1. @Kteka Hey don’t leave out the part where the ignoramus had the bible upside down. Surprised he didn’t catch fire.

    2. @Alisa Laska yeah CDC talked about zombie apocalypse on their website. .GOV!

      And you believing em.

    3. @Lee Morton Did Trump put too many minorities in jobs for you,
      Was it Obama that got factories to come back to the US,
      Was it ODumba that shut down the southern border ?
      Put tariffs on China ?
      Made other countries pay their fare share
      Stopped using our sons and daughters as a police force in the middle east
      Did the millions that got off of welfare disappoint you
      Too many minorities able to buy houses and cars too much for you ?
      Did he wave his magic wand and made jobs available upset you ? Youll remember ODUMBO said those jobs would never return
      Did the Lowest number of mass shootings disappoint you … Except for democrat run Chicago and New York

      Just to bring up a few …if you want more let me know

  1. 4:20 ” he does have charisma ! ???? ”’ even psychopaths, demented mental people, most all criminals, think ”’ very highly of themselves”’ to quote George Carlin…

    1. That is true about psychopaths. As someone who spent over 20 years working in the mental health field, I know that these individuals are mostly very intelligent and are often very charming. They know how to manipulate people and use their charisma to do evil things. Unspeakable evil things. Beware of them! Be VERY wary of them!!

    2. Charisma is very often a characteristic of narcissists – they’ll charm and entertain you so long as you go along with their world view.

    3. @Lisa May I agree, almost all politicians, especially the squad, are crazy. And it is sociopathic, not psychopathic. Bunch of people that have never taken a psych class commenting in here.

    4. Your right everything bad is Orange man’s fault! The failure and mass murders in Afghanistan today Trump’s fault…..derp derp what does it take for you to realize your just a dumb puppet for the rich?

  2. executive privilege for the intention of a coup. If oke, he USA and their laws/judges would be acting strange.

    1. Many ages ago a blue lady veiled in black wings banished a naked red man from Heaven. The red man made a place for himself called Hell. In Heaven the blue lady with stars in her eyes is sad and dwells in the hallway where many doors hold many of those who sleep in peace and content. In Hell the red man with the void in his eyes is happy and dwells among bodies where many sleep claustrophobically and uncomfortably. The blue lady said, “People call me Yin and call my brother Yang”.

      What has been seen cannot be unseen.

  3. ” there may be more rain and storm and we should be better tied with the president “

  4. The Executive Branch protects the Executive Branch regardless…..For future Presidents…..That would trigger Congress to enact legislation to curb Executive power……

  5. admission of guilt is what the threat of an executive privilege block looks like. blocking something that could prove that your guilty or not is not a good look if your not guilty.

    1. @Lawlzinator im not a democrat not even an american. just calling it like i see it. trump was saying for months if he lost the election than he was cheated and that it was rigged. the reason he lost is because he lost that it and thats all hes admitted before the election that he doesnt take losing well and obviously he hasnt taken losing gracefully has he.

    2. @Lawlzinator you didn’t even type that with any conviction, how are you supposed to come across with any conviction? LOL

    3. @Lawlzinator From the same folks who bleat “if you have nothing to hide, let us see!” but are fine with Trump trying to shield everything from his tax returns to documents and phone records related to Jan. 6th. lol

    1. @Gina Hill honestly when do you people stop blowing hot air? The freaking FBI has said there was NO EVIDENCE of an insurrection. Can we stop this bs narrative and focus on real issues?

  6. Here’s clue by four for the ex-president. You don’t HAVE Executive privilege. You are NOT the executive. You are an historical personage, and your documents belong to the American people.

    1. Lol sweet professor we will get that right over to him!
      Meanwhile back in reality mass murders of us troops in Afghanistan today.
      Biden destroys NATO, the currency, public schools, your right to vote, your right to sue, your gun rights, your free speech ohh wait no ignore that orange man bad all his fault.
      Our multi billion dollar media monopoly that buys it’s competition and censors it’s political opponents is totally liberal and not Facists. As long as you don’t know what anything means and look no place else for information it’s all good

    2. These kids don’t have critical thinking, civics or free thinking taught to them in school anymore. You grew up in the cold war and should know better

  7. Executive privilege?
    Does he not realize he doesn’t have that anymore?
    He’s a private citizen just like the rest of us he doesn’t get a free get out of jail card anymore.
    Let him sink deep

  8. He should have NO RIGHTS NOW!! He abused them and has Lost them since he Lost the LEGITIMATE ELECTION!!

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