Massive Road Protest in St. Mary, Jamaica | Police Operation in Westmoreland – Oct 18 2022


  1. I guess if the same demonstration happens there in Jamaica towards the help on the crime issues that makes a lot of difference

  2. Yall should have that same energy towards crime and the government that’s ruining the country not only road

  3. from i born until now jamaicans a protest about road and water and you want to tell me that the government can’t solve that problem omg man

  4. Now if this principal did just listen to the children…
    When will we be more proactive?
    Now the child could have lost her life.
    I hope the Government is doing a general inspection of these schools.. Two in such short time is a need for concern. 😟

  5. St. Mary was once a very rich parish but it is now forgotten by the government as it is not considered a tourist center. Shameful!

  6. St Mary wants justice!! The roads, sorry the craters are awful to drive on! It makes you wonder if people in St Mary don’t pay taxes. Full time the road users get some attention!

  7. i have been living in st mary for 26 yeard now and we have been having water and road problem if rain no fall i dont have water

  8. just have a peaceful protests and embrace the accomplishment of the issue simple we are all loving ppl don’t forget just that sometimes we misunderstood each other and over react just take it humbly and easy

  9. Crime & violence, roads, water the everyday cry of the people. Stop voting for these politicians. Wise up Jamaicans.
    The school needs to give the students some sort of compensation. Speedy recovery girl.

  10. The roads are deplorable, these politicians are unbelievable,we are at fault, we let them get away with this nonsense. Vote them out, people wake up

  11. Finally 😂love it the government of Jamaica don’t care about the roads in the community of Jamaica 🇯🇲 it’s detrimental 😢where’s the love ❤️

  12. The entire Jamaica need to protest. Whether you have a reason to protest or not just protest on someone else’s behalf. We want justice!!!!

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