‘Mayhem at Lake George’ event breaks out into brawl in viral video | USA TODAY

Video shows multiple fights breaking out at "Mayhem at Lake George," an annual event in Florida, leaving one hospitalized.
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An annual event at Lake George in Florida lived up to its name – "Mayhem at Lake George" – after videos circulated online of brawls breaking out in the water.

Hundreds gathered at the lake 40 miles west of Daytona on boats or on foot to enjoy music and libations until the mayhem started.

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  1. Being able to so clearly see the collapse of decency, etiquette, proper behavior is interesting, and worrisome, but I also think being able to see this type of behavior almost in real-time via the internet also has the side-effect of increasing the speed of the collapse.

    Impressionable people and idiots watch this as entertainment and wouldn’t mind being there.

    I watch this and think, we’re fucked.

    1. Imagine when it gets reinforced by the music and on tv… like gangsta rap and drug movies. The wolf consumes one community and then goes to the next.

    2. I absolutely love Lake George. But when I see this many boats and people in the water , theres no way in hell I’m walking or swimming around in piss . It’s not like there’s a current pulling it away from you 🤣 NO WAY IN HELL AND THAT’S ALL I SEE……..A PISS POOL 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  2. Why? What do you see that these folks have in common. They say they are there for a “good time” right? So what sparked the conflict? These folks are all the same. They say it’s a party, with music and drinks and lady folks too. So if everything is” perfect” because they are all there with the people they prefer, doing what they like; what happened?

  3. The real tragedy is that, at no time, did I see a woman’s bikini top ripped off as always happens in the movies. I give this film two thumbs down.

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