Maxfield Residents Protest | Covid Measures – Ending of Nightly Curfew

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  1. I wish Jamaicans find a church to go give God thanks…. not to give God thanks for opening of dancehalls

  2. So millions to open entertainment industry, which is not a bad thing I guess bc ppl can start working again, but wey dem millions Dey come from and ppl still a dead fi hungry? Millions haven’t gotten that “relief fund” all now. Kmt

  3. Get rid a false Queen πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘ tun back her grand boy and his gal slave master time up uno fe pay our slavery money πŸ’° and uno go away

  4. Unnu a glad sah everything open up back now and think say all will be well….unnu soon start ask God fi have mercy upon unnu.

  5. Such a unforgettable bunch! Smh….
    Unu betta plant up whatever u can and buckle up to save and invest unu money. It is definitely not parry time yet!😷

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