Maya Wiley: Police Unions Are ‘Part Of The Problem’ To Real Reforms | The Last Word | MSNBC


    1. A Race-baiting loser beyond Par look at Larry smile These black fools don’t know they’re being played

    2. Carlos 👈 All day, every day, spewing hate, at people you hate, on channels you hate, but you’re, “not mentally ill,” are you, son? 🤪

    1. @hhhh9579 shudup. I like her bottom teeth. So you’re just perfect? What a disgusting comment.

  1. Besides voting Donald Bunker out this Nov Third, we need to change the Supreme Court ruling on police qualified immunity!!!

    1. Dittzx : Maybe Biden will do something, “radical,” like FDR? He just created a whole new bunch of judges, expanding the SCOTUS from 5 to 9, outnumbering the judges that people had lost faith in. Who knows? But, I’m sure Biden must have a plan?

    2. @Ash Roskell Let’s hope so and at this point I’ll vote for a bologna sandwich over the bunker Donald. Stay safe.

  2. Yea, the most certainly are… According to them, their members can do no wrong…

    They oppose meaningful reforms, they encourage their members to lie and to back each other up and they apparently could not care less when innocent members of the public are brutalized or murdered…

  3. Very smart woman. And if anyone knows what kind of reforms need to happen in the American Police System I think Maya would make a valuable contribution

  4. Finally
    Someone hits the point.
    The police unions are the ones defending the bad cops. The Eric garner case is a noted example.Go after the police unions.

    1. George Floyd once held a loaded shotgun to a Pregnant woman stomach during an armed robbery now the Floyd family wants the UN to come disarm the police… The insanity continues

    2. Unions are fine. Their ability to intimidate legislators is not. Protect the legislators from threats (so they can hold the police accountable FINALLY) and let unions do their union thing.

  5. This stupid new movement is going to cause Trump reelection. Stop the craziness now.

  6. Trump is not qualified to be President. He tricked the American people into thinking he was 😂 biggest con artist in history

  7. Being poor in America is a crime. Thus they police the crap out of certain socially disadvantaged areas and other places you are not going to see a police car unless you call for one.

  8. If police unions in the US stand up for and support members who discredit the profession and bring public mistrust to it, then the unions must be lead by dishonourable and unstrusty people. It’s time the good cops, which represent the vast majority of cops, replace their union leadership with honourable & trustworthy people and stand up against the fellow officers who do not deserve the privilege of wearing the badge.

  9. Joe Biden do you really think you’re the only choice ? We the people can stay home and let Trump finish destroy American.

  10. The police reform is a good start. Next on the reform list, obviously, should be the prosecutorial and the judicial. The same systemic racism exists in these branches of the law as they do in policing. Racist prosecutors and racist judges should be the next to go.
    A person of color in this system is considered “guilty” because they are in the system. A person of color must prove their innocence. The exact opposite of the law.

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