Matthew Dowd: GOP Is The Party Of Stopping America's Diversity 1

Matthew Dowd: GOP Is The Party Of Stopping America’s Diversity


Discussing Biden signing an anti-Asian hate crimes bill into law, fmr. Bush-Cheney strategist Matthew Dowd explains why he believes the modern Republican Party is all about retaining power for 'white, heterosexual, Christian' men.
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    1. @Ash Roskell Well said, yes, the US is absolutely insane at the moment and likely going to get much worse before it gets better.

    2. Leftist are crazy, but speak your minds I want you to speak. Want to know who the sheep are . Want to know who the brainwashed are. Maybe someday you will see the truth , hope before its to late.

    3. @Ash Roskell The GOP are fascist??? It’s not the GOP calling for an end to: 1) Freedom of speech, 2) Due Process of Law, 3) ownership of private property, 4) controls against hyper regulation and a command economy, 5) restraint against government takeover and ownership of various industries, and etc. These are actually ALL democrat party platform legislative goals aimed at creating a single party socialist state. Are these things not fascistic? If you believe they are not, then you don’t understand fascism.

    1. The bill isn’t a law. It does nothing. Assault is already a crime. You are racist left wing ideologues.

    1. @Ash Roskell – People such as yourself are wholly responsible for the objective losing all faith in the idea of human intelligence. If you’re truly oblivious to the insane projection contained in your post, please get help.

      Oh, and the “deep state” is simply the unelected bureaucracy. Rocket science? No.

    2. The GOP no longer believes in actually governing, just petty bulls***. You have a caucus full of feigned outrage spigots with no defining goals other than to bicker and maybe agree on a marginalized group to cause pain to.

    1. @Vicky P you talk like Democrats haven’t spent the past four years bawling their eyes out and claiming conspiracy theories with Russia and taking every little thing on Trump that they could get because of how salty they were that they lost. even Democrats thought that Trump wasn’t legitimate president what difference does it make if we don’t think Biden is the legitimate president you oh wait you guys are a bunch of Hypocrites

    2. and I do not know his name so I will describe him Caucasian bald with glasses : We should not be divided into groups We should be Americans ( . ) and it leads to neanderthalism , it leads to burn loot and murder or anything else to another to get what they want , and bald Caucasian man you- well all of you know this , put heck it’s worked for you , right . what do you think the genocide in nursing homes was about, how about the things individuals are being put through because of those groups – some have even had all their treasured belongings Stolen …

  1. The simplest, truest headline in awhile.

    This has been and is an obvious calculation by gop for a handful of years now.

    Put simply…duh

    1. Are we shocked that former Confederate states would freak out about the erosion of a white majority? That’s terrifying to them. Especially when they don’t consider anybody whom is naturalised to be a “real American.” They think it is a hostile takeover of “real American values.” It’s asinine. It just shows xenophobia and racism on a huge scale.

    2. Handful??! DECADES! The GQP has been a far-right white supremacist/christian nationalist party ever since the 70’s religious right era!

    3. @Alan Heyes Doubly ironic considering that they are ALL THE SPAWN OF IMMIGRANTS. isn’t it?

    4. @Richard Pierpoint Incredibly so. The Confederate battle flag literally sports a saltire, in honour of Saint Andrew because of their largely Scottish heritage.

    1. @David Guelette Huh? No, I’m saying neither side wants diversity. Democrats want diverse skin color but don’t tolerate dissent. I don’t know what the armed insurrection has to do with anything. I guess you think I’m a trump supporter or something. Next you’ll say I’m a russian or a bot. See? Groupthink. Democrats shout down all dissenting voices

    2. @John Clarke the post was about Hawley, who obviously is working the stop the steal even if we have to burn it down angle.

    3. @David Guelette What does ‘stop the steal’ have to do with his vote against asian hate speech?

  2. If you don’t flow with the changes then you’ll get left behind, Josh Hawley wants to take it back to the Cowboys and Indian days

  3. They either learn to share power or it will be taken away. This cant last much longer.

    1. @Daniel Faraday Republicans had the presidency and both the senate and house previously. Did they share power? No. Did they treat president Obama fairly? No. The Garland justice snub was bs. We opposed the trump tax cuts for the rich and it didn’t matter. How many caucasians run the military, business and government? It is not proportional and unsustainable. South Africa in the usa can not go on forever.

    2. @aardvark Hendricks You can expect us to treat the Biden “presidency” with the same respect you treated Trump’s. Gonna be a long four years….

    3. @Painkiller Jones you arent even American so what do you care? If the Republican party needs to go the way of the whigs, so be it. The Democrats will implement major reforms whether the conservatives like it or not. We will win no matter what.

    1. Biden is nowhere near that coherent, even when trying to read what’s written for him. His best days are behind him and, even then, they were nothing to write home about.

  4. The tasteful sardine temporally raise because hen particularly flower through a wistful place. cautious, wistful act

  5. They should try reporting the facts to find out what’s actually between the cracks, but the blind mouse will always follow the piper.

  6. Wonder how his voters in his district feel. I’m in Missouri but not his district and no one I know wants him in office including me

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