1. Trump sending secret police to Democrat run states is a tactic ripped right out of Putin’s playbook..

    1. @Adi-LMNOP Democratic run states support republican states with tax dollars, google it! So it’s the republican run states that are poorly run because democratic states have to support them!

    2. @From the 508 Brockton ma – You do realize that “antifa” stands for *”Anti-Fascist”,* right?? So can we all assume that if you are AGAINST any anti-fascist protesters, *_that you are IN FACT in favor of a Fascist government??_* If that’s the case, *_you are one sick anti-American bastard who doesn’t deserve to live in the country, especially given the thousands of Veterans who gave their lives to fight for your rights and freedoms._* YOU SIMPLY DON’T DESERVE TO HAVE ANY *”RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS”* IF YOU’RE GOING TO SUPPORT A HITLER WANNABE LIKE tRump, the fuckwad. If THAT’S the kind of country YOU WANT TO LIVE IN, move to Russia, China, or N. Korea, you ungrateful bastard.

    3. @From the 508 Brockton ma The communist supporters of Trump and Putin are trying to keep Trump elected!!

    4. @Li pov Yaj You must not understand what fascism is. Considering its the Democrats cancelling everything, removing books and film, suppressing free speech, mobbing and attacking people and business in mass, and on and on.

    5. @Average Joe No one that works hard and made a career for themselves would ever vote Democrat. Why would I, a hard working American, want to give away 80% of my income to support low income, lazy, and ignorant losers who refuse to work? Democrats have proven they are the party of socialism, which is completely against the hard working people and the only people who favor socialism are lazy losers who want everything while offering nothing.

  2. Trump’s campaign manager is a felon.
    His deputy campaign manager is a felon.
    His national security advisor is a felon.
    His foreign policy advisor is a felon.
    His personal lawyer is a felon.
    His long time advisor is a felon.

    It’s not a campaign, it’s a criminal enterprise.

    1. The entire Democratic Party received a free pass under Obama while Obama prosecuted lawful whistleblowers like General Flynn with the media, FvEyes, CIA, DIA, NSA,IRS, State, Treasury, Congress, DNC and DOJ. Here Obama is lying for 8 years about unconstitutional, unlawful spying and nothing has happened to because Democrats actually believe he is above the law. The lack of equal protection under the law is criminal and staggering with Obama bending over backwards to protect his cronies from justice. Trump’s campaign was dealing with Obama’s petty ego, worse than Nixon’s and criminal behavior which broke the law to try to get an impeachment because of a Democratic campaign promise. https://thehill.com/opinion/white-house/434054-the-damning-proof-of-innocence-that-fbi-likely-withheld-in-russian-probe

    2. @Wet Porridge Boy did you choose a very appropriate handle. It exactly describes your brain. Amazing!

    3. @From the 508 Brockton ma Freedom of speech certainly is not fascist. That’s why Trump tries to silence everyone who comes forward about him.

    1. @diane frady In 1927 , Fred Trump used the same lawyer as the Klansmen , after he was arrested . Around 1965-1970 he was refusing to rent to qualified blacks , although that is not the word he used to describe them . Fred used a rather nastier term , right in front of Donald , who said not a word .

    2. @Oldan Slo he was arrested twice in New York for Klan activities..PUBLIC RECORD…He was an actual card carrying member..but your a kneeler for Satan’s spawn DJT so you never want to hear the truth..so why ask for proof???

  3. The world will hopefully sometime get rid of a virus.
    USA will hopefully sometime get rid of two viruses.

    1. Doug H 🙄 That’s the “best” you can come up with!? 🤣😅🤣😂😅🤣🤣😂👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 Ridiculous!!

    2. Lauren Piliero Trump has always been a lifelong Democrat, he turned into a fake Republican in order to get a job where he has Grifted with impunity from our country! What are you talking about?

    3. It’s BIGLY ppl, this Virus, will be Gone come November…
      I’m so hoping,
      “It”puts up, much Resistance…

    1. Nothing I’ve heard or read or seen of Trump in the past four years has surprised me in the least. Not one thing. Nor have I ever heard a single revelation about the man that is at all exculpatory or redeeming. The only thing that has surprised me in the Trump years is the GOP, who I despised well before his election, but whose depravity runs deeper than even I ever imagined. For instance, I could never have believed in 2015 that the entire GOP congress would stand by and silently watch 100s of thousands of Americans die for fear of a mean tweet.

    1. Under President Trump’s leadership, Congress passed historic tax cuts and relief for hard-working Americans. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act:

      Is the first major tax reform signed in 30 years. 

      Provided tax relief for 82% of middle-class families.

      Doubled the Child Tax Credit proving an additional $1,000 per child in tax relief for working parents.

      Nearly doubled the standard deduction, a change that simplified the tax filing process for millions of Americans.

      Cut taxes for small business by 20%, providing $415 billion in tax relief for small business owners.

      Alleviated the tax burden on over 500 companies. who used those savings to fund bonuses, wage increases for 4.8 million workers.

      Spurred new investments into the American economy, after it was passed businesses invested $482 billion into new American projects.

