May Jobs Report Shows Lowest Unemployment Rate Since Covid Pandemic 1

May Jobs Report Shows Lowest Unemployment Rate Since Covid Pandemic


Secretary of labor Marty Walsh discusses the May jobs report after the economy added 559,000 jobs, and says “we have to look at the totality of the pandemic that we are coming out of” after losing 22.6 million jobs in 2020.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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May Jobs Report Shows Lowest Unemployment Rate Since Covid Pandemic


    1. so why is it that inflation is going through the roof? why are we in the midst of a beef shortage a chicken shortage a gas increase and a microchip shortage oh and toilet paper is getting ready to go scarce too

    2. @REAL BLACKS KNOW THE TRUTH You didn’t hear about the Russian ransomware attack on the beef distribution, Rachel Dolezal?

    1. In a word, “lame”. By coinkydink, bone-spurs and cowardice seems to run in that party. Hmm…come to think of it, that may just be their platform. /S

    2. @Alfredo Ramirez nice opion but I don’t agree with his wilsonian ideology. Woodrow Wilson one of the worst president of history.

    3. How about this Job report was another disappointment and was off by 100k from the original projections after being off a million last month

  1. So much for sleepy Biden – rocket recovery in less than 6 months since taking the helm

    1. Biden is much more popular than the least popular president in American history that stole the 2016 election with the help of Putin.

  2. Major networks “fools measure” “I’ll wager” what you wager is the intrusive thinking volatility of the intrusive thinking random gunmen. The nature of the operation mockingbird social upheaval GREEN DEMON intensity. Lots of folks understand the big intrusive thinking head game of the pathologically insane membrane, The demon drums beating the what’s the frequency? Of class warring agents of chaos psychology. Psychotics are sympathetic to certain psychological intrusive thinking frequency’s

    1. You’re totally hilarious (laughing at you not with you). Did you get all this complete nonsense from Q?

  3. …and my question for you Mr Rubio, why is the American People STILL PAYING YOU, you and your Republican Senator Counter Parts have done not but obstruct for the last 6 years of the Obama Administration and from the looks and sound of it you Republicans are planing to do the same during the Biden Administration…AGAIN WHY SHOULD THE AMERICAN PEOPLE CONTINUE CONTINUE TO PAY YOU… s when looking at your accomplishments over the past 11 years

  4. We need Bidden’s infrastructure plan, Republicans are being obstructionists to any progress that helps Americans.

    1. Agreed but not for too long as they are aware they are hurting the very people who are currently supporting them for votes.

    2. I believe you were wrong. What we must do is spend the money already in the federal highway trust fund which is somewhere between $40-$70 billion. We need to spend the money before we become involved in any other inflationary spending. The Republicans are correct on this and we were probably very fortunate that they are holding up this reckless spending because with the numbers we are seeing, Americans need to go back to work rather than sit at home and receive stimulus money.

  5. I really could care less about maga but the jobs report is very bad ,last month we only had 230,000 added to the work force and our own administration was hoping for and projected 1 million new workers , that was a disaster as well as this month ,so instead of projecting 1 million again they dropped there expectations and still were off by 30 percent again very disappointing and nothing to be happy about showing what we are doing isnt working ,during the Obama years and trump administration up until the pandemic started we had great numbers and the lowest unemployment in 60 years so celebrating such horrible numbers shows the economy is in worse shape then they are admitting and we.need to change direction instead of doing what isnt working

    1. @kale n you better go tell all the businesses going under that can’t pay there employees more to just raise there wages and it will be fine, I see businesses paying more then 15.per hour who haven’t been able to get employees for over a year , our union has been looking for employees for 5 years and has constantly been looking for employees and no takers , we haven’t been able to fill qualified jobs for 5 years and we train and pay well over minimum ,plus 401 and insurance, I know a guy who mows yards who has advertised in a local paper paying 20 per hour and can’t get anyone so we definately see raising the minimum wage isn’t making things better , you will ways see 1 example here and there and just as many examples if notore of closures due to the rise in wages that companies cant provide and have to close the doors.

    2. @Don m thats because of the pandemic. Nothing more if we would have handled it better they wouldn’t be in that position. I would go and tell them that because if they can’t afford to give a living wage to their employees they shouldn’t be in business because there is an overabundance of small businesses that don’t need to exsist.

    3. @Don m if that’s the truth then the companies your talking about shouldn’t exsist or are doing something wrong.

    4. @kale n yes your local wallmart will continue to be more then happy to run out all the small businesses and competition that survived for generations and helped build small towns across America providing local jobs and keeping people there, they replace 5 small businesses with 1 and after when don’t get a huge tax incentive for being there to continue operation after 10 years, they leave small towns a wasteland with nothing , the big corporations shutter downtown’s, there pay has been barely over minimum wage with 10 checkouts closed and 1 self checkout open , wallmarts and big corporations are just making the rich richer and buying cheap goods from countries that use slavery to supplys acheap.l products for them.the pandemic didn’t start all this because most.people I know have been working double time for the last year ,Govt is causing this

    5. @Don m I live an hour and a half away from Walmart for one. Our groceries here are ridiculously pricy here with only one store. So its hard to afford groceries here it always has been for over a decade in case you think $9 a pound for burger is a recent thing its not. If Walmart pays a living wage and keeps their prices low ill go to them same as if my grocery store did that but they don’t. If small businesses would raise their minimum wage and keep their prices low then they would put Walmart out of business. You know absolutely nothing when you think you do.

  6. Nice to see the Q-uacks anonymous crowd is still actively starting threads and deleting them later.

  7. I hope we all realize that there is no real job creation these are the same jobs that were recycled to other people

  8. The Biden administration is doing a lot of good things for America and the American people.

  9. The job numbers for May we’re troubling but do show a slight improvement. Thank goodness Joe is getting some better advice from his old retreads that he brought into his administration because I believe they now realize that the job numbers could negatively impact our recovery.
    Joe ordered Americans back to work and clearly many did heed this order and did go back to work. We have hundreds of thousands of good paying jobs out there that are going begging. Some companies are even offering hiring bonuses for people to come back to work. Several states are now reducing unemployment benefits and hopefully the June numbers will be even better.
    I will new administration is facing some troubling times ahead. We are looking at a freight train coming straight out of that is runaway inflation. We need to get inflation under control. Joe needs to continue his fight to get Americans vaccinated against COVID-19. Joe was given a solid foundation upon which to stand to achieve the goals.
    Joe also needs to revive our supercharged economy was before COVID-19 ravage the world. Trump openly the roadmap given to him by our iconic to JFK for economic prosperity. We saw a supercharged economy in the USA before COVID-19. I am sure Trump left Joe the roadmap given to us by JFK when Trump left the White House. So no need to open this road now.
    All Americans need to work hard to help make girls presidency the best one ever. We need to go back to work and take those high-paying jobs. We need to buy American products at our stores. We need to stay healthy and stay safe. Let’s move America forward together.

  10. Is the quality of working conditions what should matter…….

    Not the amount of people working 2 and 3 jobs to survive.


  11. These numbers re false. Unemployment offices across the country have delayed benefits and aren’t answering phones. Many many more are trying to get benefits but these departments are slow walking applications and some states are kicking people off the benefit roll. Unemployment isn’t that low.

  12. businesses are having trouble finding employees (a) because over 600,000+ people have died and (b) those who remain dont want to get stuck in jobs again that cant pay their bills & rent, its pretty simple really, RAISE THE MINIMU WAGE TO $25/HOUR and you wont have any trouble hiring.

  13. It just goes to show Google and Facebook cannot give all the answers to questions in life

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