Maya Wiley Corrects Giuliani's Depiction Of 'Lawless' NYC In RNC Speech | MSNBC 1

Maya Wiley Corrects Giuliani’s Depiction Of ‘Lawless’ NYC In RNC Speech | MSNBC


Maya Wiley, former counselor to New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, offers context and corrections to the inaccuracies in Rudy Giuliani's speech to the Republican National Convention. Aired on 8/27/2020.
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Maya Wiley Corrects Giuliani's Depiction Of 'Lawless' NYC In RNC Speech | MSNBC


  1. Guiliani has been a Russian asset for years. least from the time he led the purging of the Italian mafia from NYC to make vice more accessible to Russian interests

  2. Ruy Giuliani -“didn’t know”- he was married to his cousin for 14 years.
    Can’t expect to take any of his words at value

    1. @Hai Coai you are a f****** weirdo. Why do you keep sending up that link?! We obviously don’t understand the f****** language. And what does it have to do with Rudy Giuliani !?

  3. Giuliani’s business associates have been indicted by the very office he once held: SDNY

    Which brings us to a larger point – How many top level people hired by the “law & order” administration have been arrested / jailed by their own DoJ / FBI?

    Lol! What a joke!

    1. G T – We know how many people under this Administration have been arrest/jailed. What I want to know is, how many more will be arrested/jail after this Administration is over?

    1. Real Deal, New York was hit with the largest outbreak in the world, and the first major outbreak in the country. Partially due to the late ban on travel, just as much as Trump’s three day notice that held travelers in crowded airports without masks, or testing, or quarantine. The fact that the TRI state transit system moves more people in one day than live in most states contributed to the spread. Also masks and PPE and supplies were in short supply for hospitals and healthcare workers contributed to the spread. The fact is there were no effective treatments, and New York flattened the curve with shelter in place orders and distancing guidelines alone, when masks became available to the general public the numbers dropped precipitously. We lead the way, and showed the country the course to take, yet other states ignored the warnings and three other states have surpassed New York in cases, and despite New effective treatments their death tolls are climbing as well as other states with smaller populations. New York is under 1% in testing rate positives, while Florida and several other states have 10% positive test results and Texas was above 25%. Trump acts like the virus is over, yet 1,290 people died yesterday, and we are almost at six million cases.

    2. @John DiGiacomo Sorry but you lost me at, Deblasio and Cuomo both publicly assuring people the virus wasnt a threat in March.. Buck STOPS at the leaders doorstep. No other city in the world is anywhere close to those numbers. I live in NY so dont preach to me BUD!! I am an eye witness to their screw ups

    3. I’m also from New York, the first cases were detected in Westchester, Cuomo tried to quarantine the area, it was already out in other areas, but there was no testing because Trump refused test kits from the WHO, doctors and nurses were reusing masks and PPE, and there were no treatments for the virus. We got hit harder and faster than anyplace in the world. By June we had over 300,000 cases, and that was flattering the curve with shelter in place orders and distancing guidelines, without masks for the public. I have my issues with Cuomo, but compared to the clustering the rest of the country’s in, and the results of the rest of the world, they did a great job. Cuomo was forced to bid against other states for equipment PPE and supplies costing hundreds of millions of dollars more than normal, and still had shortages. Look at where we are compared to the rest of the country, and the world. We’re at under 1% positive test results with the highest rate of testing in the country, and contact tracing.

    4. @John DiGiacomo It was already out there because Cuomo dismissed it as being a low threat and encouraged people to go about their routine AND then he restricted elderly people from leaving nursing homes. And BOOM!!!! The virus errupted

  4. You can hear the desperation in Rudy’s voice. He knows that he’s going to need Trump in office next year to pardon him once those SDNY indictments against him are unsealed.

    1. @Skankhunt36 Well you have American cities run by Democrats. Some for over 60 years. Theres no denying that. And nothing has changed in a majority of those cities.

    2. Incredible how he never takes responsibility but his niece told us in her #1 selling book and on my girl Rachel Maddow show!!!

    1. @Larry Hines prove their crimes.
      Rudy went to Ukraine to seek dirty on Biden. End up a disgrace to Trump’s USA.
      I’m an Englishman and the whole world laugh at your President.

  5. Rudy, Rudy, Rudy were for art thou Rudy, “I am here, telling as many lies in the time allocated.” WTF

  6. The only mystery around Giuliani is whether he was the boss or the employee of Lev and Igor, the ‘businessmen’ who ran Fraud Guarantee and sponsored the GOP and Trump.

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