1. @Two_Heads_Talking Good luck finding “live” woods since anyone who’s good at what they do won’t tolerate this shite.

    2. @Gina Ryan You took one person actions and generalized for the whole company. 😆 Hey you wish my come true and they all leave to see what he is left with…nothing but ashes.

    3. Don’t worry about Elon losing all $44 Billion,
      he’s got a sure bet waiting for him investing in a young crypto company named FTX.

    1. @Brandon Vladovic who cares if they’re paid well? Musk required them to work tons of hours more weekly or quit their jobs, while Musk himself isn’t going to do the same.
      He’s a slave overlord.

    2. @YourAlterEgo yeah, Well Musk’s this kind of hard mentality can only work in china, where workers will work like donkeys but not in US🤔🤔🤔..

    3. To people reading you tube comments: A lot of comments that sound moronic are from people with “no channel content” who joined last week. They are conceivably created en masse – i.e. one person / entity creates a group of them. Then they can answer their own questions and back up their own ideas. Storybook conversations. Or….? How else do you explain the stupidity in some posts?

    4. @Brandon Vladovic lol 😂 yeah you obviously don’t know anything about programming. If you think you can just higher new ppl

    1. @blue kitty This is a good question. It is not a service but Twitter is that go to app for free speech and opinion. I understand that many hate it because it is chaotic. But we have to keep chaotic people in that app so they don’t invade other platforms. We cannot control them so let their rants stay there.

    2. What are the chances that it just vanishes?! … Wishful thinking.

      The whole idea behind computer software is automation.

    1. @Eat the Rich _”Whoever leaves his islamic religion, then kil him”_
      – islame
      _”Whoever leaves his atheist religion then kill him”_
      – atheist religion

    2. Yes actually Musk’s this kind of hard mentality can only work in china, where workers will work like donkeys but not in US🤔🤔🤔

  1. “Losing all of your talent because you have out of touch concepts of working”… that is hardcore. Keep winning Elon.

    1. He couldn’t understand one thing they don’t own twitter if he is willing to give part of twitter they can work but at this stage it’s sinking ship

  2. I worked in tech for 30+ years. When I interviewed for a job and negotiated a salary it was for a 40-hour work week, not 60-80 hours or more. If they wanted me to work overtime they should have to pay me for it. I fixed that problem by working as a contractor instead of a full time employee and got paid for every hour I worked. The hourly rate as a contractor was much higher than the position would be as salaried. My respect for Elon Musk has taking a nose dive. He moved to Austin, TX, where I live and immediately declared himself a Republican. That is so he can get special favors from the Texas Legislature which is majority Republican.

    1. @Danu’s Dragonfly True, actually Musk’s this kind of hard mentality can only work in china, where workers will work like donkeys but not in US🤔🤔🤔

    2. @SEANMCAD,
      I’m not furious. I don’t use Twitter. I’m just saying people need to re-evaluate things, pull their pants up, and decide what is best for them.
      Been there done that early in my software career. I wouldn’t work for a company like Twitter as they burn people out. I’m not into that anymore. I’ll work extra hours to get things done, but when it becomes expected and chronic then I say enough is enough. Life is too short.
      And Elon Musk may be making a mistake and killing the goose that laid the golden egg. Seen that one before.
      High Tech is brutal business, but you have decide how you’re going to navigate it and deal with it. Sometimes you get to a point where you go “Phpft!”, shrug your shoulders, and walk away with your head held up.

    3. Twitter is trending to be GONE in less than a year…. And people with ‘Twitter’ on the Resume ? It’s Toxic, none will get interviews. The faster it vanishes, the better. No one misses ENRON.
      Buying into F T X probably is as good as an idea as buying into the ‘Chief Twit’ !
      Who knew that twitters was a ponzi pyramid ?

  3. Who could of guessed, without proper research firing a large part of the employees, threatening the remaining ones while taking away their benefits could turn out in a drama for a tech company with specific profiles who are already hard to get…

    1. @SEANMCAD A waste 44 Billion to have a hard head man managing a hi tech company which depend on talent employees not the other way around.

    2. Tesla works absurd hours
      Space X works absurd hours
      Elon Musk works absurd hours

      Its not suprising that Elon wants to kill the wine on tap and mindfullness room and have employees put in hard hours at least until all the changes are up and running.
      Its also not a shock that if you want to change the culture and operations of a company, keeping people from the old system around can be problematic.

  4. “Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.” — Friedrich Nietzsche

    Take it to heart, Musk. He’s talking bout you.

    1. Em Because Elon fired these low rat employees you mad?
      Elon fired the Indians at the top too..He had cause..
      Elon was not the one to censored a sitting President of the United States..
      And these people who Elon fired were doing shady bad things on Twitter..
      Using the platform to spread lies and misinformation..
      Using the Platform as a left wing site to prop up their sinister satanic Agenda..
      Who the Hell is Friedrich Nietzsche but an Imp of Satan.A God less man who did not know God..And is Dead in his grave with no life to get..

      Elon taking none of your BS to heart..Cause it means nothing to him..

