Maya Wiley Explains What’s Behind The Growing Call To ‘Defund The Police’ | Deadline | MSNBC


    1. Maya on Brian Williams show has said, that as the funding of the police departments have gone up, violent crimes have gone down. So she now wants to reverse that? Can she hear the words coming out of her own mouth?

    2. @Wortheverymile I like her. I don’t agree with defunding any police departments. Its counter productive. Singled out illegal police activities should not be tolerated.

    3. Reuben Herrera We demand perfection from the police profession, but not in any other profession. I’ve not come across one person who isn’t sickened by the George Floyd case. Investigation is ongoing and Officer has been charged. The police force has never been this educated or highly trained, as they are today. Can they be improved? Heck yeah! But to demonize an entire profession, is playing with fire!

    4. Police Depts. Should recruit more from communities they serve. Right now you have a situation where the majority of the cops didnt come from the communities they serve, they dont have a vested interest in serving and protecting in those communities other than making arrests or shooting somebody. And in many instances youre risking your life if you call the police for help.
      But if those cops knew the people in the community and were from the community you’d have a different police community relationship.

      They wanna keep certian areas in turmoil so they can keep getting more funding for the police.

    1. @apocalypsepow There will still be detectives, dickhead.
      Just less meatheads razzing people for driving while black
      Or walking while black
      Or shopping while black
      Or being at school while black
      Or sitting in their _own homes_ while black.
      Gtfooh you halfwit

    2. @Colin Cleveland are you saying you can’t imagine someone else’s point of view? Perhaps you should rethink this whole “let’s change the structure of law enforcement as we know it” bit if you can’t imagine how it will affect someone else.

    3. Defund was an angry word choice. Some departments do need to be dissolved and reformed as many PD’s have turned into racist criminal mafia’s that are beyond reform. MPD for example.

    4. @gobigorange Come on. That’s a rightie kind of response. I know it seems like a waste but use an actual argument on him.

  1. Defund the police is another “ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” measure.

    1. Correctly called, better wording is necessary; sound bite shortcuts do not explain well on these old tired grave issues!

    2. Some PD’s can’t be fixed and need to be dissolved and reformed. Culture and union problems can be fatal when a PD goes mafia.

    1. hhhh9579 yeah you’ve got nuthin’ but completely idiotic insults. Sorry you’re such a loser

  2. In Europe they spend more money on fixing the people, we spend way more money to punishing and creating more criminal. the system is broken, we have one of the highest crime rate in the world, because we are doing it wrong.

    1. @sculptedbyart what came from Europe years ago haven’t developed to any good over there. Europe today has developed even more. And population is even more educated than Americans. An example, police in Scandinavia have a bachelor’s degree

    2. @Norman Mortensen Thats interesting and I learned something new today thanks Norman. I have no clue of what ots like to live in Scandanavia, is that considered an above avg. Income there? How’s the crime rate in the different “regions”? Sorry, as I said I have no clue about Scandanavia and if you call areas cities or towns. Regions.😞

    1. @hhhh9579 She is way too classy to go down on you, boo. Cant even imagine you would be in one inch of her world [and other women in her income bracket] let alone her lips.

    2. Remove them from their toxic environment.
      Educate them and offer them the opportunity to express themselves constructively while simultaneously improving their community. Ensure their daily lives are enriched and strengthened by access to the beauty of Nature. Instill respect and love for the environment and encourage them to take positive steps towards reducing global warming. Allow them to reap the rewards of their labor and contribute to the benefits their benefactors provide.

    3. @Ivan Rajic Psst…jack@$$! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Her intelligence & articulation are apparently a THREAT to ya, son! 😂😂😜

  3. brilliantly said, ty ms wiley and ms wallace. brava! we need counselors back in the schools, and even more, we need fairness in how policing is managed and laws are administered. you see it almost every day now. we have gone back to the 1950s and 1960s and it can only get worse if we don’t stand up!

    1. @David Sibbalddepending on your meaning of ‘defunding’. if you mean the exact meaning of the word, then no, that would be foolish and a childish reaction. if instead you mean a reallocation, together with serious oversight and removing the ‘bad apples’/dirty and violent cops, etc., then yes.

