Mary Trump On Donald Trump’s Racist Rhetoric: ‘Not Just Ridiculous, It’s Dangerous’ | The Last Word

Mary Trump On Donald Trump’s Racist Rhetoric: ‘Not Just Ridiculous, It’s Dangerous’ | The Last Word 1


After Donald Trump claimed he was the least racist person in the debate hall during the campaign’s final debate, his niece Mary Trump says “the only people who say things like that are always the most racist person in the room.” She tells Lawrence O’Donnell despite Donald Trump’s denials, there are “a lot of incredibly racist people in this country who understand that Donald has their backs.” Aired on 10/24/2020.
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Mary Trump On Donald Trump’s Racist Rhetoric: ‘Not Just Ridiculous, It’s Dangerous’ | The Last Word

80 Comments on "Mary Trump On Donald Trump’s Racist Rhetoric: ‘Not Just Ridiculous, It’s Dangerous’ | The Last Word"

  1. sinnieleeonUtube | October 24, 2020 at 12:14 AM | Reply

    I can’t wait for the 4th debate next Tuesday when Mary Trump is the moderator. Donald gonna have a lot of homeworks to do this weekend.

    • Weird that so many folks didn’t realize OP comment is just satirical humor.

    • Jack of all Trades | October 24, 2020 at 6:18 AM | Reply

      next debate will be on 60 minutes on Sunday. I heard it went horrible for Trump lol

    • @Tim Smith Just like Trump not recognizing Biden’s sarcastically calling him “Abraham Lincoln”. I only learned AFTER once Trump had become president that there are people who are abjectly incapable of registering sarcasm, satire, or subtext. They lack a capacity for ‘abstract thought’ which is why, I guess. Abstract thought being the ability to consider/imagine the “why nots, what ifs, and suppositions” of any given thing; the gray area between B&W.

    • @Dixon Cider Yes, sarcasm like the bleach comment. Rolling my eyes.

    • I kept saying Demo need to hire her as a campaign manager. she knows Donald more than anyone.

  2. To give the audience credit in 2016 when he said he got along beautifully with women he got along better with them than anyone no one had done more for women than him everyone laughed. You could hear it.

  3. Michael Ulbricht | October 24, 2020 at 12:17 AM | Reply

    If you’re not a racist, then you do not have to proclaim that you’re not a racist. It would be very easy to tell racist groups you don’t support them. Vote ByeDon/Harris

    • @Liz Chelle I’m aware of Biden’s comments and don’t support them. What about you? Do support all of Trump’s comments?

    • Actually u do now it’s called being white in 2020

    • David Dorn's life matters | October 24, 2020 at 10:29 PM | Reply

      ​@Starshine ‘If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black’. This is a statement from Joe Biden that is solely race based. Now can you give one thing that Trump said that is race based?

    • @David Dorn’s life matters I don’t play fetch; especially with people who lack any objectivity when it comes to Trump and race. If you’re a Trump supporter, you know his track record on race and either you share it or it’s not a deal breaker. Enough said. Now read my post to Liz Chelle again and found someone else to entertain you.

    • David Dorn's life matters | October 24, 2020 at 11:04 PM | Reply

      @Starshine My objectivity is that you can’t accuse someone of racism without proof that the person’s action or attitude is SOLELY race based. Just because a person’s action doesn’t benefit certain group or certain criticism doesn’t play into the rhetorics of identity politics, it doesn’t mean racism.

  4. Donald Trump is more Dangerous than Covid 19
    👉VOTE HIM OUT!!!

    • @argusone 2nd, not 3rd 😂😂😂 Those people are gifted with stupidity

    • Books Bags Blooms | October 24, 2020 at 7:02 PM | Reply

      @Patrick Tolman thanks but pretty sure I’m not. I have been working alongside President Trump’s followers and I know exactly what kind of group of people they are, their views, their backgrounds. I completely understand. 💙🌀💙🌀🦋💙🌀💙🌀🦋💙🌀💙🌀🦋

    • @Books Bags Blooms It’s frustrating how Trump supporters “know” we’re being brainwashed, just like we “know” they’re being brainwashed.😉 Nothing they say will change our votes, just like nothing we say will change their votes… 🤷🏼‍♀️It is what it is.
      That being said…🗳️ Vote BIDEN-HARRIS! 👍

    • Books Bags Blooms | October 24, 2020 at 7:50 PM | Reply

      @Suzy Q exactly, I’m kind of sad though , but like I said, I do completely understand why they do what they do. Stay safe 💙💙💙💎💎💎

    • @Books Bags Blooms You too, my friend!✌️💜

  5. Racism doesn’t have a measurement. You are or your not.
    He are. lol 😂

  6. Men Build too Many Walls and Not enough Bridges are considered as Racist..

  7. Wow…they keep deleting my posts! Truth no good…vote a blue wave!

    • President Biden | October 24, 2020 at 5:53 AM | Reply

      @3 stages of meditation America is dying because of the media. It’s absolutely terrifying and beautiful at the same time.

