Mary Trump On Why She Wrote Her Book: ‘I Needed To Take A Leap’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC


    1. @JoeNasr123
      I don’t think he cares one whit.
      He doesn’t want to be President and has no clue about what it means.
      He is delusional and paranoid and a sociopath.
      He thinks he owns the USA.

    2. Donald’s Department of “Justice” (wink wink) under Donald’s puppet and hangman William “Freisler” Barr is trying to block Michael Cohen’s explosive tell-all by sending him to jail for refusing to give up his freedom of speech and sign a gag agreement not to publish a book. Wake up America!

    1. @Don Hardcastle Or maybe, because I have witnessed my country already burning first hand for the past 3 1/2 years and am tired of it.

    2. @Don Hardcastle Why such superiority from these Progressives, they denounce anyone who holds a different view as a moron!? Guess the concept of hypocrisy fled with their belief in democracy…..

  1. Mary didn’t think t’rump was going to win. Heck, even t’rump never thought he’d win either.
    136,000 dead Americans later…

    1. @Inf7cted They cannot control enough doctors, pathologists or coroners to make your conspiracy stick.

    2. @Inf7cted Do you gave proof of what you’re claiming? Truth is, many of the actual numbers have been held back, or never reported in the first place.

  2. 3LD and Mary ; THANKS! Yes! ALL who have supported him $$$$$$$$ must be held accountable. $$$$$

  3. Mary Trump’s book is just further proof that Trump is highly damaged psychology and is mentally unfit to lead the country let alone one overwhelmed with social chaos and a growing pandemic 🧐🤔

    1. Thanh mia. Have you heard of Mary Trump before?? What would she write a book at this time?? She’s an angry woman something to do with the grandfather is will. She is a liar insecure. Pathetic

    2. @Lala Lyons who cares if we’ve heard of her before, she’s a psychologist with a PhD. You don’t have to be famous, or been “heard of” to write a credible book. And being and insecure liar seems to run in the family!

  4. Kudos to this lady for her courage. It must not have been easy. Many will say she did it for money and I am okay with it as long as truth is told. Let capitalism do its thing.

    1. She was screwed out of the family inheritance, so it’s perfectly fine for her to seek recompense with this book. Of course, the main reason for the book is to get the truth out.

    1. Musicpuzzle Yes!!! We need our own Nuremberg trials for all the trump Cult Members ( And, yes, we know who everyone of them is….).

  5. Mary is just confirming what I have known since the beginning of Trump’s presidency. He obviously hid it from the wider public his whole life and then when it was on center stage it was there for the world to see. I started to take a lot of notice when I was scared about Kim Jong Un and WWIII. That died down thank god but now we have the pandemic and Black Lives Matter and we see that he is totally unfit in every possible way to lead this country. The only way we can come out of this pandemic is for true leadership from the federal government and we are never going to get that from this government.

  6. Much respect to Mary for telling sharing the truth with the world about her family. She just may be the only Trump in the family that’s not poisoned by greed and power.

  7. It’s good to see a sane Trump. The tragedy in her tale is only exceeded by her ultimate believability!

  8. Can you imagine having an uncle who is president of the free world and totally disgusted by it. Too be born into a family that loves money more than each other. So sad.

  9. His enablers are just using him for their own nefarious purposes. 100%. He has no real idea what he’s doing day to day.

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