Matt Gaetz Is Under Federal Investigation For Obstruction Of Justice

Congressman Matt Gaetz is facing a new problem—federal prosecutors are examining whether he obstructed justice during a phone call with a witness in the sex crimes investigation.
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    1. He doesn’t want to stop it, he just tells the right wingers what they want to hear. Like Trump.

    2. It’s funny how the GOP minions scream conspiracies about trafficking while their hairsprayed-goldenboy is doing it right in front of them.

    3. Does Hunter want to do the same but with crack?

      Remember the time he said he smoked parmesan cheese thinking it was crack? Hahahaha

    1. @Bonnie Russell absolutely not true. When front line doctors came to him with proven treatments for Covid. Instead of investigating he called them Placebos. Which resulted in the deaths of thousands. Steroid Budicemides as an example.

    2. @Bonnie Russell sounds like something a sheep would say. I’m sure you got the shot already go ahead get another one drink you some Kool-Aid.

    3. @Bonnie Russell you want to say drink the Kool-Aid did you get a shot or two do you wear a mask? who’s drinking the Kool-Aid.

    1. @Noel Bockholt : Presumably, you don’t have a problem with us discussing the topic of this video then? The fact that Geatz is squalid is beyond question. Even his colleagues were sickened by his sharing nude photos of his, “girlfriends.” And the fact that there is a culture of degeneracy in the GOP is also a fact, coming out of their leader’s mouth, regularly. So, if anyone’s putting them in a box, it’s the GOP themselves. And anyone who stands with them.

    2. @Stephanie Ferraro : You are angry and racist. But, if you can calm down, and pick any ONE topic from your list, I’ll explain why you’re so wrong. As you’re not afraid to do, “research,” I can show you where to get all the facts for yourself. Then you will never trust trump ever again. Too afraid? . . . 🤷‍♂️

    3. @Charlie Foxtrot Selective hearing problems. I see it all the time. & you have tunnel vision too. You might have a brain tumor.

    4. @Ash Roskell When did Bill Clinton change his gender ? You’re sofa king stupid. I never mentioned Hillary.

    1. @Brian Choo nice try cupcake. At least Joe didn’t suggest putting disinfectant into bodies of virus, or call the worldwide pandemic a hoax

    2. @Brian Choo last I heard, Hunter wasn’t an elected official or president.

      …..just sayin’.

    1. “King Spray On”….hysterical.
      And his minions, Hannity, Carlson and Ingraham follow suit. Funny how they so desperately need to be “tan” but hate brown people. Weird.

    1. Well Joy emailed me. She said Matt GAETZ has been a government psyop from the beginning. That’s why he falls under watergate, pizzagate etc.

    1. @MY LITTLE PITBULL I need to give credit where credit is due. Megan McCain of all people came up with that one.

    2. @Joe Shaloom : The Tangerine Trauma is the most apt one I ever heard, but I’ve always been a fan of Mango Mussolini 😉👍

    3. @Donald Stewart : I don’t think so. Not this time. There will be people killed on his Make America Intimidated Again tour. Doubling Down is all he knows . . . They’ll have to put a stop to him, once and for all. It’s inevitable.

    1. Intimidating and coaching his ex girlfriend. Is any living being surprised? Hope she recorded all her calls? What a squalid little sewer the GOP has become. Anyone who’s surprised at how quickly this has happened to this party, wasn’t following them over the years . . . Like Will Smith said about crooked cops, “It’s not that they’re getting worse. It’s just that we’re catching more of them.”

    2. Ithink your right on that..they’re just a bunch of nasty sewer rats.he has been lyin deep state bull hes touting..why is it they would believe anything from this florida FRANKENSTIEN he buys it because that forehead probably gets smacked. ALOT of cash and been out snorting and toking

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