Mass Vaccination Blitz at the National Arena in Jamaica | TVJ News - March 27 2021 1

Mass Vaccination Blitz at the National Arena in Jamaica | TVJ News – March 27 2021


Over 600 seniors registered for today's mass vaccination blitz at the National Arena.

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  1. Look at the amount of people gathered without social distancing, yet in a large Church only 12 persons are permitted.

    1. You have to be mindless to say that the Government is doing a good job to protect us, ITS the other way around. WOW UNTO THOSE WHO CALL EVIL GOOD, AND GOOD EVIL, YOUR EYES WILL BE OPEN SOON BUT BY THEN I GUESS YOU WILL TAKE THE VACCINE TOO, FOR GOD SAKE ITS A SET UP.

    1. Big talk, all those who are taking the VACCINE is starting the real PANDEMIC in our world , they will be spreading the real killer virus place in them, we will all see soon.

    2. Why are we so negative. It’s not the first vaccine and it will not be the last before God comes. All who talking now are vaccinated at a youth age. Not to say nothing can not go wrong with this vaccine but we all behaving like doctors and scientists.

  2. Dwl u say what she say some of them ago dead but a by the own sickness. If you are analyzing that’s why would you want to put a virus in your body

  3. Very sad day how the people will get the second doses when the india grovement stop the voxcene

  4. Who heard what Dr. Bisasor-Mckenzie said? Sounds very similar to what a German health authority figure said regarding post-vaccine deaths among the elderly. Sad.

  5. Man heart desperately wicked..when them say peace and safety then cometh sudden destruction..look to Jesus Christ the author and the finisher of our Faith..dont put your trust in mankind they will fail you.

  6. Good news!…let the illiterate naysayers go without and face the consequences…in this modern time we should embrace breakthrough in science and medicine.

    1. Death cannot be avoided .if it not CORONAVIRUS it is something else. All those of whom are having a problem with people who don’t want to take that should not be ur business just make sure u take yours.

    2. Lion or Zion hope u take yours , modern times have nothing to do with medicine because look how long Cancer is in existence and yet until now a cure cannot be found. U are talking crop

  7. Don’t see 50 people ,,,,,,,,,,so where is the 400??? If they had gotten so much people they would have plaster it all over the news

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