May Pen Vendors Disgruntled with Christmas Arrangements – December 6 2020

May Pen Vendors Disgruntled with Christmas Arrangements - December 6 2020 1


  1. Everywhere you turn in Jamaica you have wicked people exactly where the people must get $5,000 from kmt all the markets are nasty every one of them

  2. Why don’t they expand the market so people can do things the right way? Expand the market and make it easier and affordable for vendors to register for a license.

  3. Government is always looking something from the poor why not go to the rich is it not them you guys care for about

  4. Only way I vote I must be getting 100k I will never vote, people Wise up das y people turned to crime everything u try is high tax😒😫

  5. The mayor referred to the jamaican people as ” these people” the faces may change but the sentiments remain the same.

  6. There is a simple solution, the government must agree to provide adequate space for the vendors and the vendors must agree to comply and sell in the space provided….the obvious problem here is that the space designated for vending cannot accommodate everyone, this means that you will have persons vending on the street, which creates another problem…y would they pay $5000 for the area provided when they can sell on the street for free?

  7. A de make so much come Ina de country to eno. Because when poor people a try and deam a deal with them so wea deam agdo

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