1. Such an old wise soul he has. The world is a better place with him in it, mostly because he has used his platform for causes that benefit all people. You can hear in his voice and delivery how passionate he feels about this subject, hopefully it won’t fall on deaf ears. Very emotional as a parent listening to this.

    1. ​@Joe56 Ramirez Not weird … wary maybe or maybe I am just too old I remember an actor with the same name being arrested high, naked .. banging on some bongos yelling “F**k Yeah I’m resisting arrest ” … as the police took him away .
      And his movies contain nothing but gun violence if you think about it…Lone star , Newton Boys the Dark Tower and half a dozen more all containing and sensationalizing “Hollywood” gun violence , a bit hypocritical don’t you think ? so before I accept anything from an ACTOR who’s very profession is based on how well he fools others I will not blindly jump on the first bandwagon he pulls in front of me.

    2. @Daniel Durivage Movies and video games are distributed worldwide, but somehow these atrocities are specifically an American problem. His movies are not contributing to the problem and its crazy to not be able to differentiate fiction from reality.

    1. @Jetmir Metaliaj I blame the gun manufacturers who have instilled a sense of fear to gun owners so that they buy these damn assault weapons.

    2. @Jina Ringhofer ah, he was born there, he grew up there, his mother taught at a school about a mile away, and he has family members who still live in this small town. He also has a place there. What precisely do you have to do with this? Nothing whatsoever.

    3. @Friend of Robert Byrd Hollywood and real life or Real DEATH are different. Or dont you understand that.

  2. I am a 42 year old Army veteran. I had my first child 3 years ago. At this point and time I can not imagine letting her go to school with the way things stand now. I do not want the grieve that those parents have. If we have to ban guns, or make it more difficult for people to obtain them I will support. We are losing our children over an object. We are losing our children over a fear that our own government is out to get us. My child is more important than that. Thank you Mr. McConaughey for taking the lead on this. I really hope we get things better before she is old enough for school. I would not be able to bear losing her that way.

    1. @IceTeaZ because just in case you need to teach your kids self defense or home defense that’s why and whether he was 18 or 21 or 23 he still would have did the same thing he did

    2. You know moving could be an option. When I send my 2 kids to school, the last thing I worry about is them losing their lives at the point of a firearm. Many places in this world don’t have this concern, because the likelihood of that kind of tragedy happening to kids in school are about as improbable as the school being leveled by a meteor.

  3. Matthew McConaugher I applaud you sir. I thought after seeing CNN posting this he would have had some heavy anti gun and politcal rhetoric. He delivered a centrist and level headed approach. You humanized the children and their families and even mentioned media sensationalizing of the killers which is something most don’t talk about. You did so well here sir, thank you for bringing your communication skills to the table for this. God knows the country needed this!

    1. @Mel Gillham
      Laws related to guns already exist; their use is circumscribed by age and location – but not sufficiently in the eyes of most people, not sufficiently to prevent or reduce the rampant gun murders of children.
      Passing new laws is clearly not a felony. NY has just raised the age required for owning an AR 15. Rights come with restrictions and responsibilities. You take a test to gain a driving licence, you obey speed limits, you drive on the agreed side of the road, you wear seat belts.

      Spelling edit

    2. @Waking Up
      ‘They stood and fell that we might rise’…

      Who, the small children gunned down in their classrooms? Were they on a battle field?

    3. @Barbara Jones driving is not a right, it’s a privilege, turning a right into license is illegal under Murdock vs Penn. States rights cant go there on the constitution. Or federal charges can be filed. Most people dont know or enforce this.

  4. He’s from Uvalde, and he talked to the parents the following morning after the shooting. He is doing something.

    Thank you for your efforts.

    1. @Joshua Beaumont //”P.S if your idea of collage is that, and they’re currently teaching little kids what college kids should be learning”//

      I’m not from the USA and even I know what CRT is about, I know what teaching inclusivity is about. From your words, I can deduce you probably know neither.

    2. @Marco R ok Marco let your child come spend the day with me then? Bet you’d be crying about my teachings when I teach him to be “American Taliban” the democrats argue it’s not their job to protect kids but they also argue allowing them to be bipolar or gender confused is for their safety? What hypothetical sense does that make? It doesn’t.