    2. @mary jones Mary, it’s been tried. There is a direct inverse relationship between police funding and crime rates. Every time.

  4. lets just DEFUND one police officer you know the one the guy with a real bad KNEE JERK reaction to subduing innocent people.the rest will be cool or not….. that’s life dudes.

  5. Whomever named the issue screwed the pooch. It should be re-branded and fast. It sounds like a bunch of criminals don’t want any police period.

    1. See the video of the Minneapolis mayor being shamed for not abolishing the police department. The whole message is hijacked by idiots.

    2. As far as I know he was never asked to ‘abolish’ the police? It was about defunding, which is exactly what’s being talked about in this video.

  6. Remember…. Prison for profit means cells need to be full,
    Sadly this motivates some to fake problems to get arrests

    1. You got that nonsense from Reddit right? Prisons aren’t profitable. Maybe some private companies/contractors make money from prison contracts but as a whole prisons are big money losing ventures for states. Stop with the liberal gobbly guck nonsense.

    2. The privatization of any and every public asset or service and self-regulation has created a dog eat dog society, trumpet, foxy news murkdog and co like most

    3. @xuimod I’m sorry but you do realize that privatized prisons make money, otherwise they wouldn’t exist, right? Companies don’t own prisons so that they can _lose_ money doing it.

    1. Lol, America is the most indebted society on Earth.
      30 Trillion dollars and counting.
      Most Americans can’t afford a $400 emergency.
      Many Americans work 2 or 3 jobs to live.
      All the chest beating USA USA in the world won’t change the facts.
      A lot of people in so called third world countries can live off their labour.
      Unlike Americans who live on credit.

    2. @ITHEREONETHATHASNT I know that Africans from former British colonies spell better than you, chump.
      And smell better, too…
      Learn to speak English, muddyflopper…

    3. @Colin Cleveland I’ll tell ya a secret, fuckwit.
      We’re never gonna give China their money back.

    4. @Colin Cleveland What a mature and telling response. Atoning for your white guilt a lot lately? How many spanks did you have to take today Colin?

  7. Defund Politicians, because politicians in the House and Senate has let are country down and it’s citizens for decades

    1. @Tim Countis I hope that large corporations will receive funds. I’ve always worked at large corporations and I don’t want to lose my job.

    2. Throwing money at schools doesn’t work either.
      Cjaime5137’s post above is Exhibit A. 😣

    3. @Emperor Kim Jong-un Then do your job well and make them profitable. They shouldn’t need handouts.

    1. There’s a butt-load of money. I mean, “private prison” shouldn’t be a thing, but yet we have those…they’re about as good of an investment as for profit colleges.

    2. @Bo 2. 4 U RIGHT and the “lawyers” and “judges” and the rest of ’em in the ‘justice system’

  8. The difference today is that we all watched a man being callously murdered right before our eyes. No concern, no resistance by George Floyd when he was pinned down with a knee on his neck for minutes after he had stopped moving. THEN a call to take his pulse. Intent and result were never more clear. It can’t be explained away. WE SAW IT. The whole world is reacting in horror!

    1. …lady, I have watched this in the ‘hood’ since i was a small child. This murder is absolutely nothing new. What’s new is everybody watched it. Without the video, ole George would be dead and the officers would be rolling as normal.
      By the way, the court or criminal system is just as bad. Sorry, no videos.

  9. Someone found it for me JAVIER AMBLER. 2019 saying I cannot breath, held down, tazzzzed, dead.
    Police brutality and lack of humanity and caring takes officers of all colors, apparently.

  10. I love hearing Maya Wiley speak. Such an intelligent beautiful woman inside and out.👍👍❤🌷💙😎🇺🇸

  11. We’ve been taught to hate the poor. For a so-called “Christian” nation is abhorrent.

    1. Who is teaching this? Where? There is a difference between poor and criminal. Cite some references and I can get behind you. We should love everyone, yet also have the right to be free from crimes committed against us. Do you not agree? Think for a second. I have been a victim of crime. It’s not fun and if you don’t have the police to call, where is the justice?

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