  5. Most likely what he wants is for employees to work 7 days a week, 10-11 hour work days and never pay them overtime or extra benefits. Every boss or manager I’ve ever had that ever ask for us to work ‘hard core’, wanted us to do it basically for free. I’d leave too if I was in their position.

    1. @Kelly Fehr not at all. The majority of tech companies are in liberal areas. With a majority of the workers liberal. Making the company’s bias. This is proven. And the debate. Social media has giant influence on the population. The company’s need to diversify

    2. @chimmy nguyen Ah… so livin’ amongst liberals makes people liberal. OK then let’s just relocate all them liberals to conservative areas and it’ll go away.

    3. Right. If you’re smart, good at the job, why would you work that long hours for somebody else. If you’re putting that many hours and are competent, better try to start something yourself. He wants smart people that are willing to slave away for him ? Good luck. This is not a start up filled with new grads.

  6. I go to work every day and I give 100% (most days lol occasionally it’s more, occasionally it’s less) but I take pride in what I do and get the job done. However if I ever got an email like that, I’d leave the company immediately. He’s not a good leader and seems to think people will be happy to be corporate slaves solely to work with him. I’m glad people have left him high and dry. #egomaniac

  7. this needs to happen a lot more often. Too many companies think they are the bosses. Consider, if you go and buy petrol, whatever you put in your car you are going to have to pay for, no matter how small amount. So how can an employer think they can steal employees time, I know this happens, I used to work about 80 hours a week for 40 hours pay, too offensive to go into. Have you heard “time is money”, then the relationship of an employee exchanging 1 hour of there time for an agreed rate is equal to an employer exchanging the agreed rate for an hours of time. How often do you go to the doctor and they rush you out of the door, because they are not going to make there million dollars if they spend an extra 5 minutes with you.
    We all need to take a breath and only give employers what they pay for, nothing else, they don’t give anything away

    1. @Idaho Native I shared an experience and the learning that came from that experience that is directly related to the video. This is how we can pass on our learning to others. Perhaps you are an employer who like to rip off it’s staff, thinking they are “your” staff, god mentality.

    2. The Type of Company you describe don’t deserve to survive. Those Employees can move on to Create Great Companies. The Skills are theirs. Without them the Company forced to Close.

    3. @Susan Blakey-Grusing one of those companies was the royal australian navy, where I averaged 70 hours a week, another company was a charity, very large church, and the other was a genuine business, by far the genuine business was the worst.

  8. Honestly, Musk comes across as an absolute nightmare boss, expecting 150% loyalty and work ethic from his employees without giving them anything in return. I keep hearing that the work load was supposed to double but not a word about increased pay, opportunities for promotions or any other sorts of benefits for employees long-term íf they stick through this phase with him. The same employees will also know that they can get another job in a heartbeat, no wonder they’re leaving.

    1. The people who got free lunch and came to work however they felt like good that socialist heaven is done time for a japanese style work ethic.

  9. People don’t like bosses, they like leaders. There are big differences between a Boss and a leader. Elon Musk needs to understand this in order to prevent any further employee exodus from Twitter and any of his other companies. 😎😎😎

    1. @Bhanu Yes, why wouldn’t there be? He’s the richest man in the world with big plans who now controls a huge megaphone. You seriously think there’s a shortage of people? There’s criticism that Musk deserves for some things but to remove the redundant workers who’ve ruined the platform for years isn’t it.

    2. @J D yeah no… only people who can not do their work (no skills) would want to replace them lol. The people who are actually competent coders and engineers would look elsewhere. It’s a high level job with lots of brain power and training required so no one wants to work long hours unless they’re management making 7 figs or a start ups where they get a lot of equity stakes. Smart people are not dumb to slave away without big potential upside.
      You’re talking about the people who can easily land 6 figure gigs. As long as their new job pay 100K+, they would be fine to trade some income to a better work environment.

    3. @J D I know you don’t know anything about programming but….u can’t just hire new ppl to do a job, especially Sr Level positions.

      Which assets mean what, is it ahard fixes or soft fixes??

      Also Musks companies have a rep in the tech world, of being horrible places to work

  10. If you have a Twitter account, DELETE IT. Along with all the employees leaving are the cyber security group. If they have any of your personal info, especially your credit card info, delete all of it and then your account before hackers get your info.

  11. I love how obvious it is that he NEVER intended to actually buy Twitter. The man clearly had no plan whatsoever. He got what he deserved, but I feel terrible for the bottom level guys who thought they had secure careers that got thrown into limbo by a billionaire who doesn’t know when to close his damn mouth

    1. @Roland Lytle But why would they, or even you, be against free speech? Musk is giving beck freedom. Like them or not, but Trump, and Jones, ect… have the actual RIGHT to say whatever they want as much as you have the RIGHT to say whatever you want also. Remember, what happened to them could happen to you. At any time. You don’t have to be Rich to be banned for saying what THEY consider the wrong thing. And a BIG misconception is thinking Dems won’t be banned. A they have also. You just don’t hear about it by design.

    2. @Wynona’s Big Brown Dragon for now. He keeps making bad decisions tho. And can’t produce products that live up to the standards of his own word…*cough cough* cyber truck… He won’t last long now

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