1. Donald Trump is so upset that there’s so much tea on him. He needs to stop acting up because everybody knows that he is very scandalous

  2. How sad it must be to be a Trump supporter Believing that Scientists, Scholars, teachers, economists and Journalists have devoted their entire lives to deceiving you, while a reality TV star with decades of fraud and documented lying is your only beacon of truth and honesty.

    1. @All lies Wake up And Trump says the truth does not matter. I can invent the facts and make people believe in them.

    2. @Mike Hall Really. How sad your party is to glorify racists and slavers. Must make you feel proud of your confederate aligned party.

    1. Frank Paya I refuse to reply to your post because it is utterly moronic. Now move along on back to your trailer park.

    2. Doug H why is everything about Trump a “hoax” and a “witch hunt”? Aren’t you tired of all this drama and daily chaos and lies?

    1. @David MacLeod thanks David…. Don’t remember asking you tho.. But I’m sure the president will get your message 👌🏾

    2. I dont think hes intelligent. Its more like hes clever at manipulating people, but he isn’t as clever as he thinks he is. His huge and fragile ego is the cause of most of his (and our) problems.

    3. John Balnis Dad why would a Russian bot trash talk Trump? They want him as POTUS. He does everything they ask of him. Remember what went down in Helsinki? Trump took the word of Vladimir Putin over his own Intel, and said he “didnt see why they would” interfere in the election. And now, if there are Russian bots out there, you say they’re gonna throw shade on him? They want him to win.

  3. Not shocked that she said he said racial slurs. Someone who has a father that put one race in Flatbush & one in Coney Island during housing is probably a bigot on some level.

    1. Most of Long Island retailors are just like him who segregated each town in order to keep the property value at an all time high.

    2. YES, Fred Trump & Donald fought tooth & nail on the housing of minorities & loss but still fought. So no surprise.

    3. @Mike Smith She knows she will not make a penny off this book…It will all go to her Greedy Family with Lawsuits for “damages” for exposing what they really are. THAT is what Cheeto is upset about, that someone isn’t threatened by his false Bravado and falling for his threats, especially a woman from his own Family. There will be many Fools who Vote for a Fool, because they have no mind of their own. But those who possess Logic will see deeper into what she has written and see the undertones, that even she hesitated to write about. He knows those who have awakened to his Game and those who have been on the fence about it, will not support him in the next election. So, he may find it even harder , this time, to Bribe the Electoral College with promises of positions and all the perks, since they have seen how others fell for it and were dismissed as they stopped cajoling his Lunacy to get what they wanted.

    4. @Kewachte I don’t think President Trump’s going to waste his time with a lawsuit with her he has more important things to do…

  4. The only criticism of Mary at the moment is that she has betrayed her family. The fact that her family is a pack of treasonous morons though, that makes it ok by me.

    1. Watch how easy it is to expose a whiney idiotic liberal when they try to sound smart while they’re following their brainwashers orders and bitching and complaining about the president… FACTUALLY EXPLAIN, what the president did that is “treasonous”? Or was you just throwing that in there to sound better? 🤣

    2. We gotta do a lot better people. We need to stop wasting our time attacking each other and get this president re-elected. We are absolutely doomed if Biden wins.

    3. Her family betrayed her. My half sister betrayed me after my dad died. I spoke two words to her in 13 years. And that was at a funeral. When she saw me she said it’s been a long time. My words…. It has.

    4. @D ZONE FIREWORKS she’s a damn crybaby..the will was split among freddy Srs LIVING kids…there was nothing about next of kin..freddy jr died and so the inheritance was split with trump and his siblings..and she thinks since her dad died it should’ve gone to her..which it shouldn’t..problem solved..she’s a crybaby

    1. the silent majority is bigger than u think… we will lose our jobs if we openly support our president who has denounced racism and the KKK by name, given us tax cuts and record economic numbers. So we’ll show support with our votes, keep our mouths shut, and keep our jobs:) MAGA!

    2. @Alex Gutierrez denounced KKK? He literally said there were good people on both sides of a racist motivated attack? He is defending confederate statutes who mind you were indeed racists!

    3. Her response shows that she is just another gold digger used by the left to make Donald look bad. Why would a family member be so critical of another if not for money.

  5. It is so bizarre to see an intellectually competent and psychologically stable member of the Trump family. Eloquent and erudite.

  6. Mary Trump is probably the only one in the Trump family, who got her college degree without cheating.

    1. Rob Li really and you believe her, i think she was paid big big money, i don’t think she’s all there

  7. Donald Trump would spread all kinds of lies to attack anyone that makes him look bad, showing just how insecure he is. I wish more of the Trump family will come out and call him out like this.

    1. Alex Gutierrez yeah you trump supporters live in an alternative universe polls and elections have proven you wrong and not racists your such cowards

    1. Which clinic diagnosed that.. just curious, or is it just 1 of the insults the idiots like to throw around that has no factual bases?

  8. FUNNY unlike his son book, the Republican committee bought Jr’s to help trigger sales to #1 her written book and sales are real.

    1. this is one of the reasons Trump has had issues with women – commonly known on the tabloid talkshow circuit as ”mommy issues”.. the other ”issue’ with his mother has to do with his father: she was there and didn’t do anything..double whammie……….

  9. This lady sounds like she’s telling the truth.
    “Is he a smart one ?” Did Chris have to ask that about a guy who suggests injecting bleach into the body to kill covid 19

    1. @Frank Paya if you have to ask that question, you definitely are a trump supporter and a perfect example of one too! You are embarrassing

    2. In 7/C case Only China knows what’s in store because it’s “was” all about eliminating him since birth (Agenda 21)

    3. Speaking of that why haven’t we heard any updates about disinfectant injection or UV light inside the body? Trump said they were looking into it.

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