” ~ DJT, while golfing & cheating

  10. Trump told everyone ” I’m really rich” when he began his tenure for president. This will be evidence in court

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