Matthew Dowd: We ‘Haven’t Had A President With Empathy In Four Years’ | Deadline | MSNBC 1

Matthew Dowd: We ‘Haven’t Had A President With Empathy In Four Years’ | Deadline | MSNBC


Founder of Country Over Party Matthew Dowd and NBC News correspondent Mike Memoli discuss President Biden’s display of empathy with his visit to Texas in its time of crisis, and how that was missing from the former administration. Aired on 02/26/2021.
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Matthew Dowd: We ‘Haven’t Had A President With Empathy In Four Years’ | Deadline | MSNBC


    1. @William H Music 2020 yeah you Republicans better get on it and let the Democrats pass it already. Or should I say we should just ram it through without you.

    1. @William H Music 2020 I’m going to pray for you. You need to step back from the internet and find a more productive hobby. Its not healthy to look for evil around every corner because you will eventually see anything, anybody and everything as evil. Paranoia is a hellva thing. Just take a week off from all of it.
      Maybe paint a room in your house or buy a puzzle. Just take a break.

    2. @William H Music 2020 Hi William. I’m thinking you must be rich, or maybe just stupid, or probably both.(But definitely stupid).

  1. JOE BIDEN said that he would be president to ALL Americans,
    Not just ONE SIDE , like the last administration.( TRUMP ).

    1. @TheHopetown wrong. Congress impeached him. He should be behind bars. If he were black and had never held office, he would be. And you know it.

    2. @Laura K You rioted all summer, first let’s put you in jail. Your actions land you in jail not your skin color unless Heel Up Harris is the prosecutor.

    3. @TheHopetown trump said we love you, you’re very special to the domestic terrorists that stormed the capitol. JAIL TRUMP! and then we move on.

  2. And just think, he did it without bringing any paper towels. Trump was the President of ‘no moral authority’.

    1. @Devo Well Trump’s OWN sister & niece were saying the EXACT same thing. You people will watch Trump rob a bank & you nut jobs will blame the Democrats for it.

    2. @Wolfman 51 Yeh, you can tell Joe and Jill’s love is deep and real and there’s a profound mutual respect. Trumps fake relationship with his trophy wife was obvious and sad.

    1. @Randy Couch Trump said we love you, you are very special to the domestic terrorists that stormed the capitol.

    2. @Randy Couch It’s about time woot woot! Ya all kidding aside, it is about time to have accessible abortions for those other than evangelical republicans’ mistresses don’t cha think? And as far as sanctuary cities, Biden is just trying to remove the worst of Stephen Miller’s legacy. Did you really think trump was in charge of immigration? And open borders? Do you not realize that Biden stopped the fake border wall construction (trump only completed 15 miles of new wall don’t cha know?) in order to increase funding for more border patrols and protecting jobs? Just sayin’

    1. Yup gotta be proud of biden. Especially when he talked about the children at the pool playing with the hair on his legs. Thats an Awsome story to tell! And all of those photos of him sniffing children. I understand the pride you must feel

    1. Not republican or a Trump supporter… But what I see is smoke and mirrors. People shaping opinions and calling it truth.

      I actually trust it less.

    1. Ironically, nobody empathizes with Trump, his supporters, or people who don’t inherently agree with the left.

      Such empathy is biased.

  3. The biggest tragedy for trump’s character is that he was sandwiched between Obama and Biden,
    both Presidents with enormous credibility and vast amounts of empathy.
    trump, in the middle is a sewer full of hate, incompetence and vulgarity.

    1. @B. T. : WOW ! So anyone who will not fall in line with the democrat / liberal agenda is a troll, and NOT invited ? Do you hear yourself ? What are you ? 15yrs old ? As I said, of all the things I brought up, you addressed NONE of them. This is all on Biden now, and he is building a lengthy list of dissatified people after only 1 month.

  4. To the title … yes I agree and I feel so much better knowing we have a real person in office I sleep better at night I smile more.

    1. It’s like Mexico all over again. Only 5th is time, Texas is having water problems. I hope they get their water fixed as soon as possible.

  5. Has everyone forgotten the tremendous empathy of Obama. Biden is continuing this because he has the same humanity.

    1. No but it’s because they are comparing Joe with his predecessor. Obama seems like a lifetime ago. He is still loved

    2. No one has forgotten Obama’s presidency or his empathy, he was and still is admired and respected around the world unlike Trump, the worst President in American history. Biden is being compared to Trump, who was and still is to this day incapable of feeling empathy as he has ‘narcissistic personality disorder, a classic case. Whereas Biden is a decent, thoughtful and caring man, a big difference on every level.

  6. I think Joe Biden’s bipartisanship might actually be not the political leaders, but citizens.

    Leading on behalf of all citizens, not on behalf of “partisan hacks”.

  7. ‘ Looking for Republican officials for empathy? You’ll never find any. Their devotion is to the wealthy elites and the powerful corporate interests. Their moneyed donors.

    1. I’ve noticed that for the past 4 years, the GOP have dropped their slogan “the party of family values” because they are aware how immoral they are.

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