    3. @Ketrin Hodgson //”America needs is stop paying people millions and millions for stupid movies.”//

      Watching this unfold (yet again) from afar, I think what the USA needs is gun control, and a well-regulated militia so that US kids are spared. My best friend is a teacher in California. She tells me how often her school is locked down, until the perceived, and sometimes an actual, danger clears, and how often they drill kids on safety measures for when (not if) an armed assailant is inside their school. Originally from rural Michigan, from a conservative staunch Republican party voting family, she has seen how narrow-mindedness, bigotry, and ignorance have made the Republican party toxic. She stopped voting conservative after Dubya. She cannot understand how one can call themselves Christian, hold Christian values, and still vote Republican. Their policies make being a Christian untenable. Or, rather, for a Christian to vote Republican.

      This overpaid actor is making perfect sense. You are not.

    4. @Joshua Beaumont //”let your child come ….for their safety?”//
      Not surprisingly, your reply made absolutely no sense. Strawmanning positions, too.

      Uff. The ignorance is great here.

    5. Like how you waited to reply, did you need your mommy or collage professor to help you? Or think I’d be sleeping by now? “American Taliban” doesn’t sleep 😉

  5. Thank you Mathew from the bottom of my heart for having the strength in your heart to spread the awareness and for bringing the specific individual stories to the Forefront and to the Public. It is much needed. As if we haven’t felt enough – you have made this horrific tragedy hit us harder , and made it feel closer to home, by giving everyone of us a glimpse into the personal lives of these innocent children ,teachers and their Families .This is sincerely appreciated. . I can only offer continuous Prayers and Peace to these strong Families for their loss , for the difficult road ahead and most of all for letting us into their personal grieving lives. I so wish I was not writing this.

    So this is Mathew M. at one of the most influential and most publicly viewed and political podiums – speaking the words that need to be spoken , speaking from his heart , his common sense ,and his intellect AS WELL AS speaking for those whose lives have been devastated .

    He is speaking clearly, concisely , without mincing , these words and feelings ,that need to be heard and felt by everyone of us.

    Bless you Mathew M for speaking for these Children, the Teachers who have been silenced by this violence and for their Families whose only wishes are to have their children’s deaths matter and to make a difference.

    To the Lawmakers on Capitol Hill :
    Honor these deaths by making them Matter , By acting NOW passing Gun Legislature ,. including the protections and more mentioned here into Law – each life that was lost will have made a huge difference in the future of protecting our children – protecting all of us – from such horrific senseless death by gun violence.

    1. Well said, Mary. Those words were the same sentiments for me as I was listening to Matthew speak. Matthew showed more courage and empathy than any of those leaders in Congress and in the Senate that care more about weapons of destruction. How do they sleep at night knowing innocent adults and children are being murdered each and every day at the hands of people who have access to guns that have no self control and dealing with anger and hatred because they don’t love them selves . Truly sad and heartbreaking that hurt people hurt others instead of getting the help they need. God Bless America and God Bless Us All 🙏🙏

  6. Matthew gets it. I hope his words change some hearts and minds so that laws will also change.

  7. After he explained how hard it was to have open caskets for the kids and the reason why ……I broke down with my heart wrenching. It was hard to continue listening but the truth needs to be told. My respect for Matthew for having a backbone to get the word out and sharing the families dreams.

    1. The Flag the Stand the Reason, The Man ( By Steven F. Gooden )


      No trifle  stripe doest grace this Cloth

      Each Band, each strand by blood, no froth


      Whilst noblest battles do rage and grow

      We stay the course for this we know

      No cost for cause tis too much too pay

      When freedom cries this too we pray

      That men will rise,  risk life & Limb

      For, Family, Country but most for HIM


      It’s He who formed us by His Design

      So for His Purpose  keep this in Mind

      All men, no matter how  poor or rich

      Great or not were equally stitched

      Made in His Image, both mind and Soul

      To perform His will for the good of the Whole


      Kneel not for tyranny, in hate or Jest

      Stand up rather, for 2 feet are best

      Stand up give Thanks for those who cant

      Those who’ve died to give voice to rant

      Ever thankful for your rights by blood

      Thus Use it wisely for this they stood


      They stood and fell that we might rise

      Tis Now our turn, our fight to realize

      Freedom’s cost tis always born in strife

      It’s price is life and Sacrifice


      Remember and pause for all those before

      They were first  with less, did more

      This Flag we salute, this idea we cling

      It’s for this idea we stand  and sing


      For No trifle  stripe doest grace this Cloth

      Each Band, each strand from blood, not froth


      Whilst noblest battles do rage and grow

      We stay the course for this we know

      No cost for cause tis too much too pay

      We answer freedom’s cry and  say

      We all will rise, and  risk life & Limb

      For our Family, our Country but most of all for HIM

      but most FOR HIM!


