Massive Bush Fire on St. Elizabeth | Minimum Wage can Barely Buy Patty – PNP – June 8 2022

Massive Bush Fire on St. Elizabeth | Minimum Wage can Barely Buy Patty - PNP - June 8 2022 1


  1. The minimum wage should be 15,000 thousands a week and that is still too low people need food on them table and not only that Jamaica can plant more things for export because we abroad will buy Jamaicans food

  2. Taxi fare raised two times recently ,minimum wage can’t buy much from long time and now worst if you bring 10,000 to the market I can guaranty when you reach home lots more items needed it’s just rough and tough

  3. this is what the government should be doing instead spending money to provide dinner for some Royal jubilee

  4. so many people have to stand there to give one man one key I only need to see the prime Minister only maybe the MP that is how the covid spread

  5. There was a saying eat what you grow and grow what we eat. How many persons have met that call to navigate the effects of our dependence on imports? A patty was a staple and/or accessible to the poor but not even that isn’t accessible or affordable. Hand to mouth. The government needs to look at the social determinants of health and how best they can assist folks in attaining them.
    Prosperity for one and all and not only for a chosen few

  6. what irks me about Mark Golding is that he’s taken this back to a pointless style of politics where the opposition attacks the government and tries to build public resentment so they can get back to that all important position of power. And if there is one party that is power hungry even within their own ranks its the PNP. How about some comprehensive suggestions on how to improve what you see as incompetence or oversight on the part of the government? Nothing but hot air

    1. No solutions just hot air, the PNP makes the best opposition when they are in control nothing improves except their own accounts. Look at the condition of the roads it’s a disgrace. Jamaica was never ready for self governance the proof is in the pudding.

  7. I hate politics because all of his talking is political it’s not coming from a genuine place. If they all were in the best interest of the people they would sit down at Gordon House and past law that can benefit the Jamaican people.

    1. What you’re saying does not make sense It does not have to sit down with Andrew He already saying it to him so all and you need to do is just do it simple as that But you don’t want to do it you need the money to do camping for election

  8. Marlene is right about changing the bail act, but the attorneys are not thinking saving life, they are thinking about the money they can make from the criminals, by granting them bail.

  9. The people need to plant food you reap what you sow. My parents worked hard we as children held up the hose while my dad sprayed the potatoes we were never hungry.

  10. Everything that Mark golden is saying is what we’re not hearing from the current Administration. The truth is that this man have a common-sense approach and we have a smart leader, his name is mark.

  11. Jamaica was never ready for self governance the proof is in the pudding, I have watched the steady decline and degradation of my beautiful country. It’s a disgrace, just imagine in 1970 our dollar had more value than the United states dollar.

  12. If there’s one thing I hate is to see the green shirt or the red shirt when they’re doing a presentation or just a little event. I hate it!!

  13. True the government don’t care about we poor people food prices are up am from st ann and I am indeed of their help please πŸ™ MPs are the government himself

  14. Why when pnp in power dem never do all these things? Them only know what to do when them is the opposition ..when them ruling them don’t know what to do

  15. Mr opposition leader the people don’t need anymore broken promises,,because in Jamaica the opposition is the best leader y’all known what to say but as soon as the people vote y’all forget what y’all tell the people

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