Masicka | TVJ Entertainment Report Interview 1

Masicka | TVJ Entertainment Report Interview


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    1. Was a Genasyde fan Fi long butvdi biggest camp ryt now is 4th Genna ,Masicka a jus walk roun pipo studio looking fi a collab

    1. @LEGEND OV BAGO Aidonia fanboy uh suppose 2 knw by now seh uh can reply 2 anybody except mi. Naa guh tell uh bout uh mada 2deh…jus dismiss uhself!

    1. @ThePowerof_ SiLence man fi di mission, top form , I know , darkest time , darkest glass , changes in life , chance , they don’t know , victory , energy , happy fi we , corner , better days , king inna earth , that’s people , heights , living legend , I wish , promise ,greatness,humongous still can tell u at least 5-10 more

    1. @Prince Samuels the bad thing he is lazy,,wish he joined 4th Genna,,he would be far see how intence an Iwatta pass him

    2. @LEGEND OV BAGO intense a I watta pass who dem a do dem thin yes but dem views n subscription nuh the same as masicka as masicka drop a song a ut run the place c the mn get gold a Germany which one a dem artist deh have dat calm down mn

  1. Don’t mention no other artist in Masicka’s interviews again, Masicka is the best Dance Hall Artist rn

    1. Mi a try figure out how certain new artist name bigga than him, specifically her innna foreign but masicka been out longa it funny still cause masicka top 5

  2. Big up Masika you represent yourself well in this interview. Extra big up for the honest at least you give the man himself the glory. Maddest track right now “Different typer”

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