Math Makes Manchin Voting Rights Compromise Bill An Exercise In Futility 1

Math Makes Manchin Voting Rights Compromise Bill An Exercise In Futility


Rachel Maddow points out that whatever the merits of Senator Joe Manchin's compromise voting rights bill designed to attract bipartisan support, there is no indication that it can be bipartisan to the tune of ten Republican senators, particularly if they follow Mitch McConnell's guidance.
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    1. @BubbaJones You’re just playing semantics. The government makes laws that limit your freedoms to the point they don’t infringe others’. That’s called yielding your freedoms to the government. The individual doesn’t have total freedom except in an anarchist society where there is no government.

    2. @Joshua Carr well that’s really what they want. They want to roll it back to the Wild, Wild West days when the little woman knew her place and every man had his six shooter and made his own laws.

    3. pretty sure he said ‘we dont yield our rights from the government, we have inalienable rights as humans’ (paraphrasing). Which is different to what you are implying. Also, we dont have inalieable rights. Rights do come from the government, but you wont have a president just say that.

    1. @Mami Makala I don’t join parties, I’m an independent buddy. But even a blind man can see the Democrat’s hypocrisy on this one.

    2. @Mami Makala it would be very impractical at this point to cancel Joe manchin. He holds a lot of cards.

    1. @Phong Nguyen Prolly by the end of the month, commie, which will then trigger a domino effect that will end with Trump being in the White House and a BUNCH of other people hanging, getting shot or spending the rest of their lives in prison.
      Then we’re going to bury Chyna FOREVER.
      Should be fun.

    2. LOL Yeah, clearly they are not finding a single ballot out of place, otherwise they’d be screaming it from the rooftops 24/7 on Faux Noise and ONANISM

    3. @The Bitter Truth Pumpkinhead back in the White House. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
      And you don’t think you are deluded.

  1. Bipartisan:
    1. That which is done for show only or in lip service to the people.
    2. That which is done to maintain or increase power and wealth for those that already have power and wealth.

    1. Susan-Unfortunately that does seem the current definition. When you’re right, you’re right!

    2. The democrats just passed Juneteenth as a holiday.

      What a waste of power. Meanwhile, election day is STILL not a national holiday.

    3. I would say making juneteenth a holiday was a good call. It was bipartisan and more than just lip service. We should have done that long ago. As of right now, it doesnt really help anyone, but it crosses something off the checklist

    4. @KayOS Code I am lucky enough to have one of those jobs that gets national holidays off, so, great for me.

      However, the democrats are about as dumb as a bag of hammers, being as election day is STILL NOT a national holiday.

      Of all the things to work on, democrats always shoot themselves in the foot, and work on fringe issues for a very small but vocal minority.

      I vote democrat, because the GOP is full on terrorist at this point.

      However, they simply need to get a spine, and start working on what the majority needs. They got elected, to make real change. Not, simply to check stuff off a list.

    1. Huh? I think it should be up to every self respecting Republican to admit that they are the true Socialists. They get involved with “government” because they’re lazy and they’d like the prestige. They don’t really do anything except keep everybody else from doing anything. So Joe, that’s your schtick I’d say. You want power to obstruct because you don’t believe that government should do anything for its people. Here, let me say it like you would, government should have very limited power. And of course the Confederates would say no power, that the States should have all the power. The point is moot really because of people like you. You see trickle down was the big lie you kept telling everyone, right? You need to feed the powerful so that the crumbs can fall off their tables. Except it didn’t work, they, like you just gobbled up the crumbs. So much for yer government overreach.

    2. yeah too bad for you and Joe that 80% of Repugnantcons in WV SUPPORT HR-1 AND WANT TO GET THE CORRUPTION OUT OF GOVERNMENT

  2. More complete waste of time that leads to nowhere but costs lots and lots of money… the Congress gets to eat and vacation and jet very expensive medical care (while we the people get none of this). Paid to do no good at all. Nice job.

  3. We agee to have an ID, but we want old way to vote instead of easy way for them to steal. And vote in Person

    1. Any photo ID requirement, is a poll tax, and illegal thing, unless the government pays for ALL photo IDs.

  4. If Joe wasn’t the one Democrat standing up for it there would be another one like Cinema from Arizona, they’re just standing back and letting him take the heat.

  5. I just don’t get it. The bill is unconstitutional so why are we wasting time discussing this? Is our attention being intentionally diverted from a different subject?

  6. “He will vote if the Republicans agree to vote “, hmm, we all have known that he’s been a republican in disguise as well as the mole in the Democrat side. Simply put, a traitor

  7. Psalms 37:12-13[12]The wicked plotteth against the just, and gnasheth upon him with his teeth.[13]The Lord shall laugh at him: for he seeth that his day is coming.

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