    • Patrick Tolman | October 24, 2020 at 12:41 PM | Reply

      They caught BurismaHunter, ChinaBiden and Obummer selling out America to China! Rotten flag burning cop killing rioting dumbocrats!💩💩💩🇨🇳🇨🇳👎

    • @Patrick Tolman If in the future you will meet the orange monkey make sure that none of your family will be with you! I’m only reminding you that he is a p++++ grabber 😂😂😂 Such a 💩 you are

    • @Patrick Tolman you need to go

    • I did say how shameful republicans can be to support someone that ripped 545 children out of the arms of their parents and for the last three years they have sat on a cement floor with blankets supervised by security.
      We don’t allow that kind of abuse here in America. But they also thought sexually assaulting 26 women and rapping a thirteen year old was ok. And I suppose if you see a woman you like…just grab her by the p*ssy.

  8. Trump: “I’m the least racist bigot you will ever meet.”

    • @gregory garner White people “hating” other White people isn’t racism. That just people of the same race having different views on a number of different subjects.

    • @gregory garner If more than one person calls you racist maybe you should take a look at yourself and your behavior. Maybe they see something in you that you can’t or won’t see in yourself. Just sayin.

    • gregory garner | October 24, 2020 at 4:00 PM | Reply

      @Starshine That’s just the point…there’s NOTHING to the word…you guys have cheapened it to the point where it’s white noise…Once EVERYTHING is racist, NOTHING is…Adults understand this…time for liberals to do so, as well….but that won’t happen, because you people have profited so heavily through tossing the accusation around…You know that many white people will go down on their knees at the mere HINT of being called a bigot…so long as it’s working, you won’t change…

    • gregory garner | October 24, 2020 at 4:04 PM | Reply

      @StarshineThat’s not what I said, of course…what I meant was that white liberals use race as a means of having leverage on other whites…This is their way of looking down on other white people…anyone who doesn’t grovel to minorities is immediately labelled a bigot…As I said, it has much more to do with whites despising other whites than the minorities, themselves…Liberals are the most vile, toxic of people….they are the enemy of all things decent. And race is one element of their strategy that they have worn out, and will CONTINUE to wear out, til it stops working…

    • @gregory garner “You people” and “You guys.”?? Wow! You don’t see yourself and likely never will.

  9. I never had to tell somebody I am not a racist, because they know I am not, and I am politically active in that. But everyone who told me they aren’t racists, in my view, happen to be obvious racists. Quite franky

    • Yep. It’s the usual ‘compensating for deficiencies’. Anyone good or bad at something doesn’t need to say it, their skills, talent, intelligence, athleticism, experience, actions will speak for them. Same with attributes: a girl who constantly tells everyone how “hot” she is; a guy bragging about how much “tail” he gets; a country-folk politician from a small town in Alabama who vehemently fights against LBGTQ rights despite having _”never met”_ one in his life — all compensating.

    • So true! It’s a case of “thou protests too much, me thinks.”

  10. Trump – “Im the least racist person on this side of my wall”. 😆😆😆

  11. Each individual vote is precious now. Vote safely but VOTE VOTE VOTE!!! Let’s get this troll out of the White House.

  12. Michael Humphrey | October 24, 2020 at 12:41 AM | Reply

    Here’s a question: why say you’re the least racist person in the room when you literally said “Good” to the fact that you deliberately destroyed families at the border forever?

    • I agree! Why did no one pick up on that? I had to rewind to make sure i heard him right. What a despicable human being.

    • President Biden | October 24, 2020 at 4:05 PM | Reply

      @Dee Cee no, we didn’t build the cages, Trump did it. C’mon, man.

    • I am so glad somebody else caught that

    • @President Biden First, I just voted for you.. I will say during the debate you had a chance to refute that and said…. “Go On” to the moderator.. You should have made that clear during the election. Trump asked you over and over… WHO built the cages.. We did not build the cages. You response made me believe you built them but it was for the families.. NOT the children

    • @woss yeah.. at times it was a bit spotty

  13. One more week to go!! Mary is the only glimmer of hope to come from the horrific Dump dynasty. I pray good prevails over evil, truth over lie, fact over fiction, and science over opinion. Please let us restore our democracy and reclaim it from this con artist and imposter POTUS.

  14. Hermann Goering: “I’m the least racist person in these Nuremberg trials.” 😄

    • @Richard Barry You are living in an alternate world. Take your blinkers off and smell the coffee.

    • @Richard Barry Richard, learn some damned history. One of Hitler’s main goals was to destroy to Bolshevism… know….blipping communism and to a lesser degree socialism. Other than increasing living space for Germans, wanting to destroy communists was why Germany invaded the Soviet Union in 1941.

      Too often people confuse the “socialism” the Nazis used with actual socialism. Nazis were fascists.

      Ironically after WWII East Gernany was a communist country.

      Do you want to know why so many capitalist companies incorporate in Delaware? Joe Biden.

    • You literally are the only leftist who thought that was funny.

    • No one believes the lies about Hitler and the “nazis” anymore.
      You people sound as nutty as flat earth people! 😂😂😂

    • @Mosley Oswald They still love the Russia narrative. Now that is reallllly worn out.

  15. anthony miller | October 24, 2020 at 12:55 AM | Reply

    Dear people it’s instructive to note that Trump the pathological liar, speaks in opposites. When he said at the final debate that he was the least racist person in the room – what that translates to is that Trump was the most racist person in the room

  16. ‘Least racist’ is a completely different claim to ‘not racist’.

  17. She needs to be on every day with her own segment.

  18. The least racist still means he’s racist just not that much in his opinion.

  19. He literally admitted that he’s a racist.

  20. philpott kentucky | October 24, 2020 at 3:21 AM | Reply

    really, he doesn’t even care about white people; they’re just tools to be used by him.

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