      Repealed Obamacare’s burdensome individual mandate.

      Made U.S. companies competitive on the world stage, lowering the corporate tax rate from one of the highest in the industrialized world (35%) to 21%. 

      U.S. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth has soared under President Trump, topping 3% in 4 quarters under his administration.

      2018 annual GDP growth was 2.9%

      In the first quarter of 2019 GDP growth was 3.1%

      President Trump is unleashing economic growth and jobs. Since his election, the Trump administration’s pro-growth policies have generated 6 million new jobs, the unemployment rate has fallen to its lowest point in 50 years, and wages have grown at more than 3% for 10 months in a row.

      The manufacturing industry created nearly half a million new jobs.

      625,000 new construction jobs have been created since President Trump took office. 

      Hispanic, Asian and African American unemployment rates have all reached record lows under President Trump.

      There are more than a million more job openings than unemployed persons in the U.S.

  4. *FACT:* _Trump insisted that the last five questions of his dementia test were “very hard.”_

    1. @ღSwnsasyღ _


      “Elephants come in Caramel now…; well gee, I never heard of such a thing, nobody ever knew that you could get caramel Heffalumps…!”

      (Jokularis jokulii…, riffing on confabulation ; see “Irony” & also “Sardonicism”…!).

      Such is Life,

      Have a good one…

      Stay safe.


      Ciao !

    2. The “35” questions test Trump is referring to is actually 30 questions. No wonder nobody can answer the last 5 questions except for Don the Con who answered 5 imaginary questions.

  5. Most of Trump’s followers, like him, either don’t have the attention span and/or can’t read.

  6. If Daddy trained Donnie to be a sociopath then he trained him to be a racist as he had been in the KKK.

    1. R Patrick Holguin ; Who in the hell left you out of the Mental Ward ? Do you go running down the streets yelling ; The Russians are coming, The Russians are coming…You crackpot

    2. Susan Caldwell : Biden has Pedo problems and can’t keep his grubby hands off of children. Just asked N.A.M.B.L.A. Nancy Pelosi

    3. @Evangeline Straub Russian bot go back home to Putin!! Lock Trump up, Lock Trump up, Lock Trump up!!!

    1. @Liliana Quintero actually donald trump betrayed her and her family years ago. trump doesn’t even care about you and YOU still support him. I feel sorry for you 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♀️

    1. She’s doing this out of the goodness of her heart before the election. She was shunned by the family. Money grabbing b*tch.

  7. When Mr. “very stable genius” will be out of office, not just the US will celebrate, but the whole world❗❗❗

  8. We MUST save our country. It’s up to US the people. We MUST get this person out of office in Nov!

    1. You will be destroying this country if you vote for Biden. Voting for Democrats means violence and destruction of property is OK. Look at Seattle. Do you want to have high paying jobs in the future or do you want socialism? Do you want freedom or do you want slavery? Vote Democrat if you want to doom this country and your future.

  9. Mary Trump is an extremely intelligent, considerate and perceptive woman. Thank God someone in this crime family is normal. It’s a major credit to her that she is.

  10. A doctor simply has to really ask 1st, why he is bragging about “acing” a dementia test. 2nd, It is not an intelligence test, should we not seriously inquire why his physicians believe he needs to be tested for dementia? Our head of state is being tested for dementia and he is bragging about it. Did I miss something?

    1. It’s probably the only test he has ever taken and passed. To him this would be earth shattering and why he is bragging about it. Furthermore, for the first time he couldn’t pay someone to take the test for him.

    2. I had to pee in a cup and they said they had never seen anyone pee in a cup so perfectly, they said it was beautiful

    3. @El Tigre All seniors are checked yearly for basic alertness and orientation however the length of the test is not in depth Psychological testing is usually more in depth and lengthy. Complete assessments as to judgement and cognition etc by psychologists.

  11. Biden must win by a landslide so that Trump can’t rig another win.. At the rate that he’s going, this shouldn’t even be an issue. I’m still hoping for a resignation.

    1. Pay closely attention remember Bush was loosing & Bam 911 happen to allow him to stay in office…Keep your eyes open

    2. @TrumpVirus-19 Democrat’s reasonings that contradict their logic :
      “People are dying of covid and the president is not doing anything” And (Trump has increased the testing for covid and supplied all the needed ventilators for all the states in need.)

      But when violence are surging in the Democratic run cities where protest here and there, Black on Black shootings, establishments burning, people’s store are being robbed…they’ll say “we dont need the president’s help” ..and all Trump wants is for law and order back to those cities. Trump 2020

    1. It’s all a con the tramp can’t be trusted it’s a con all tramps grew up to be cons,, it’s a con job😆😆

    2. Mary Trump supported Hillary, she is a registered Democrat, she lost an inheritance battle against Donald Trump, and she is selling a book to people who will believe anything she says with no proof required. It is ridiculous to think that she has any credibility at all.

    3. @Over It you nailed it! Smh….did he say wee wee boy?! Yep that’s a Trump supporter! 😂😂

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