1. @Dark Brandon Rises It shouldn’t be glorified as a virtue and expected to matter more over policies. Btw, name one right that anyone in the LGBT doesn’t have.

    2. @Darksnowman1 It should be celebrated. Queer people have come so far. And in some states same sex couples still can’t get married or adopt, trans people are denied gender-affirming care, and non-binary people are not recognized at all. Also bullying and prejudice are still very rampant, even though that’s not necessarily the lack of a right. If none of those are important to you, then you must look up to the person in you pfp. Know about the pink triangle?

    1. It’s CNN. No way could they be honest. And exactly why would a politician’s orientation be celebrated?

  1. Well you know for some reason I got a funny feeling this is going to cause more tention between both sides🤔

  2. The on-air talent has greatly deteriorated. There’s hardly anyone on-the-air who’s over 50, bald, overweight, or Asian = ratings are everything $$$

  3. Charlie Baker was the best republican I seen in this country. Glad he was here. But we could not allow that man Diehl to win.

    1. Healey is gonna turn our state into a shithole. Her policy is horrible and she will turn Worcester and Boston into the next citywide homeless encampment with drugs flowing through Pittsfield because she’s gonna out the illegal immigrants first and taxes will go up even more cause guess who will be paying for them

  4. This is all Democrats have to offer their voters. “Vote for this person because they are the first (fill in the blank with literally anything)! Such progress!”

    1. @Larry Ferg you are trying to move “forward”
      We are trying to fix the damage you’ve done in pursuing that goal. Every leftist policy unrepealed is a scar on this nation’s back.

    2. @Larry Ferg compared to democrats who wake up thinking Trump should still be the main focus everyday??? Can we get any democrats who’ll actually try to solve real day to day issues

    3. @Larry Ferg oh my goodness she has a vagina, so much progress wow. This feels so far in the future it’s almost a sci-fi situation

  5. Definition of a women please . First time I hear about this specie . According to CNN there is no such thing .

  6. When you listen to these characters speaking…. you realize how divorced from reality and backwards the usa really is.

  7. No one cares about their sexual orientation. Drop it! People care about what they will do for all Americans and not just for their supporters. That’s the key.

  8. oh wow. The first openly Lesbian? That’s so amazing!! I’m smiling ear to ear right now. I’m so happy with the direction this….wait, what were we voting on again? “Firsts” and “impressive resume’s?”
    Are we really distracted this easily?

    1. Its so sad that the break down of a persons journey to get to where they are is either their sexual orientation(which no one should care about) or that they are male or female. It just erases all the hard work they did to get there.

  9. I hope gas hits 20 bucks a gallon and people starve due to inflation. We deserve it at this point when we exploit stroke victims who need rehabilitation for governor. I truly mourn for America

  10. He also doesn’t support that one thing that rhymes with “the shmacks.” That’s the wedge issue on the right

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