Mayor Lightfoot Talks Chicago Reopening, Addressing Gun Violence 1

Mayor Lightfoot Talks Chicago Reopening, Addressing Gun Violence


Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) joined Stephanie Ruhle to discuss the official reopening of her city as it lifts all coronavirus capacity restrictions today and expands vaccination efforts. She also calls on Congress to act on gun reform after a recent jump in shootings in Chicago.
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    1. She sees the futility of propagating DNC talking points while sober. Besides — no one watches this network anyway

  1. Chicago hasn’t reopened???? What is wrong with these people? Let people live their lives for goodness sake.

    1. Trump Trump Trump…
      lost lost lost…
      Russia Russia Russia…
      Indictments Indictments Indictments

    2. Five known investigations. 2 are criminal. Now that Tump is a civilian, the FBI is not obligated to inform Trump that they are investigating him. McGahn just testified. Trump was found to have illegally violated reporters’ and legislators’ privacy. INCLUDING A MINOR!

    1. Leftist will not like it…I’ve seen most of the footage and it is VERY telling. Joe Biden is the insurrection and the big lie.

  2. Nice! I’m excited for Chicago. Hopefully the shootings every weekend can be held under 20. Hopefully

  3. I had to come back and listen to the rest of the story this woman is so full of s*** and you can tell none of it’s her fault

  4. “From now on, I will only do interviews with Black or Brown interviewers”. THIS IS RACIST!! She said it then went home to her WHITE wife!!!

  5. “But the mayor of Chicago controls”? Did Beetlejuice mean to say “I control”. This thing is a disgrace.

  6. “On the planet where I come from, we don’t have a problem with gun violence.”
    – Mayor Lori “ET” Lightfoot

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