1. How so.? Hes still selling energy to the east, and … we are stuck paying more than ever for energy. Seems like he’s doing pretty good.

    1. @Каролина Казиев a cpl hours? I can’t tell if ur being sarcastic or not …regardless of what side you’re on, we can all agree Russia certainly couldn’t take all of Ukraine in a cpl hours. Couldn’t take Kyiv, retreated from from snake island, Kharkiv, Kherson, etc. Russia is so badly losing in Ukraine, most of the people in the west were mostly confused. And then we realized Russia was always just a paper tiger. Can you confirm whether ur serious when you made that comment about taking Ukraine in an hour

    2. Unfortunately, I had thought Russia had changed. I realize now that, at the core, it did not. Same goes for Iran. I had hoped for peace and forgiveness. Never again.

    1. @Bill Hicks I’m not worried personally, I’ve got what amounts to essentially a bunker and enough supplies for a year or more.
      I just want to last long enough to watch it all burn lol, with a cigar and glass of tequila

    1. Be careful when u call names… Gaddafi didn’t start any war neither did he annex a neighboring territory. Fighting colonialism is different from that madness happening in Ukraine. Connect your brain to your head before talking trash.

  1. It’s a bit weird this report. Russia have had the ability to attack Ukrainian infrastructure since the start of the war. They are only doing it now because of how desperate their situation is. Knocking out Ukrainian electricity won’t stop Russian armies being whipped on the battlefield and it won’t stop Ukraine from reclaiming their territory.

  2. That was a good interview with the major.
    The Ukrainian towns/villages should (if not already done) build connections (there is a better word) for Partner-towns/villages in the west.

    1. Bianna Golodryga graduated from the University of Texas at Austin, where she received a bachelor’s degree in Russian/East European and Eurasian Studies and a minor in economics. She is fluent in Russian. She was born in Moldova.

    2. @Rey Laine there are a whole bunch of issues with FN, Métis and Inuit and sadly doing a twin city won’t help most bands, although there are a few with progressive chiefs who’ve partnered with their neighbouring city. I say this as a proud Métis

  3. The Russian military law declaration may be intended to send Ukraine men out as fodder to make the Ukrainian military hesitant and perhaps to use more destructive missiles in the regions in question to try to create a more level area in which to fight and establish a more defensive line and bide time to train up new conscripts and to acquire new weapons and munitions. Russia has lost a lot of workers, so perhaps they will use them as hostages to negotiate a favorable end to the war, maybe use them in forced labor. As to infrastructure, they want to reduce communications ability and to freeze possible civilian resistance. That is likely what they tell themselves is the reason for Russian military losing ground.


  5. “Let’s call it genocide…” So casually stated by the mayor, heartbreaking. Yes, let’s, and haul Putin and his generals and advisors into the Hague to answer for their crimes.

  6. Don’t think for one minute that Jinping isn’t directing Putin to see our reactions during this conflict. Taiwan is our next stop.

  7. Instead of fracturing support for Ukraine, ironically Russia cutting off fuel & power to both the EU and Ukraine is far more likely to create reciprocal feelings of ‘solidarity’.

    1. I get what you mean, and I certainly agree. But I also think that if we have learned anything the last 8 months, it’s that this formidable sense of national pride is already there.

      Public sentiment, the levels of national pride, people’s views of Ukraine’s status quo and hopefulness about its future trajectory – it wasn’t always like this. Not even close. It has varied massive throughout the last few decades. Only within the last 6-12 months before the war, did optimism and faith in good future outlook really start booming (this is a big part of why so many have suggested that Putin’s severely wrong ideas of how the invading forces would be greeted, may not be based on so much _false_ intelligence, as severely outdated). Had the invasion happened a year or two earlier, the situation and result may have been vastly different. But instead, at the time Putin made the fatal mistake of invading Ukraine – he almost couldn’t hsve chosen a worse time because then/now, the population was on a massive, exponentially growing sugar rush of real progress, bright future outlooks, boatloads of real hopium including firm moves away from Russian influence and towards integration with western free fair and liberal company – and by extent, massive national pride.

      Putin pretty much couldn’t chosen a worse time, because not only was “the mood” in Ukraine as it was, but when the invasion happened, that basically cemented it like that. Or put a cork in its rear: It cannot drain out the bottom, it only continues to grow.

    1. @Alan Garland Every breath you take is by the Mercy of God. He’s giving you a chance to chose between right and wrong, between good and evil.
      I’m sure that, to a degree, your great-great grandparents thought the same as you. Ask them about the life that is “theirs.”

  8. He’s pulling out because you don’t want to hit your own troops with a nuke you don’t have to be a nuclear scientist to figure this out

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