      – Steven F. Gooden

    2. @Bart Massee i found that bizarre.
      How could anyone enjoy playing with one of those things knowing what the cost of its ready availability was and will continue to be. It’s sickening.

  8. As a Texan I have to say I’m very proud that he is from my state. I sincerely hope that he can make an impact with his words. Because there has got to be something that we can do. There needs to be laws and regulations that are sane and serious. We need to stop babies from being slaughtered. PERIOD!

    1. he was poking the idea of running for the governorship of Texas, I don’t think he was dead serious but if he were would you vote for him?

  9. Absolutely a great speech. Matthew McConaughey is shown more poise an grace than any politician that I’ve seen thus far. He obviously doesn’t care of the repercussions some people are going to try to issue upon him. Any politicians watching this who still refused to act are shameful and disgraceful and should be voted out.

    1. Great speech but I fear it would be wasted. I honestly have little optimism when it comes to America solving their gun violence issue. For the simple reason that whatever solution is going to be proposed will likely work “around” the guns instead of working “on the guns”. The guns are just too sacred in America. But hey, I’d be more than happy to be wrong.

  10. Usually when a President talks about Americans that have died or who they have met it feels very politically motivated. A speech that was probably written for them with no emotion when read. That’s directed to former Presidents from either party. McConaughey’s speech was the most genuine and real thing that came from that podium in a very long time. Mental health, family values, American values, setting aside political motivations… It’s going to take someone like Matthew to turn this country around from the divided and tense mess that we are in. If you think that he is being fake then go listen to when Joe Rogan interviewed him in 2020 and he talked about his love for Austin, Texas. The guy has a big heart.

  11. From abroad watching this terrible tragedy, so difficult to understand for those of us who live in countries with gun control laws, I can only say that this is the voice of common sense, of common good, of sanity. May the deaths of children in US schools finally make some sense, may prayers become actions so that someday these speeches will not have to be repeated.

  12. This is heartbreaking. I’m glad I never had kids. I can not imagine the agony and grief these families are absolutely buried under while we sit around and do nothing. Time and time again.

    1. I hope this is only the beginning because we have to insist that our Representatives from both sides of the aisle change the law, stop the sales of these assault weapons and ban them, making them illegal to own. These weapons should only be used for the military.
      These parents should have done, what Emmett Till’s mother did, have glass topped casket, so the world could see the devastation of the AR-15 assault rifles..No one should have access to this assault rifle. . Every representative in Washington DC should have attended the funerals of these children. Maybe then they would wake up.
      Enough is Enough.
      Thank you Matthew
      McConaughey Get the rest of Hollywood to follow you.

  13. God bless these families and may our Father bring them peace and healing. Thank you to the McConaughey family for meeting with victim’s families and taking the appropriate steps to move forward with appropriate gun ownership. Continued prayers for family and friends who have lost loved ones. This is not a political issue it is an American issue that can be resolved when we lead “with humility.”

  14. Powerful! God bless everyone trying to make change. So many people have been impacted by gun violence in this country. We need to do something. It’s imperative that we express our opinions to our lawmakers.

    1. the parents of the shooter, the one to blame. if you raise your kids right way,
      it will be last gun violence.

    2. ​@Link That’s called deflection. The PROBLEM is the easy accessibility of guns and the powerful NRA Gun Lobby in the U.S. They should be forbidden from making ANY and ALL Contributions to any Politician or ANY contributions to anything, period.

  15. This was an extraordinary speech and message. His words could not have been more true, genuine or heartfelt. He made it all so simple and spoke so passionately and elequently..he spoke using so much common sense and reason, something that has been lacking for far too line in this country. THIS is Leadership. THIS is inspiring. THIS is what we need back in this country. Thank you so much Mathew for speaking the words that so badly need to be said. It shouldn’t be so difficult. 💔💔

  16. I knew when this happened that so much would be on his shoulders.

    We are at a crossroads. Patriots such as him make all the difference.

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