Masks Are Better Than Any Drug So Far Against COVID-19 | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. …..but they are not “as good” as the measures that really do make a difference
    – stay the f away from others
    – stat the f indoors unless you **absolutely** have to go out
    – stay at least 2m away from other people (again, if you have HAD to go out)
    – don’t touch surfaces outside and, if you have had to, clean them straight afterwards
    – clean objects that you bring home/get delivered
    – clean commonly used surfaces in your home often

    And then……if you have been following those and you STILL need to be outside and you HAVE to be in close contact with others……then wear a mask.

    They are **a** measure but not “the” one that makes the difference by any means.

    1. @T Electronix Pardon me, but I’m 45 years old, and never in my life before this virus have I had to take these measures. I don’t mind being extra careful while we’re dealing with this dumpster fire, but I don’t think I can live the rest of my life hand sanitizing or washing my hands with soap every 10 minutes and throwing my clothes and showering and disinfecting the groceries every time I come home and staying indoors unless I absolutely HAVE to go out and staying 2m away from people unless I HAVE to get close to them. That’s not a normal life.

    2. @BroodallyHonest ‘Pardon’ you but you’ve never been faced with a pandemic of a highly infectious, transmissable-without-symptoms and untratable virus.

    3. @T Electronix Like I said, I’m taking precautions during the pandemic, but not for the rest of my life.

    4. @BroodallyHonest “the rest of my life”

      What a feeble excuse.
      Show where anyone said “for the rest of our lives”

      Jeeez, you really can’t justify your actions.

    5. @T Electronix When you responded to the guy that said that this thing could be around for 50 years, you responded by saying that we should all be doing these things as a matter of course (distancing and not leaving your home) and that we should continue to do so, so that led me to understand that you meant “the rest of my life”.

  2. t’rump supporters: Dems are prolonging the corona because they want to hurt t’rump.
    Everyone: But you are the ones who refuse to wear masks, thus prolonging the corona.
    t’rump supporters: **stares back blankly** Dems are prolonging the corona…
    Everyone: Sigh. 🤷🤦

    1. @Tim Tufan yea, it (the trump ship) sure is sinking fast. he is shafting his supporters with his new mask stance. we won’t go quietly and he is a turn coat. sitting next election out. servitude here we come!

  3. The trouble is Trump has made this political, if you where a mask you’re a Democrat, and if you’re a Republican you where no mask, and believe the Corona virus is no worst than the flu

    1. He said yesterday it’s the sniffles,gone In 1 day in kids. There’s kids who have been on ventilators and are taking months to deal with lingering kidney and lung problems.

  4. Wear a mask. I can’t believe this is still a thing.
    Yes they do work.
    Yes they are an easy way to protect others, and if others wear them too it protects YOU.
    Yes it can be a scary reminder that things are not normal. But it’s the first step back towards a safer normal.
    Mask making is a great community project, companies can retool, jobs can be created, it’s something tangible you can do that will help lessen the impact of the virus. Use cool patterns! Fashion it up!
    WEAR A MASK! It’s the most patriotic thing you can do!

  5. Be a real hero and wear your mask and glasses covering your eyes. Biden 2020. You can only go up from this current administration.

  6. Americans – Listen again to the experts. MASKS help prevent the spread of COVID. Wear it, for your loved ones and yourself.


  8. Time Zones have really gotten weird 2020: Feels like the US adresses the issue of masks like europe did in early march

  9. By safe, they mean that as long as you take a drug with the second, necessary dose, you should be able to tolerate the side effects. By effective, they means that the vaccine produces antibodies in the blood. Whether that will keep some, all, or none of the people from contracting the virus is entirely unknown.

  10. Don’t underestimate the plasma treatment, it could prove to be a huge factor at the end of the day.

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