Maxime Bernier on Andrew Scheer’s resignation: “Not so surprised”

Maxime Bernier on Andrew Scheer's resignation: "Not so surprised" 1


From CTV News Channel: PPC Leader Maxime Bernier discusses Andrew Scheer's resignation and why he won't run for the Conservative leadership again.

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12 Comments on "Maxime Bernier on Andrew Scheer’s resignation: “Not so surprised”"

  1. Who else loves them 💜

    Im also trynna grow on youtube🎊

  2. Who else loves them 💜

    Im also trynna grow on youtube🎊

  3. I don’t like Bernier’s politics at all but Scheer hiring an operative to run a dirty tricks campaign on Bernier is just wrong.

  4. WEXIT !

  5. Wexit or bust!

  6. The conservative party is dead. They will never win an election again. Demographics is destiny.

    The future is statehood. The Western heartland is leaving. There is no future for Canada. Confederation is dead.

  7. Max should scrap his silly little group and get a real job !
    He is lost ! He searching out 2 % of population.

  8. wish Max had won the election.

  9. MAD MAX!

    not the savior Canada deserves.. but the one we need!

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