Matthew Dowd Warns Not To ‘Forget What You’ve Been Lied To About’ | Deadline | MSNBC 1

Matthew Dowd Warns Not To ‘Forget What You’ve Been Lied To About’ | Deadline | MSNBC


Amid the winter storm crisis in Texas, founder of Country Over Party Matthew Dowd and former Texas Congressman Beto O’Rourke remark on the importance of electing leaders with integrity who will deliver honesty to their constituents. Aired on 02/17/2021.
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Matthew Dowd Warns Not To ‘Forget What You’ve Been Lied To About’ | Deadline | MSNBC


    1. Exactly. I get not trusting government, to an extent- but why the F do they trust people with a profit motive more than government??

  1. Deregulation caused this problem. Utilities only care about their bottom line. They don’t care if you freeze your bottom line until it turns blue. Turn your state BLUE.

    1. @Lifeis Good Yeah, if their states are really failing to the extent you think they are, why are most blue states paying for red states and their welfare?

    2. @Lifeis Good Failing? Faux news! The so called “blue states” have the best economies, best educated populace, most diverse populations. and their taxes subsidize the poorest (mostly red) states. I’m not against that because we should all be helping each other. But blues just get criticized, insulted and lied about constantly and labeled unpatriotic and un American. “Coastal elites”. I’ve been coastal all my life, work hard, actually pay my taxes, am a veteran, and volunteer at a food bank. I’m neither unpatriotic nor un American. we’re all doing less well right now due the pandemic. hopefully we’ll bounce back.

    3. @Ms Linda In TX Dallas, Austin and Houston are all Blue. The rural areas are Red. I don’t disagree that the Red states rely on the Blue states for additional income.

    4. I wanted to move to Texas, but I’m glad I didn’t- especially now. I saw how poorly people are paid for your basic 9-5 job and how groceries, rent, etc. make it difficult to survive! It didn’t make sense to me. I knew the infrastructure was changing to wind power (especially on the coast) but the oil and gas companies aren’t going down without a fight! But we have to make it happen. A lot of Texas is blue but because its so huge the red takes over!

  2. The entire system was not winterized. The natural gas froze! Don’t blame the wind turbines. Iowa, which gets very cold, has many wind farms which provide MOST of the electricity for Iowa. The wind turbines are WInterized in Iowa but not in Texas. None of it is winter ready, in Texas, despite the probability that there would be a Great Cold . It’s happened before and may well happen more often.

    1. Eastern WA has very cold Winters and very hot summers. Lots of wind farms but no problems because they’re weatherized. Same with solar.

  3. If Texas would have elected Beto instead of Cruz, Texas would not be in this situation, learn from your mistakes Texas, Republicans lie to you to make a profit.

    1. I don’t get that one. I agree that Beto would be a far better Senator but he wouldn’t have been able to fix Texas’ power grid in 2 years. That’s a massive job that needs an overhaul of the entire organization controlling the grid.

    2. @soaringvulture El Paso isn’t part of ERCOT, so they not having issues. Beto shows more leadership than any GQP elected officials. Until the radicalized wingnuts don’t return to reality and stop denying science, or that most scientists work tirelessly for the good of mankind. COVID and climate change are real treats but TXGQP, FAUX NEWS and like networks spread disinformation nonstop to their audience and most believe it like . They keep voting against themselves. Cornyn is a worthless senator, doesn’t care for TX and got re-elected with 1M more votes

    1. GOP-Questioning? GOP-Que Moron?
      Plays both ways i guess…
      GOPQ is officially adopted.

  4. How do these Republicans sleep at night with all those lies? The money must be really really good.

  5. Texas republicans: “This is all the windmills fault!!”
    Windmills: “Not again. First it’s cancer and now this?!”

    1. And all because scotland put windmills off shore from fatoranges golf course over there, and he lost the lawsuit he had against scotland. Which fatorange still owes 400,000$ court costs on. So the big baby didnt get his way, and now soft headed republo idiots dont like wind power. You cant make stupid crap like this up!!! Lol

  6. The corruption in Texas state government in monumental. Gerrymandering & self dealing is well known and expected. Thank you Beto!! for trying to bring honesty & integrity. Good luck!

  7. Elections have consequences, and We the People have been screwing ourselves with the people we elect into office for a long long time.

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