Maxime Bernier: PPC is only ‘principled alternative’

Maxime Bernier: PPC is only 'principled alternative' 1


Maxime Bernier says his party is the only 'principled alternative' and is speaking the truth about issues such as immigration and taxation.
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44 Comments on "Maxime Bernier: PPC is only ‘principled alternative’"

  1. Fix the title, they’re PPC not PCP

  2. PCP cannot be a principled alternative since it’s a hell of a drug

  3. He just got asked tougher questions in five minutes than trudeau will face in a 40 day campaign

  4. You have my vote Maxime! Finally someone bold and courageous enough to say it how it is!

  5. Vote Mad Max people’s party of Canada.

  6. Bravo Max! Although attractive that woman is also repellent.

  7. The only qualified candidate of the 4 major parties to be prime minister. Bernier would make a great prime minister and would be a great representative for the country

  8. Im 25, from NS, my girlfriend & I are voting PPC. Whats your age, province & who are you voting!?

  9. Max-imize Canada BERNIER 4 PM

  10. I’d vote for a toaster oven at this point over Trudeau or Scheer.

    PPC it is.

  11. Max must be included to debate in Quebec? at the very least

  12. PPC has my vote, I’m tired of the same old Parties running the show.

  13. Straight to the point, Go Max.

  14. Max is no nonsense, No pandering, love it!

  15. most sensible person running, Canadians should take notice and wake up

  16. Paul chamberlin | September 11, 2019 at 7:15 PM | Reply

    Thank Goodness for someone like Trump who is willing to put an end to illegal aliens coming in.

  17. I’m voting PPC

  18. A true, strong leader for all Canadians!

    People’s Party of Canada 🇨🇦

  19. My whole household is voting PPC

  20. Vote PPC Honest Candidates | September 12, 2019 at 6:49 AM | Reply

    Vote PPC because they are more honest salt of the earth candidates running in this election. Vote PPC to save Canada.

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