Matt Gaetz speaks out about altercation with GOP congressman

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) speaks out about an altercation with Rep. Mike Rogers (R-AL) on the House floor during one of the votes before Rep. Kevin McCarthy was elected Speaker of the House. #CNN #news


    1. @Tomas Pita Overlords? What is Rupert Murdoch then? Is he an overlord too? Or a Paladin? Sorry, just trying to clear up what you mean?

    2. @Elizabeth Stanley Totally agree, we should all hear their crazy viewpoints and the occasional rational one

    1. @Bitchslapper316 it’s federal and state of Florida.

      Greenberg’s Attorney most recent statement:

      (Scheller said he was shocked that Greenberg’s cooperation hadn’t yet resulted in more prosecutions and that Greenberg has been in communication with federal investigators in the past three months. When asked whether he thought others would be charged with sex crimes, the defense attorney said, “I do.”

      “There should be, and I think part of my frustration is that I have a pretty good insight into the evidence in this case,” Scheller said.)

    1. Because he hasn’t done ANYTHING wrong that’s why…unless you consider getting under the skin of every Lib soy boy in the country illegal.

      Snowflakes gonna whine, it’s inevitable…

  1. Yup, want to see it all ! We the Citizens of the USA pay the salary of these elected government representatives & I want to watch them working .

    1. Unfortunately all anyone would see is a mostly vacant house of representatives, because there is actually very little debate on the floor. Most of the wheeling and dealing goes on behind closed doors.

    2. CNN and the democrats DO not want anyone to watch. Who controlled Congress when for the last decade all these huge UNREAD bills were pushed through with NO debate on the House floor.

  2. I just can’t get the words out that I agree with Gaets so I’ll just say, “I can’t believe that Gaets agrees with me.

    1. No he doesn’t. It’s complete playing down what really took place. He is only saying, what he wants you to think.
      There is nothing more, to it.
      How easily some can quickly become gullible is what’s shocking here.

    1. @Andrew Pinson you cant send people to jail for hurting your fragile feelings or ego, this isnt communist north korea or 18th century Britain

    2. @Vagari Incipiam Rothschild No but it is getting close. Trumped up charges are hurled at people politically all the time and sometimes are done so for hurt feelings by both parties. Groups, politicians and parties throw accusations in the media and on social media all of the time for hurt feelings and ego. And in the US if you piss off the wrong political group you will be defending yourself from going to jail. So it is getting to be a lot like those countries with having government news networks helping out.

    1. Especially one with such high standards, as long as no one ask him anything about his sick pastimes. Pull your heads out America we’ve got ignorant, sick people, con artists and the list goes on and on in the republican house.

  3. One of the most interesting things that were caught on camera was Matt Gaetz having a very pleasant conversation with AOC!!!! I think all of these congresspersons are actually friends and they do a lot of acting and screaming for the cameras.

    1. Watch last nights episode of “TIMCAST IRL”. Gaetz was on for about 2 hours, and he talks about those conversations… before dramatizing and creating a false narrative, try and check out what they have to say for themselves.

    2. So, do you think having more cameras would actually stop interactions such as the one between Gaetz & AOC?

  4. I agree with him on the attendance issue unfortunately as we have seen in the UK the politicians see it as a moment for them to perform for the cameras and they’re just not funny as they seem to think they are and it’s infuriating to see them taking the micky out of the public this way.

    1. @Sean’s Model Builds I remember years ago there was a guy filibustering a bill and it was just him sitting there for like 3 days lol.

  5. One of the most interesting things that were caught on camera was Matt Gaetz having a very pleasant conversation with AOC!!!! I think all of these congresspersons are actually friends and they do a lot of acting and screaming for the cameras.

    1. Interesting moniker. The antimetabole would be amorous:
      “Get into my body — and come fast.”

      Exactly: Politics can be a nasty or a good thing. Strange bedfellows are the makeup of good politicians seeking entry into the cracks, and cleavages, riding the crests of the crestfallen.

    2. @Mike Impressions & Reviews: Real and office politics go hand in hand: Rising to the top of the ingratiating list: The shop stewards sacrificing, shouting and screaming, defending the stultified, scattering the SS’s bread and butter, wouldn’t make sense. It’s all a show of the shop stewards and senators.

    1. You know he’s up to something. He probably wants to use the cameras to get sound bytes on Fox News for propaganda purposes.

  6. That was not an attack or a lunge. The guy leaned in while talking and. Was silenced with a hand over his mouth. Why aren’t news programs interviewing the man who was actually physically assaulted by being grabbed by the face?

  7. Wow!! great interview. gained a lot out of this “cnn” “news” video, stunning. great stuff cnn, unlike 95% of the other “cnn” “news” videos. Well done!!

  8. If this is the only interview of Matt Gaetz one saw, you would think he is a sensible well thought out common sense human.

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