Matt Miller: DOJ Reform Must ‘Fall To Congress’ 1

Matt Miller: DOJ Reform Must ‘Fall To Congress’


Former DOJ chief spokesman Matt Miller discusses how to best reform the U.S. Department of Justice to protect it from interference from a future president. 

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    1. @J N-A more along the lines of the supreme court. But ANY court would be more measured than the clown show that Congress has become.

    2. @Darrin Fry Cool then I’ll take the Warren Court.
      Blame Congress on the lazy voters who have a chance to change things every two years. There are some truly and egregiously stupid people serving in Congress who traffic in conspiracies and dumbassery.

    3. If the President appoints the AG, it isn’t apolitical. The DOJ needs to be removed from the cabinet. Then there is a better chance the DOJ will weigh evidence & not kowtow to the changing whims.

    4. @Josh Kidd exactly! The AG should be selected by the judiciary!
      When the president appoints everyone the risk of a corrupt president is amplified. It’s a stupid system just begging to be abused.

  1. There really needs to be a constitutional amendment to make the justice department much more independent.

    1. That’s a scary thought, I’d prefer more oversight and accountability but that’s probably what you are saying

    2. ​@Harry Johnstone I’m saying it’s dangerous to have them take orders from the President. We’ve all seen how that works out. I agree they need a lot more transparency and accountability in what they are doing. Maybe a panel of judges and citizens could oversee their activities? Not sure.

    3. I think that’s what congressional oversight is supposed to do but it seems they have little authority to correct and enforce rules and norms. It seems that checks & balances worked for a couple hundred years until the ruthless Tea Party took over

  2. Very noble sentiment. But the dysfunction suits one side and the other side is ineffectual so this is like wishing on a star.

    1. Theoretical issue with that premise leads to the universal, age-old notion of which came first, the chicken or the egg. Is one party ineffectual because the other party is dysfunctional, or the other way around…. AND….which is which?

    2. @Raymond Tucker Jr Maybe there’s no causal connection, and they all became schmucks independently of each other.

  3. I remember this from 6th grade: congress WRITES the law, the executive ENFORCES the law, the judiciary INTERPRETS the law. Did something change while I wasn’t looking?

    1. @Raymond Tucker Jr Sir! No apology needed. My comment was not directed to you, but rather to “J-N-A.” Correcting someone or sticking up for oneself needn’t’ be a conceited thing if done properly. You did perfectly. Extra perfectly.

    2. @FactsarenotdirtyFwords Thanks…. But I confess to feeling a sense of satisfaction flipping the script on that fool…felt like I was lording my education over J N-A….but he/she got under my skin. Have a good day.

    3. @FactsarenotdirtyFwords Wow you used Grammerly and found a big word. I’m impressed!
      I’ll bet you rubbed your chin beard and felt clever when you wrote it.

    4. @J N-A Oh I’m a very stable genius. Everyone knows this. People always come up to me and say, Sir….you are so wise. Such a stable genius.” I scratch my beard just to prove that I really am. It is what it is.

  4. What is this, “…face criminal sanctions when they leave office” crap? THROW THEM IN JAIL IMMEDIATELY and PUT THEM ON TRIAL FOR THEIR CRIMES!

    1. @J N-A A civil commitment is a court order for up to six months of inpatient or outpatient mental health treatment. The treatment must take place in the least restrictive setting consistent with the person’s needs.

    2. Agreed. Being in office shouldn’t make yiu immune to the law. If anything it should make you MORE accountable for your actions and you should automatically get the maximum sentencing. If you abuse your power, you need to face the harshest punishments.

    3. @Richard Owens..Absolutely! IF and only if they served with criminality while in office, and continued to do so. AND, there is facts and EVIDENCE to back that up. Physical evidence and collaborating evidence. And in many cases evidence from the EX-President himself in his tweets and on video and audio Republicans had no problem putting Clinton on trial. We demand justice. If that’s something you are not interested in, then perhaps you are in the wrong country.

  5. Since one of our political parties has lost all sense of honor and truth, it now necessary to legislate basic human good behavior.

  6. Oh I thought DOJ can police itself and make reforms just like police are doing now with themselves and not defunding themselves.

  7. They all suffer from Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD). google it. It’s very easy to understand. They know right from wrong, but it helps their little feelings to have acknowledgement.

  8. I find it very hard to believe that trying to overturn an election isn’t against the law but apparently it’s all good, just have to watch out for next time.

    1. Yup, it was news to me too…..and you’re right and I’m gonna pay more attention moving forward.

  9. It’s hard to guard against what a corrupt Executive can do. We saw how easy it was to insulate itself. Appoint sycophantic followers who lie, deny, defy, and deflect. Imagine if Trump had fired Rosen and Republicans had controlled the House in January. We might be in a very different place!

  10. Checks and Balances isn’t bout paying bills and seeing how much you have left.
    The Legislative MUST control the Executive’s abuse of power within the current Constitution

  11. What on earth is the point of Congress devising laws to prevent such malfeasance and corruption as we have seen when they won’t even use the existing laws to charge the crooks now. 500 nobodies have been charged for the Jan 6th insurrection, but not a single person has yet been held to account for the crimes and misdemeanours of the most corrupt administration in living memory.

    1. Because as stated in Godfather 2, the bosses have “buffers”… know, low life’s who aren’t “made men”, therefore expendable…..yup, lots and lots of “buffers”…. necessary for major crime enterprises.

  12. *IMMEDIATE EXECUTIVE Ordered DoJ Special Prosecutor as Promised for SWORN-OATH Jan6 COUP Operatives in Congress, FedAdmin, Pentagon, +LawEnforcement. Also Funders, Organizers +MassMedia Promoters*

  13. “Until Republicans return to reality and become responsible, they should not be trusted with power again.”
    That’s been obvious for some time, the same warning others like me have been advocating, but it’s good that Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney is amplifying that message. More Americans need to understand this.

    The constant lies, denials, deceits, delusions, gaslighting, dog-whistles, crackpot conspiracy theories, projectionism, Whataboutism, bogus victimhood, and hypocrisy of Republicans is disgusting and alarming. The Republican cult has poisoned itself with its own propaganda, choosing to live in a dystopian fascist Orwellian fantasy world. The Republican cult has been radicalized to such extent that it poses a clear and present danger to our society, our democracy, and our country.

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