Mask And Vaccine Mandates Come Into Question Amid Rising Covid Cases 1

Mask And Vaccine Mandates Come Into Question Amid Rising Covid Cases


The Delta variant has reached all 50 states, unvaccinated Americans account for nearly all Covid deaths, and cities like Los Angeles and St. Louis are now calling for everyone, including the vaccinated, to mask-up indoors. So with the pandemic still in play, could federal mask mandates and vaccine mandates help? Dr. Nahid Bhadelia and Politico White House reporter Eugene Daniels join American Voices with Alicia Menendez to discuss what mandates for a politicized pandemic could look like.  

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Mask And Vaccine Mandates Come Into Question Amid Rising Covid Cases


    1. Hey Hairy Nosepicker, Trump single-handedly slowed the manufacture of the vaccines by prohibiting the government purchase of them.@Henry Steel

    2. Hey Hairy Nosepicker, Trump did claim to know more than virology scientists at the CDC to their face on video. Trump spent the visit to the CDC misrepresenting the state of coronavirus testing, praising himself, and attacking his critics.
      Trump claimed to understand science better than anyone because his uncle was a scientist.
      @Henry Steel

    3. @Bodin Muschinsky … People will need to ban together. And start forming their own communities to survive….

  1. The government is going to mandate vaccines….while also giving blanket immunity to the vaccine manufacturers?? Nothing wrong here

    1. Government: “We’re going to force you to take this, and if it hurts you, we won’t allow you to sue anyone for more than $3 in damages.”

    1. @Liz R dumbest thing you ever said variants are fckin mutations this is a virus which is known to mutate frequently it’s normal. Being vaccinated won’t stop mutations lmfaoo. Because this virus evolves it only means yearly covid shots to curb spread and sickness. By the way I’ll never get it and I hope many more people continue to fight and refuse this poison

    2. First off, it’s not a vaccine. Secondly, just try to mandate it and see how quick you regret that decision.

    3. @TheDivineHustle Just like all other democrats, your probably uneducated too. It’s okay. Nobody can possibly think any smaller of you.

    4. @Bo Walaszek yes but businesses can’t ask for your medical information. That is the problem. They know it and a lot of Americans know it. Anyone can ask you about your medical info but it can not be a requirement (unless it’s a medical) you work in.

  2. Well… if the media hadn’t exploited the dangers of vaccination for ratings, there wouldn’t be hesitancy.

    1. @PastaOverseer I believed that proper N95 masks had some value. But of course the US had allowed most of our production to be offshored to China, which quietly bought up the world’s supply before the news of COVID got out and they ceased exports, causing a shortage here. I had two N95 masks left over from a painting project, and I wore them in the early months of the outbreak despite the mask shaming at that time. When cloth masks were mandated, I complied on the theory that cloth might protect me from a flying snot ball with my name on it. Once the actual death rates were known, I wore the cloth masks out of good manners. The personal protection was minimal, but I understood that the authorities were really worried about me infecting someone else if I had an asymptomatic case. I am 72 years old, and have not had a symptomatic case to my knowledge in the year and a half of the outbreak. You see, I have an understanding of sepsis and know how diseases are transmitted, and I make my decisions accordingly. I think it is up to me whether I accept the risk versus benefit of a vaccine with only emergency approval.

      Tell me what ‘scientific truths’ you believe, and we can have a conversation.

    2. If we all make the small sacrifice of 2 weeks now, we won’t be asked to give up any more of our Constitutional rights. The government and their media schills promise!

    3. @PastaOverseer what’s untrue? Be specific so I can link you video evidence and articles from your own mainstream media. Everything I’ve said is fact. If you’re scared of this weak coronavirus, buy a hazmat suit for 100 bucks from sportsman’s warehouse or stay away from people. It’s that simple, I owe you nothing and force will not be tolerated. No wonder the government wants to disarm regular folks. That would make compliance with government mandated experimental drugs like they’ve done around the world easy.

    4. @erynlasgalen1949 properly rated filters which would impact the spread of a virus smaller than a red blood cell were not mandatory. The mandates told us to use a bandana, and anything in between. It’s a compliance thing, not to stop a virus. If they wanted to stop the spread they would have condemned the Floyd riots, but instead they only condemned people protesting the lock down orders. So many small businesses destroyed as the megacorporations stay open for everyone to swap money

  3. “How effective would a federal vaccine mandate be?” It’d be incredibly effective…for starting an open rebellion in this country.

    1. Federal mandate is illegal. That’s why they are pushing corporations to force on employees.

    2. Amazing how the Dems all said when Trump was President- they will Not get that vaccine!
      They are calling this a Disease now ? Any real doctor or just a citizen knows the difference between a Disease and a virus!

    3. It will start the civil war we are all waiting for. Right now it is 50/50 right? A good time to start the war.

    4. @Douglas Landfield No, it’s not. The federal government has a lot of extra power during emergency situations, which is what they’re trying to say this is. There are ways they can “legally” force you to take the vaccine, but lots of us would take up arms before that happens.

    1. mRNA vaccines are not experimental and the technology had already existed before this virus. Do some research.

    2. @arich621 They have never been used on humans and were approved using an emergency process that pulls them out of even the Victims Injury Compensation Program, and puts them under the stingier Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program – do some research.

    3. Faith? >95% of the people dying in hospitals from Covid aren’t vaccinated. Science doesn’t require faith, just evidence.

    1. It isn’t legal for the federal government to mandate masks outside of federal property and it’s not legal for them to mandate vaccines either.

    2. Not legal to bus, fly, illegals to states and drop them ( wo notifying states govenment) either, but that doesnt stop them.

  4. Wasn’t this talk all “Conspiracy Theory” months ago? And now look just another “Conspiracy Theory” coming true.

    1. @Metalosopher Trump never once said the word mandate. He said it was up to the people to make the decision. It’s this administration thats trying to mandate an unapproved vaccine.

    2. @Democracy, Dignty, Human Rights! illegal border crossings and federal relocation programs where they are bussing illegal immigrants all over the country should stop immediately. And they won’t c

    3. @Democracy, Dignty, Human Rights! so make those people get vaccinated

      Your rational makes no sense and if we wanna take our chances than that’s up to us

      Is there anyone who wants to be vax’d who is being turned down??

      If it’s the most deadly virus in human history I decide not to get vaccinated how does this affect you?

    4. @Democracy, Dignty, Human Rights! So what is it that sleepy joe and kneepads are doing at our southern border letting all these unvaccinated, covid positive illegals into the country then packing them on planes and busses and shipping them all over the country? Gee, I wonder why all those vaccinated people in DC are catching covid and spreading it around? More stupidity from the left mob. Getbon a plane with cases of beer to dodge their job and run to DC to infect vaccinated people.

  5. Oh yeah, a vaccine that has maimed and killed should be mandatory. That will go over real well. Some people just happen to know the truth about what’s going on.

  6. It’s good to see the amount of dislikes and the amount of people that actually know what’s going on in the comments.

  7. What’s the point of forcing a vaccine when every reason to shut down and wear a mask has been botched?

    1. just a few days ago everyone was reporting on how its the unvaccinated people’s fault. like explicit titles pitting the unvaccinated against the vaccinated

    1. Then don’t. I’m fully vaccinated. So you can’t get me sick and all this drama is behind me. I think I’ll just enjoy watching unvaccinated people die in there own juices.

    2. @Jackson Heathen Yeah maybe the jokes on us but I think the jokes on you, we will see this winter.

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